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IBM 000-385 Exam -

Free 000-385 Sample Questions:

1.A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been received describing the implementation of a centralized data backup solution. The customer has five campus buildings inter­connected with 100 Mb coaxial Ethernet. Every building has three servers and each server has a 2 GB database that requires nightly backup. The backups must be completed in a four­hour window. A technical staff person attending an IBM road show heard about IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (ITSM) and is considering implementing this solution. What is the next step to be performed by a Business Partner representative?
A.Call IBM TechLine/PartnerLine to provide the solution
B.Commit to a six week trial of an integrated solution
C.Contact Tivoli for an analysis and software quote
D.Engage a technical specialist to develop a solution
Answer: D

2.A customer is using Fast Dump Restore (FDR) to do vaulting and is sending 500 ECCST tapes offsite each day. The customer is upgrading to IBM 3590­E1A drives from IBM 3490/36 track technology. Which of the following indicates the minimum number of "J" cartridges, assuming maximum utilization of the capacity of the cartridges, that the customer would send offsite each day?
Answer: B

3.A Data Center manager would like to reduce operational storage management requirements. They currently have an IBM eServer zSeries, several IBM eServer pSeries, and multiple non­IBM UNIX servers installed. Each system uses a unique backup tool with various types of tape systems. Which of the following would be the most complete solution to simplify operations and reduce storage management costs?
A.Use CA Unicenter to backup all installed servers.
B.Use Tivoli Storage Manager and DFSMShsm to provide backup of supported servers.
C.Install Tivoli Storage Manager to provide backup services for supported servers.
D.Install Tivoli Storage Manager for zSeries.
Answer: B

4.A customer is experiencing poor performance on their VTS for some of their batch tape jobs. Which of the following IBMTools jobs should be run to help determine the nature of the problem?
Answer: D

5.A customer is using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) on an IBM eServer zSeries system connected
to their IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server (3494) and six native IBM 3590E drives connected via ESCON. They want to migrate their TSM workload onto an IBM eServer pSeries system. After it is moved, TSM will require the use of two drives. They asked the IBM Storage Specialist for a recommendation on how to connect the required two drives. Which of the following should be recommended?
A.Connect two ESCON drives to the pSeries ESCON card.
B.Direct connect two drives to the pSeries server.
C.Install two 3590­B11s in the IBM 3494 Library for TSM to use.
D.Convert two 3590 drives to FICON and then attach them to the pSeries system.
Answer: B

6.A customer utilizes DFSMShsm migration level 2, and has 10000 3490E extended length cartridges. How many 3592 300GB cartridges would be required for this amount of data?
Answer: B

7.The IBM Magstar 3590 drives are attached to an IBM Magstar 3590 ESCON controller. Which of the following parameters will have the LEAST effect on the overall throughput performance?
A.Block size
B.Type of data
C.Length of tape
D.Number of channels
Answer: C

8.A customer has a 3494­B20 VTS with 12 3590­H1A tape drives housed in a 10 frame 3494 library. The 3494 is running out of slots for stacked volumes. What can be added to reduce the number of stacked volumes, and increase the performance of the back end?
A.A D12 frame
B.3592 drives
C.3590 K cartridges
D.3590 drives
Answer: B

9.A tape marketing specialist is asked to determine the number of cartridge slots currently under STK silo automation. Which of the following would give the key information necessary to determine the statistic?
A.The number of installed Timberline drives (9490)
B.The number of installed Library Storage Modules (LSM)
C.The number of installed Library Management Units (LMU)
D.The number of installed Automated Cartridge Systems (ACS)
Answer: B

10.A hospital has an IBM eServer zSeries platform and wants to start digitizing all patient files. They plan to store patient files online for the first six months and then move them to a tape library. Which of the following tools should be recommended?
Answer: B

11.Which of the following SMF record types, in addition to types 14, 15 and 21, is required as input to the Batch Magic Tape Analysis Tool?
Answer: A

12.An IBM eServer zSeries customer wants to identify what data sets are being recalled in the VTS. Which of the following tools would be the most helpful?
B.Mount Monitor
Answer: A

13.Which of the following is a valid attachment for an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Automated Tape Library (3494) in a OS/390 and/or z/OS environment?
A.FICON data path and FICON control path
B.FICON data path and Ethernet control path
C.ESCON data path and Ethernet control path
D.Fibre Channel data path and Fibre Channel control path
Answer: A

14.A customer's I/T Director has asked for a presentation on IBM storage technology. Recent changes in government regulations will require a significant increase in the amount of data that must be archived and protected from alteration. Which of the following IBM products should be presented?
A.IBM 3995 Optical Library
B.IBM LTO Ultrium 2 Tape Drive
C.IBM 3592 TotalStorage Tape Drive
D.IBM 3583 TotalStorage Scalable Library
Answer: C

15.Which of the following reasons is most likely to indicate the need for high capacity/high performance tape drives in an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Automated Tape Library (3494)?
A.Existing cartridge format
B.Existing number of tape drives
C.Workload data compression ratio
D.Workload consisting of 75% DFSMShsm ML2/Incrementals
Answer: D

