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IBM 000-341 Exam -

Free 000-341 Sample Questions:

1. If a CMP bean uses a J2C resource adapter to access a backend data store.which of the following should be configured?
A: CMP Connection Factory
B: Database connection pool
C: CMP Resource Environment Provider
D: User-defined JDBC Provider
Answer: A

2. Which partition in an IBM Websphere Application Server V5.0 federated name space is used to store information about EJB bindings and JNDI names?
A: The Server persistent partition
B: The Node persistent partition
C: The Cell persistent partition
D: The Transient partition
Answer: D

3. Upon monitoring an application it is found that the passivation and actvation counters for EJBs are exttemely high.What is the BEST change to be made to the server configuration to improve EJB subsystem performance?
A: Increase the JVM heap size
B: Increase the EJB cache size
C: Increase the EJB cache cleanup interval
D: Increase the maximum ORB service connector cache size
Answer: B

4. In a typical Web application request/response information flow.which Web Sphere Application Server V5.0 component can initially encrypt the request?
A: Web container's embedded HTTP server
B: Web server plug-in
C: EJS Server
D: Web browser
E: Application server
Answer: B

5. Where can J2EE Security roles be defined?
Answer: B, E

6. Which of the following is a reason why a configured binding would be necessary?
A: Allow federation of CORBA name spaces to the node's name space
B: Bind DataSTORE JNDI names explicitly at the node name server level
C: Configure an alias for a JNDI name it the system's partition of the anme space
D: Provide interoperabililty with IBM WebSphere Application Server V4 clients
Answer: D

7. In which topologies would an administrator configure the use of LTPA(Lightweight Third Party Authentication) with the Local OS user registry?
A:Single node configured with multiple application servers
B:A configuration in which multiple authentication mechanisms are used for a security domain
C:Distributed environment which shares a domain user registry
D:Multiple nodes configured with multiple clusters.
Answer: A, C

8. A Web application is suspected to have a (concurrent access) synchronization problem.Which PMI modules should be monitored to try and isolate the performance problem?
A:Dynamic cache
B:J2C connectors
C:Web applications
D:JVM runtime
E:Web container thread pools
Answer: C, E

9. What is the LOWEST level of granularity of the Trace Service supported in an IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 Network Deployment installation?
A: Server
B: Node
C: Cell
D: Cluster
Answer: A

10. Where can an administrator locate configuration data for a standalone Web Sphere Application Server V5.0 installation?
A: Administrative Repository on the database server
B: Master configuration repository on the cell Configuration repository on the deployment manager
C: Configuration repository on the local machine
D: Cloudscape database on the local machine
Answer: C

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