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IBM 000-389 Exam -

Free 000-389 Sample Questions:

1.A customer is installing their second IBM TotalStorage virtualization solution. It will be a four­node IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller cluster. How many IP addresses are required?
Answer: A

2.Which TWO of the following describe the functions performed by the IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Manager when configuring the storage to the IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC)? I. Create the disk array(s). II. Assign LUN(s) to managed disk groups. III. Assign LUN(s) to SVC cluster. IV. Assign the LUN(s) to the host servers.
A.I and II
B.I and III
C.II and IV
D.III and IV
Answer: B

3.A customer is planning to add an IBM TotalStorage SAN File System V1.1.0 to their existing storage network. The customer would be a candidate for deployment of this storage file virtualization if the customer had which TWO of the following systems? I. HP­UX II. AIX III. Sun Solaris IV. Windows
A.I and II
B.I and III
C.II and III
D.II and IV
Answer: D

4.When reading or writing to an 8­port line card on a Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Director (2062)
switch, the IP protocol encapsulates
D.IEEE 802.3
Answer: A

5.In a SAN switched environment where the data is stored on an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server, LUNs have an affinity to the host server's Fibre Channel host bus adapters via
C.F_Port or FL_Port
D.Fibre Channel Port
Answer: A

6.A customer has an IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC). The company's storage administrator created all Managed Disk Groups with an extent size of 64 MB. What is the maximum storage capacity for the SVC cluster?
A.64 TB
B.128 TB
C.256 TB
D.512 TB
Answer: C

7.A customer's enterprise has various systems and storage technologies and applications installed. Customer executives, end­user divisions, and I/T support have attended an IBM sponsored e­business on demand briefing. Vendors have been asked to do a customer presentation and each has been provided one hour. What should IBM present to provide direction during the scheduled time?
A.IBM TotalStorage Open Software Family
B.IBM TotalStorage SAN File System
C.IBM Tivoli Offerings
D.IGS Outsourcing options
Answer: A

8.The primary power redundancy for the IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is provided by external UPS included with the SVC hardware
B.two external UPSs included with the SVC hardware
C.the customer's existing power infrastructure
D.the redundant power supplies of the nodes
Answer: B

9.Which of the following situations would be a good IBM TotalStorage networking implementation opportunity?
A.The customer has elected not to use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Managed SAN.
B.The customer is experiencing explosive disk storage growth.
C.The customer's direct­attached storage subsystem capacity must be increased
D.The customer's direct attached tape drives throughput is inadequate.
Answer: D

10.A customer with ten Microsoft Windows 2000 servers is concerned that the current environment is not protected from disaster. All of the following elements of a SAN solution would provide disaster protection at the primary site EXCEPT :
A.Create a collocation site using host­based mirroring
B.Implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager with a bare machine recovery product
C.Implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager with Disaster Recovery Manager
D.Install XRC on an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server
Answer: D

11.The Vdisks in an IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller need to be expanded to allow for application consolidation. If the application data is in use, which TWO of the following native host operating systems can manage the Vdisk expansion?
B.SUN and W2K
C.AIX and W2K
Answer: C

12.Which of the following communication methods is used by the IBM Tivoli SAN Manager to perform problem determination over a SAN? I. In Band II. Out of Band III. Infiniband
A.I only
B.III only
C.I and II only
D.II and III only
Answer: C

13.A hospital needs to handle tremendous amounts of large digital imaging files. All of the following questions are important to this storage networking situation EXCEPT :
A.What is the data type?
B.How many users access the data simultaneously?
C.Which types of servers are accessing the data?
D.How often is data accessed?
Answer: A

14.On an IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) cluster with four nodes, there is a software code upgrade running. The first two nodes are successfully upgraded. On the third node,
an error occurred while upgrading. Which of the following best describes what will happen in this situation?
A.The whole cluster will be stopped.
B.The upgrade will be stopped, and the first two nodes will be at a higher code level than other nodes at a lower level.
C.All nodes with upgraded code level will work; other nodes will be offline.
D.All nodes will be downgraded to original code level.
Answer: D

