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IBM 000-382 Exam -

Free 000-382 Sample Questions:

1.A customer named requires a tape subsystem that will be used to frequently back up a 300 GB database containing critical data. The customer will keep multiple copies of the data. They would also like to purchase the most reliable tape solution and minimize the number of tape cartridges. Which of the following products should be recommended?
A. IBM 4mm Tape Autoloader
B. IBM 8mm Tape Library
C. IBM DLT Tape Library
D. IBM LTO Tape Library
Answer: D

2.A customer named has two IBM TotalStorage EnterpriseServers (ESS) using PPRC. During testing, the customer connects the two units with 30-meter ESCON cables. The second IMB ESS is later moved 60 kilometers away. In order to continue using PRRC, what additional components are needed?
A. ESCON over dark fibre cable with repeaters
B. FICON over dark fibre cable with repeaters
C. SSA optical extenders with dark fibres
D. Fibre Channel over IP
Answer: A

3.A customer named's current environment consists of a mail server running on an IBM @Server node cluster. When evaluating the expansion of the storage subsystem, which of the following is the most significant consideration?
A. Record size
B. Logical volume partitioning
C. Data security
D. Number of users
Answer: D

4.A customer named is running an SAP R/3 application using Oracle Parallel Server as the database manager on a IBM @Server pSeries server. The customer would like two servers to share the same Oracle database. Which of the following IBM storage prod ucts would NOT be recommended to meet the customer's requirement?
A. IBM TotalStorage NAS 300G
B. IBM TotalStorage EXP Plus (2104)
C. IBM TotalStorage Serial Disk System (7133)
D. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (2105)
Answer: A

5.A customer named has the following:
- a small IBM mainframe
- six Sun servers
- two IBM @Server pSeries servers
- two HP-UX servers
The customer plans to complete migration of mainframe applications to the pSeries servers within the next six months. The customer has an immediate requirement for an additional 2 TB of usable disk space for the pSeries servers. IBM, HP, Dell and Sun have been invited to bid on this opportunity. The IBM proposal should lead with which disk product?
A. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server
B. IBM TotalStorage Serial Disk System
C. IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Server
D. IBM TotalStorage NAS
Answer: C

6.A customer named mentions that they are evaluating Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) for their mid-range environment. Which of the following best describes AIT?
A. 8mm technology
B. Linear recording technology
C. IBM TotalStorage 3590 compatible tape technology
D. Fibre attach only tape technology
Answer: A

7.A customer named has a requirement to implement a centralized disk storage solution to support three IBM @Server iSeries servers running V5.1 of OS/400, and 20 Intel serves supporting a mixture of Novell 6 and MS Windows 2000. Which of the following disk storage solutions should a storage specialist recommend to support this environment?
A. IBM TotalStorage FAStT900 Storage Server
B. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server
C. IBM TotalStorage Serial Disk System
D. IBM TotalStorage EXP Plus
Answer: B

8.A customer named owns a 150 GB useable RAID 5 SCSI disk subsystem attached to a single host and wants to increase data throughput, reliability, high availability, and serviceability.
Cost is a significant consideration. Which of the following is most likely to satisfy all of these requirements?
A. Convert the RAID 5subsystem to a RAID 1 subsystem.
B. Convert the existing subsystem to JBOD with additional disk drives.
C. Replace the existing subsystem with an IBM TotalStorage FAStT disk subsystem.
D. Replace the existing subsystem with an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server.
Answer: C

9.A large customer environment consists of 16 Intel based servers, supporting its mail. The servers have exceeded their disk storage capacity and the customer would like to centralize disk storage. Which of the following solutions should be recommended?
A. Implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail.
B. Replace current disk drives with larger capacity ones.
C. Design an IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Server solution.
D. Install IBM TotalStorage Network Attached Storage (NAS).
Answer: C

10.A distributor is planning to open fie locations, with each location requiring a local nightly backup of 250 GB of data from a Sun server. The distributor expresses that performance is the biggest concern. Which of the following is the best solution?
A. DLT 8000
D. Magstar
Answer: C

It is recommended that an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager disk pool of storage be sued for daily backups. Assuming a 10% change rate, how much disk space needs to be added to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server?
A. 20 GB
B. 50 GB
C. 150 GB
D. 450 GB
Answer: B

12.After a long competitive sales cycle, the customer has decided to implement their first centralized storage solution on the IBM TotalStorage FAStT 900 Storage Server. To help ensure a successful installation, which of the following should be proposed as part of the solution?
A. 3-Year Warranty Service Upgrade
B. IBM Software Subscription Service
C. Business Continuance Services
D. Planning and Implementation Services
Answer: D

13.A customer named is considering purcha sing an IBM TotalStorage FAStT900 Storage Server to accommodate future growth for a critical application. The customer is questioning how they will administer the storage system. Which of the following options can be used for installation and administration of the storage system?
I. Inband FC
III. Serial port
IV. USB port
V. Infrared
A. I, II, IV
Answer: B

14.Assessing adequate customer skills for implementation of a new disk subsystem would include which of the following steps?
I. Gathering list of the serves and operating systems they support
II. Determining the number of employees in the IT department
III. Identify the total storage currently in use
IV. Evaluating the on site technical support capability
A. I and III
B. I and IV
C. II and III
D. II and IV
Answer: B

15.A Small and Medium Business (SMB) customer has a Microsoft Windows network t hat connects their users via Ethernet. They need additional storage in a shared environment. Which kind of product would a storage specialist recommend?
A. IBM TotalStorage EXP Plus
B. IBM TotalStorage 200i
C. IBM TotalStorage FAStT Storage Server
D. IBM TotalStorage NAS
Answer: D

