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IBM 000-399 Exam -

Free 000-399 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following is valid about portlet testing in a development environment?
A.Portal Test Environment with WebSphere Portal V5.1 installs complete WebSphere Portal code for testing portlets.
B.Portlet Toolkit supports testing against WebSphere Portal V5.1, WebSphere Portal V and WebSphere Portal V 5.0.2.
C.When defining a remote (server attach) server for testing, debugging, or profiling a portlet project, the server must be created and configured.
D.Remote Server attach configurations do not support auto deployments of Portlets from Rational Application Developer V6.0.
Answer: C

2.Which of the following troubleshooting actions should be taken when the WebSphere Portal Test environment fails to start on a Windows environment?
A.In the server configuration, uncheck the "Enable hot method replace in debug mode" checkbox.
B.Login to Windows as an administrator and run the WebSphere Portal Test environment.
C.Check the install logs located at \WebSphere\PortalServer\logs\wpsinstalllog.txt.
D.Check the install logs located at \WebSphere\AppServer\logs\runtime\portal_v50\log\wpsinstalllog.txt.
Answer: B

3.When the WebSphere Portal V5.1 Test Environment server fails on startup on a Windows environment, which file location would be the MOST likely file to have information useful to a developer? Assume that all defaults were taken for product installation locations.
Answer: C

4.For a development environment running on the Windows operating system, which software would be required to successfully build, test and install a portlet application on WebSphere Portal V5.1?
A.Portal Toolkit
B.Rational Application Developer
C.IBM WebSphere Business Integrator Modeler
D.IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation
Answer: B

5.In which phase are the Struts Actions triggered within the Portal Struts Framework?
Answer: A

6.For portal business processes that should be processed within portal, what is used to lookup the task page definition at runtime?
A.Client UI identifier
B.Process Template Name
C.Task instance object identifier (TKIID)
D.Staff activity identifier
Answer: A

7.The Personalization resource wizard in Rational Application Developer is used to generate the content spot classes and resource collection classes. If the content spot and resource collection will be used by multiple applications, then those classes should be:
A.Deployed together with the related portlets in the portlet application WAR file.
B.Placed in the WebSphere Application Server shared library.
C.Placed directly in the pzn_root/pzn/v5.1/lib directory.
D.Uploaded using the Personalization interface.
Answer: B

8.For a web application with multiple Struts portlets, the BEST way to define the initial views of the individual portlets is to specify them:
A.In the welcome file list in the application's web.xml.
B.In the preferences attributes in the individual portlet.xml.
C.As viewMode properties in the actions section in the individual struts­config.xml.
D.As view attributes in the supports section of the individual portlet.xml.
Answer: B

9.A JSF managed bean is bound to an SDO (Service Data Objects)? What is the effect of changes made
by an end user to the corresponding values in the UI component(s)?
A.The update may be persisted through the SDO mediator by application code during the Invoke Application JSF request phase.
B.The update is persisted through the SDO mediator automatically during the Invoke Application JSF request phase.
C.The update is persisted through the SDO mediator automatically during the Update Model Values JSF request phase.
D.The update is persisted through the SDO mediator automatically during the Apply Request Values JSF request phase.
Answer: C

10.What type of object is returned from the JNDI lookup when accessing a portlet service?
Answer: C

11.In the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) for a target cooperative portlet, what is the role of declared output parameters associated with a portlet action?
A.They correspond to properties that should be propagated to other portlets via the Property Broker.
B.They correspond to additional target endpoints available in the wiring tool.
C.They represent return values for the delivered action.
D.In the current cooperative portlet framework, action output parameters are ignored.
Answer: A

12.Which of the following types of credentials allows a portlet to extract a single secret?
Answer: A

13.Which of the following is considered a BEST practice for accessing a datasource from a portlet application?
A.Use a portlet service or a connection framework to provide access to the datasource.
B.A portlet should only consider accessing a datasource during the render phase.
C.A portlet should only consider accessing a datasource during the processAction phase.
D.Whenever a portlet is accessing a datasource, portlet caching should be enabled.
Answer: A

14.To create a custom portlet service, which of the following options list all of the REQUIRED steps?
A.Define the interface, write the implementation, register the service, deploy the service jar to /shared/app.
B.Define the interface, write the implementation, register the service, deploy the service home jar to /shared/app/config/services.
C.Define the interface, write the implementation, deploy the service home jar to /shared/app/config/services.
D.Write the implementation, register the service.
Answer: A

15.By default, for JSR 168 portlets, the Property Broker is expecting the action name to be delivered via a parameter named which of the following, if named at all?
A.The value of the required actionParamName property.
B.The fully qualified type of the property being sent.
D.No action name is associated with JSR 168 portlets.
Answer: C

16.What type of credential slot would a developer choose in order to share the credential secret amongst all users and portlets?
A.Public Credential
B.Shared Credential
C.System Credential
D.Global Credential
Answer: C

17.When a Data Transfer Object is obtained in the action processing phase of a portlet action, what is the BEST scope to use to deliver this object to the portlet's render phase?
A.Render parameter
B.Request attribute
C.Portlet session
D.Portlet preference
Answer: A