15.Which of the following options CANNOT be used to address future scalability demands of IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC)?
A.Implement additional SVC clusters.
B.Add more storage devices.
C.Add more HBAs to the SVC nodes.
D.Add more HBAs on the hosts connected to the SVC.
Answer: C

16.In a Brocade Fibre Channel switch environment residing in a configuration where both production and test data coexist, the simplest method for ensuring that the two types of data do not flow through the same port is
B.LUN Masking
Answer: A

17.Which of the following is NOT addressed by the IBM virtualization solutions?
A.Common interfaces for storage management
B.File sharing between heterogeneous operating systems
C.Policy based storage management
D.Need for data backup
Answer: D

18.A customer has five Oracle servers with 500 GB of data in "RAW" devices. All of the following solutions could be used EXCEPT
B.Direct Attached Storage
C.Network Attached Storage
D.Storage Area Network
Answer: C

19.A customer is currently utilizing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to back up clients across a LAN. The customer wants to continue using TSM but needs to decrease the disruption to the applications during backup. Which of the following solutions would achieve the customer's objective?
A.A NAS with IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager V2
B.A SAN with IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager V2
C.A NAS with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.2
D.A SAN with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.2
Answer: D

20.What is the maximum theoretical data throughput on the transmit signal of a single IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Model 800 Fibre Channel adapter?
A.80­120 MB/sec
B.120­160 MB/sec
C.160­200 MB/sec
D.200­240 MB/sec
Answer: C

21.What SAN routing technology was adopted as the basis for inter­switch routing interoperability?
Answer: C

22.For a SAN implementation, which type of system is typically NOT attached to an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server?
A.IBM eServer iSeries servers
B.IBM eServer pSeries servers
C.IBM eServer xSeries servers
D.IBM eServer zSeries servers
Answer: C

23.What is the minimum hardware required to establish a remote mirroring solution for an IBM TotalStorage FAStT900 Storage Server?
A.1 Minihub per FAStT, 1 Hub per Site
B.1 Minihub per FAStT, 1 Switch per Site
C.2 Minihubs per FAStT, 1 Hub per Site
D.2 Minihubs per FAStT, 1 Switch per Site
Answer: D

24.Which TWO of the following represent operational efficiencies that are achieved by attaching tape drives to servers across a SAN rather than by directly attaching to servers? I. Access to the same tape drive from two servers at the same time II. Easy re­assignments of tape drives to servers III. Direct backup to remote tape drives IV. Faster access to the first block of data
A.I and II
B.II and III
C.II and IV
D.III and IV
Answer: B

25.Which protocols are supported for client access to an IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway?
B.SCSI, IP, FCP, and Ethernet
Answer: C

26.A customer needs to connect seven servers to an IBM SAN that currently has IBM FAStT disk installed. The customer expects a steady growth rate for their SAN capacity requirements. In the future, they want to consolidate other non­IBM storage into their SAN. What IBM TotalStorage solution offers the most flexibility in their data center?
A.The IBM 2146 TotalStorage SAN Integration Server
B.The IBM 2145 TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller
C.The IBM 3534 TotalStorage SAN Switch
D.The McDATA Sphereon 4500 Switch
Answer: B

27.When planning an IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller implementation, what is the maximum obtainable IOPS for a four­node solution?
Answer: D

28.A customer wants to extend a SAN over 200 kilometers using a WAN carrier service. The customer will buy gateways to transform Fibre Channel protocol to a different protocol in order to
go across this distance. Which of the following network protocols would be best to use on the
WAN link?
Answer: A

29.IBM is preparing a proposal for a SAN migration. Which of the following is the most important for validating the design?
A.List of applications
B.Access to IT room
C.List of servers
D.Space available in racks
Answer: C

30.An IBM TotalStorage Specialist has an opportunity to sell a solution for a 3 TB data archival project to a customer who needs a "turnkey" solution. Which of the following would be the best solution for the specialist to present to the customer?
A.An IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server
B.An IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Server with 146GB 10k RPM FC drives
C.An IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Server with 250GB 7200 RPM SATA drives
D.An IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450
Answer: D

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