16.Which of the following phrases best describes the IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager (ITSRM) to a non-technical person?
A. ITSRM automates data backup and restore functions.
B. ITSRM helps SAN-connected client computers make maximum use their direct network connection storage.
C. ITSRM delivers enterprise monitoring, reporting and policy -based automation to help improve storage utilization.
D. ITSRM fuses easy administration and heterogeneous, cross -platform sharing of NAS with the high bandwidth of SAN.
Answer: C

17.A customer named is interested in updating their infrastructure to provide data replication capabilities between their corporate offices and a sales office 900 km away. They currently have both Unix and Windows NT servers sharing storage resources. Some applications are very response time-sensitive. Which of the following replication solutions in best for this customer?
A. IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 300 using NSI Doubletake
B. IBM TotalStorage FAStT900 Storage Server with remote copy
C. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server with PPRC -XD
D. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server with XRC
Answer: C

18.What is the maximum number of short wave ports that can be installed on a 2062.D-01 Cisco MDS 9216 Multilayer Fabric Switch?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 48
D. 64
Answer: C

19.A customer named has reviewed storage specialist's proposal for a centralized disk solution supporting Sun, HP, Intel, IBM @Server pSeries servers. The customer's feedback indicates that the solution exceeds their budget. They also indicate that they have signed an agreement outsourcing their iSeries applications. Which of the followin g is the most appropriate change to the proposal?
A. Reduce the amount of the disk configured in the subsystem.
B. Reduce the amount of disk configured in the subsystem and reduce the SAN port count.
C. Reduce the amount of disk configured, change the subsystem to a NAS solution and eliminate the SAN.
D. Reduce the amount of disk configured, change the subsystem to IBM TotalStorage FAStT and reduce the SAN port count.
Answer: D

20.Two Windows 2000 servers are to be located 10 kilometers from the IBM FAStT900 HA Storage Server. The customer would like to have two Fibre Channel adapters in each Windows 2000 server.
How many IBM Fibre Channel switches would be required for high availability?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4
Answer: D

21.A storage administrator running an IBM @Server p Series server wants to attach an IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (2105) and needs to know if the pSeries Fibre Channel adapter card is at the latest firmware level. Which of the following is the fastest way for the administrator to determine the latest supported microcode level.
A. Call TechLine
B. Access IBM Storage Website
C. Contact IBM Storage Specialist
D. Read TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server Redbook
Answer: B

22.A customer named has an I/O intensive, cache unfriendly application. Which of the following would affect performance the most?
A. Amount of cache in disk subsystem
B. Amount of memory in server
C. Total number of disk drives
D. Total quantity of write cache
Answer: C

23.Which of the following attachment cards is used to connect an IBM TotalStorage EnterpriseTape Drive (3590)to an IBM @Server pSeries server?
A. SSA Adapter
B. Ultra3 SCSI RAID Adapter
C. Ultra SCSI Differential Adapter
D. Ultra SCSI Single-ended Adapter
Answer: C

24.EMC, Sun and IBM all claim that they offer the highest performing disk solution. What is the most convincing way for the IBM Storage Specialist to prove the claim?
A. Review latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report.
B. Call CompeteLine for competitive data.
C. Provide benchmark testing.
D. Provide product datasheet.
Answer: C

25.A customer named has a requirement for recall of tape data. The media c hoice must have the longest archival life. Which of the following would be the most appropriate selection?
D. Magstar
Answer: A

26.Which of the following is NOT an advantage of IBM's NAS product offerings?
A. Operating system optimized for NFS
B. 250 persistent True Image data views
C. Tightly integrated software suite
D. Windows powered OS
Answer: A

27.A customer named is migrating a 600 GB Oracle database form an older IBM @ Server pSeries server to a new one. The data is on a 2 TB IBM TotalStorage EnterpriseStorage Server (ESS) that is 80% full. What is the easiest way to move the data to the new server?
A. Crate new LUNs as targets, perform FlashCopy to those Luns, and as sign the target LUNs to the new server.
B. Use IBM TotalStorage ESS Specialist to assign the existing LUNs to the new server and use AIXLVM importvg to acquire the existing data.
C. Assign new LUNs to the new system, backup the data with the existing t ape library, and restore it on the new system.
D. Assign new LUNs to the new system and use FTP to transfer the data to the new system.
Answer: B

28.Which of the following is NOT a competitive advantage of the IBM TotalStorage FAStT600 fibre disk subsystem compared to SCSI-based solutions in a 300 GB subsystem?
A. 15,000 rpm disk drive option
B. Improved performance regarding I/Os per second
C. Improved performance regarding data transfer rates
D. Better reliability, availability, and serviceabil ity (RAS) characteristics
Answer: A

29.A customer named has two Intel -based Linux servers and would like to have 700 GB of disk to share between them. Disk I/O performance is very important to the customer. The sales team has recommended an IBM TotalStorage FAStT600 Storage Server. The Intel -based Linux servers are going to be located less than 50 meters from the IBM FAStT600. The customer would like to have two Fibre Channel adapters in each Linux server. What is the minimum number of IBM Fibre Channel Managed Hubs (3534-F08) required for high availability?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4
Answer: A

30.A customer named requires off -site storage for 500 GB per night in backups. The backup site is 350 miles (560 kilometers) away. The customer does not require the backup site to run the application in the event of failure at the main site. Which of the following is the most cost-effective and practical strategy fro the data center?
A. Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive at backup site.
B. Install an HACMP environment and mirror data.
C. Transport nightly backup tapes via truck.
D. Make online image backups
Answer: C

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