16.A customer's environment consists of an IBM eServer zSeries system with six manually operated tape drives and two open systems servers attached to a Tivoli Storage Manager server with DLT tapes. The customer wants a consolidated tape solution for the whole environment. Which of the following is the LEAST expensive fully­automated solution?
A.IBM 3584 with LTO Ultrium Tape Drives
B.IBM 3494 with IBM 3590 tape drives
C.IBM 3494 Model B10 VTS with only SCSI attachment
D.IBM 3494­C20 with 3592 drives
Answer: B

17.Which of the following is the best source for finding the most current information on non­IBM Software support of IBM Tape products?
A.IBM Redbooks
B.IBM Storage Website
C.IBM Competency Center
D.IBM Product Specification Sheets
Answer: B

18.A customer has the following installed tape library configuration: .IBM 3494­L14 with 0 drives .IBM 3494­D12 with 4 drives .IBM 3494­B10 VTS with 216 GB cache There are 200 cartridge storage slots available (unused) in the current configuration. Two native IBM 3590s are to be added to support a Tivoli Storage Manager server on an IBM eServer pSeries. It has been determined that 100 cartridges in the library is the appropriate number to support Tivoli Storage Manager. Which of the following is the lowest­cost MES action to take?
A.Add another 3494­D12 with two drives.
B.Add two drives to the existing 3494­D12 frame.
C.Change the 3494­L14 to 3494­L12 and add two drives.
D.Connect the IBM eServer pSeries to two of the existing drives.
Answer: C

19.Which of the following is the fastest way to share industry information relating to the IBM 3592
specifications with the customer?
A.Arrange an executive briefing
B.Contact PartnerLine for IBM 3592 information
C.Share the website information with the customer
D.Share the website information with the customer
Answer: C

20.A tape specialist has been asked to review a proposed first in Enterprise z/OS IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server (VTS) configuration. Which of the following should the tape specialist review FIRST ?
A.The latest VTS Health Assessment
B.The ETL Expert reports for the last 30 days
C.The VTSSTATS reports for the last 30 days
D.The Batch Magic reports
Answer: D

21.A z/OS customer with 32 standalone IBM 3490E tape drives needs to increase capacity and parallelism. Taking their limited floor space and limited budget into consideration, which of the following new solutions should be recommended?
A.IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server Model B10
B.IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server Model B18
C.IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server Model B20
D.IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Library with 3590
Answer: A

22.A customer is planning to move their Tivoli Storage Manager/AIX backup tapes from an AIX environment to their IBM eServer zSeries environment. This TSM backup workload will require eight physical IBM 3590 drives and 400 tape cartridges. In addition to an existing IBM 3494­L14, which of the following is needed to meet this requirement?
A.One IBM 3494­D24 frame
B.Two IBM 3494­D12 frames
C.One IBM 3494­D14 frame and one IBM 3494­D12 frame
D.One IBM 3494­D14 frame and one IBM 3494­S10 frame
Answer: C

23.A customer is adding 1.8 TB of data, of which they would like to keep 30 backup copies. They are using IBM 3494 with IBM 3590E drives and standard length tape cartridges. Assuming 3 to 1 data compression, how many tape slots should be recommended to be available for this requirement?
Answer: B

24.What is the minimum to maximum number of physical tape drives can be attached to a 3494
B10 Virtual Tape Server (VTS)?
A.3 to 6
B.4 to 6
C.4 to 12
D.6 to 12
Answer: C

25.Which of the following tape technologies has the greatest native data rate?
A.IBM TotalStorage Tape Drive 3592
B.IBM TotalStorage Tape Drive 3590­H1A
C.IBM LTO Ultrium 2 Tape Drive
D.STK 9840C
Answer: A

26.Which two of the following are justification benefits of the IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server
(VTS)? I. Improved tape application job elapsed time II. Ease of tape vaulting using Import/Export
III. Reduction in the number of tape cartridges IV. Improved specific mount time for historical tape data
A.I and III
B.I and IV
C.II and III
D.III and IV
Answer: A

27.Which technology is unique to the IBM TotalStorage 3592 tape drive and represents an IBM competitive advantage?
A.Magnetoresistive flat lap heads
B.WORM (Write Once Read Many)
C.Surface Control Guiding System
D.Virtual Back hitch
Answer: D

28.The servo tracking mechanism implemented on many of IBM's tape products offers which of the following advantages?
A.Allows for fast­block access
B.Exploits a mid­point load design
C.Assists in eliminating back hitching
D.Assists in reducing permanent read errors
Answer: D

29.Which of the following is the best solution for a z/OS customer operating in a FICON
environment, writing and reading small datasets?
A.IBM 3592­J70
B.IBM 3584­L52
C.IBM 3592­J1A
D.IBM 3494­B10
Answer: D

30.A customer has six 3590­E1A tape drives attached to their B20 VTS. They want to complete a migration to six 3592­J1A tape drives and remove the 3590 drives within 50 days, but also need to minimize the impact to their production workload. All data written to the VTS expires within 60 days. All new data will be directed to 3592 pools. Which of the following plans should be used?
A.Let the existing 3590 data expire.
B.Use the Library Manager to move all the logical volumes in 3590 pools to 3592 pools.
C.Change the home pool of the existing 3590 data to 3592 pools, and after 30 days run host jobs to recall any 3590 data into cache.
D.Direct 3590 reclaimed data to 3592 pools, and after 45 days use the Library Manager to move all the logical volumes in 3590 pools to 3592 pools.
Answer: D

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