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IBM 000-351 Exam -

Free 000-351 Sample Questions:

1. A customer is planning an automatic upgrade to V5R3 for a system with non-configured disk drives.
What must be done to prevent the upgrade from automatically configuring the disk units?
A. Start device parity on the non-configured disk units.
B. Select the 'Omit Disk Units' option on the GO UPGRADE menu.
C. Use 'Work with disk units' in Service Tools to exclude the disk units.
D. Load and apply the correct PTF and choose the 'Keep configuration' option on the 'Prepare for install' menu.
Answer: D

2. An upgrade from V5R2 to V5R3 is being planned.
There are specific PTFs installed on the system for OEM applications.
Which of the following will ensure the correct PTFs are applied after the upgrade?
A. Reload the same PTFs after the upgrade is complete.
B. Consult the PTF cross-reference index for the new PTFs.
C. Update the PTF cross-reference database with updates from the OEM.
D. Use Management Central to identify and order the PTF updates required.
Answer: B

3. A user has called complaining that their twinax display does not show a sign-on screen. The system administrator checks the status of the controller and device.
The controller is in ACTIVE status, and the device shows SIGNON DISPLAY. Which of the following is most likely the cause?
A. The twinax display is powered off or has failed.
B. The cabling between the system and the display device has failed.
C. The subsystem to which the display is supposed to be allocated is not started.
D. Someone has turned the monitor's brightness down or the auto-dimmer has activated.
Answer: D

4. Which of the following command lists provides the most complete backup of the system?
Answer: A

5. After restoring the operating system to a disaster recovery test system why is it advisable to change the QPFRADJ system value to '2' (Adjustment at IPL and automatic adjustment)?
A. To improve disk performance
B. To allow parallel processing
C. To accommodate processor and memory differences
D. To minimize object scans while restore is running
Answer: C

6. What technology introduced in V5R2 is designed to solve the problem of too many passwords to remember?
A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
B. Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM)
C. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
D. Password Authentication Control Environment (PACE)
Answer: B

7. A system administrator on an eServer i5 system needs to change the name of an employee that was recently married. A copy of the existing user profile was created, but the specific security on the IFS file system does not match the old profile. Which of the following is the probable cause?
A. The i5/OS group profile is not authorized to the new primary group profile on the IFS.
B. The UID and GID of the new profile are different than the old ID. The IFS retains the old GID/UID.
C. The UID/GID on the new profile has already been used by an NFS file share and cannot be used for IFS authority.
D. The Primary Group Profile assigned to the new user profile is not listed in the authorization list associated with the NetServer shares.
Answer: B

8. A system administrator needs to add 100 users to an eServer i5 system without impacting response times. Which of the following would be the first step in determining the current performance of the system?
A. Define a performance collection agent in iDoctor for iSeries.
B. Define a performance collection object within iSeries Navigator.
C. Use Performance Explorer to collect generalized performance data.
D. Use the Workload Estimator to show existing performance constraints.
Answer: B

9. Which of the following will impact the interactive capacity requirements of an iSeries?
A. Client/server applications
B. File transfer
C. Print job spooling
D. 5250 datastream
Answer: D

10. Which of the following disk drive considerations has the greatest impact on system performance?
A. Number of disk drives on a bus
B. Used versus available disk space
C. Data protection method (RAID versus mirroring)
D. Peak rate of disk requests versus the number of disk arms
Answer: D

11. A customer has a single partition i825. The system administrator has been asked to implement WAS - Express 5.1 in order to implement additional functionality of the installed ERP package.
Which of the following needs to be done to ensure proper performance of the WAS server?
A. Verify the Query Optimization (QQRYDEGREE) is set to *OPTIMIZE.
B. Review the shared pool paging sizes to optimize them for WAS - Express.
C. Review the shared pool memory allocation with an emphasis on the *BASE pool.
D. Verify the system value QMLTTHDACN (action to take when a function is not threadsafe) is set to "Do not perform the function" (3).
Answer: C

12. A system administrator would like workstation names with a unique prefix to run under a specific subsystem. Where can this be defined?
A. Job routing table
B. Device description
C. Job description routing entry
D. Workstation entry in the subsystem description
Answer: D

13. A system administrator encounters sluggish performance for interactive users and observes a higher than acceptable faulting rate for the interactive memory pool.
Which of the following can reduce the faulting rate to an acceptable level?
A. Decrease the timeslice of the interactive job class.
B. Increase the activity level of the interactive pool.
C. Decrease the activity level of the interactive pool.
D. Increase the timeslice of the interactive job class.
Answer: C

14. Where is the signon display file parameter for interactive sessions located?
A. Job description
B. Class description
C. Device description
D. Subsystem description
Answer: D

15. A system administrator would like to determine how many jobs can simultaneously run from a specific job queue.
Which of the following commands will provide this information?
Answer: C

16. A control language program has been created to start custom subsystems. The program is called from the system startup program.
The subsystems will not start.
Which of the following is the most likely cause?
A. A system message in QSYSMSG was not responded to by the operator.
B. The subsystem descriptions are not in the library list of the startup job.
C. The control language program was not registered to the subsystem startup exit point.
D. The startup program must start the subsystems directly; subsystems cannot be started by a called program.
Answer: B

17. What is the default definition of a decimal type variable in a CL program?
A. 10.0
B. 10.5
C. 14.4
D. 15.5
Answer: D

18. Which system performance command can send output to both the online screen and a database file simultaneously?
Answer: A

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