18.A developer is using the WebSphere Portal V5.1 Test Environment and notices that a JSR 168 portlet title needs to be changed. A portlet information resource bundle is NOT defined in the deployment descriptor. The title is updated in the deployment descriptor and the portlet is re­tested, but the title change is not displayed. What needs to be done to display this change?
A.A resource bundle needs to be defined in the portlet.xml and contain the portlet title.
B.The portlet title needs to be updated in the web.xml and the WebSphere Portal V5.1 Test Environment needs to be restarted.
C.The developer needs to make certain that the property reloadingEnabled is set to true in the ibm­web­ext.xmi file.
D.The developer needs to make certain that the WebSphere Portal V5.1 Test Environment is restarted.
Answer: D

19.Rational Application Developer Portal Tools provides which of the following features for debugging a portlet on a remote server?
A.WebSphere Administrative Console
B.WebSphere Portal V5.1 Remote Server Deploy
C.WebSphere Portal V5.1 Server Attach
D.WebSphere Portal V5.1 Test Environment
Answer: C

20.Which of the following statements is valid with respect to debugging using Rational Application Developer?
A.Personalized portlet applications can only be tested remotely.
B.Debugging allows developers to set breakpoints in the Java source code but not JSP files.
C.Debugging requires that the Rational Agent Controller be installed and running.
D.Multiple clients can concurrently debug using the same remote WebSphere Portal server.
Answer: A

21.A portlet title for Portlet A has been defined as "Portlet A" in a JSR 168 portlet deployment descriptor. For the same portlet, a portlet title of "Portlet B" has also been defined in a resource bundle that has been correctly coded in the portlet deployment descriptor. What will be shown as the rendered portlet title?
A."Portlet A"
B."Portlet B"
C.Neither "Portlet A" or "Portlet B"
D."Portlet A" and "Portlet B"
Answer: B

22.A developer is using Rational Application Developer Portal Tools to troubleshoot a portlet application on a remote server. Which log file directory would be the BEST place to begin looking for reasons why the portlet application is having a problem?
A.The remote WebSphere Application Server log file directory.
B.The remote WebSphere Portal log file directory.
C.The Rational Application Developer console log file directory.
D.The Rational Application Developer runtime log file directory.
Answer: B

23.A developer created a portlet that uses a datasource to access data in a relational database. It was tested successfully in the WebSphere Portal V5.1 Test Environment. However, the portlet fails after being deployed in an external WebSphere Portal 5.1 Server. The logs show a javax.naming.NameNotFoundException" when accessing the database. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this to happen?
A.The database has not been started or is not available.
B.The database datasource was not defined in the WebSphere Application Server Administrative console.
C.The database datasource was not defined in WebSphere Portal Administration.
D.The JDBC drivers are not specified in the JVM classpath.
Answer: B

24.Which of the following is valid about the Workplace Solutions Catalog?
A.Portlet technology previews developed outside of IBM may be made available through the Workplace Solutions Catalog.
B.Developers need to download the Rational Application Developer from the Workplace Solutions Catalog.
C.All portlets on the Workplace Solutions Catalog are available as open source so developers can use the code as a basis for new portlets.
D.Portlets created by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors like J.D. Edwards are available through the Workplace Solutions Catalog.
Answer: D

25.A developer group has two years of J2EE and JSP experience. In order to be able to develop portlets, their learning effort will be fairly low because:
A.Everything in portlet development follows J2EE standards.
B.Portlets are derived from EJB's and all the concepts of J2EE apply.
C.Portlet development is exactly like servlet development.
D.Portlets do not use any design patterns and break the concept of J2EE in various aspects.
Answer: A

26.A developer must export portal resources from an existing WebSphere Portal V5.0 machine and import to a new WebSphere Portal V5.1 machine. What out­of­the­box portlet capability can the developer use with WebSphere Portal V5.1?
A.Resource Migration Portlet
B.Import XML Portlet
C.Import Resource Portlet
D.Migrate XML Portlet
Answer: B

27.What is the supported version for WebSphere Application Server that is REQUIRED for WebSphere Portal 5.1?
A.IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1.1 running on WebSphere Application Server V5.1.1.1
B.IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1.1 running on WebSphere Application Server V5.0.1.1
C.WebSphere Application Server V5.1
D.WebSphere Application Server V6.0
Answer: A

28.A client is using Internet Explorer Version 5 with the locale set to en_US and the user's skins set to "Shadow". The aggregation component of the portal server will search for the file Control.jsp and use which of the following first?
Answer: A

29.Which of the following is the primary tag library in WebSphere Portal V5.1 that defines the tags that are used to modify the portal navigation in the theme?
Answer: A

30.Why are the HTML elements, and , NOT used for writing portlet markup?
A.WebSphere Portal does not support and elements.
B.The theme's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) make the and elements useless.
C.Aggregated portlets share a page defined by theme and elements.
D.A portlet uses and markup.
Answer: C

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