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IBM 000-324 Exam -

Free 000-324 Sample Questions:

1.A customer needs 12 additional FICON channels on a 2084. Six channels are LX, and six are SX.
The required FICON is Express2. How many FICON Express feature codes will be required to meet this requirement?
A.3, where each FICON Express2 feature code has four FICON channels
B.4, two feature codes for LX FICON and two feature codes for SX FICON
C.6, three per FICON channel type
D.6, where each FICON Express 2 feature code has two FICON channels
Answer: B

2.z/OS.e runs on which of the following machines?
B.z900 and z990
C.z800 and z890
D.All zSeries architecture machines
Answer: C

3.Which of the following is NOT a Server­to­Server communication method between two physical machines?
A.InterSystem Channels (ISC)
C.Integrated Cluster Bus (ICB) channels
D.Channel­to­channel (CTC or FCTC) connections
Answer: B

4.Which of the following software products does NOT have an offering to run under Linux?
Answer: C

5.Which of the following I/O Channel Subsystem components would improve the efficiency of TCP/IP?
A.Dynamic Channel Path Management
B.Channel Subsystem Priority Queuing
D.Queued Direct Input/Output
Answer: D

6.All of the following apply to z/OS WLM EXCEPT:
A.It provides programming interfaces that can allow customers to set goals for their transactions.
B.It provides goal oriented, dynamic resource management and goals are based on business importance.
C.It simplifies definition, control, and reporting of the performance requirements for z/OS workloads.
D.It coordinates z/OS images across a sysplex to process work towards multiple goals and shares goals with other products.
Answer: D

7.A performance analysis indicates that a customer's current 2064­2C5 needs more processing power. The MES is being requested based on the analysis to upgrade from a 2C5 to a 2C7 as soon as possible. The customer cannot afford the maintenance window for installation. Which of the following is the preferred action?
A.Ask the customer to schedule the installation when the machine can be stopped.
B.Tune the current machine to improve the performance as much as possible and delay the installation until the machine can be stopped.
C.Persuade the customer to schedule the installation window immediately.
D.Schedule the installation to be performed concurrently.
Answer: D

8.An Internet Service Provider is considering using a z990 for deploying hundreds of Linux systems under z/VM. The zSeries platform would provide the MOST value for this customer in terms of:
A.Processing speed.
B.Response time.
C.Systems management.
D.Memory size.
Answer: C

9.Which of the following middleware is an important part of the IBM's on demand strategy for the zSeries platform?
A.Debug tool
B.WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
C.Resource Management Facility (RMF)
Answer: B

10.Which of the following z800 models can be upgraded to a z890 model?
Answer: B

11.What is the maximum number of zAAP processors that can be installed on a 2084?
Answer: A

12.Which of the following workloads would NOT be a candidate for a z/OS.e partition?
A.WebSphere for z/OS
B.PL/I Applications
Answer: B

13.What is considered to be a traditional mainframe workload?
A.Servlets, JSPs
B.Linux workload
C.CPU intense
D.Batch and OLTP
Answer: D

14.The Hardware Configuration Manager (HCM) allows the:
A.Operations staff to operate the system from a PC.
B.Operations staff to reconfigure zSeries channel attachments dynamically.
C.Systems programmer to define the zSeries I/O subsystem via a PC application.
D.Systems programmer to replace the Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) function.
Answer: C

15.Which of the following operating systems is supported on a z990?
A.z/OS.e 1.6
B.z/VM 4.4
C.OS/390 2.8
D.z/OS 1.1
Answer: B

16.Which of the following is true about IBM's Mainframe Charter?
A.It highlights ways IBM intends to deliver ongoing value for customers using zSeries.
B.It helps customers accelerate their implementation of IBM's on demand business initiatives using the
C.It is primarily about products and services available for helping customers simplify their IT infrastructure.
D.It is a way to implement Java technologies
Answer: A

17.Which Crypto feature is required on a z990 to provide both the secure key and the accelerator function?
A.Crypto Express 2
Answer: A

18.Which of the following statements applies to a CICS/DB2 workload?
A.It usually runs during off peak time.
B.It is an online workload.
C.It is a batch workload.
D.It does not support data sharing.
Answer: B

19.Which of the following is a new function on the z890 that is not available on the z800?
A.An MCM with 5 processors
B.Capacity Backup
C.OSA­Express Integrated Console Controller
Answer: C

20.Parallel Sysplex clustering provides which of the following tactical benefits?
A.It provides near continuous availability.
B.Applications can be isolated to improve performance.
C.FICON cabling can improve response times.
D.Use of channel subsystems is more efficient.
Answer: A

21.Which of the following can support more than 256 channels?
Answer: D

22.A customer has a z990 running on z/OS 1.4 with On/Off Capacity On Demand (OOCoD) support. The customer wants to add the capacity concurrently to running LPARs. What factor must be considered in this situation?
A.Capacity Back­Up (CBU) must be available.
B.Capacity Upgrade On Demand (CUoD) should be installed.
C.Reserved CPs must be defined in the image profile.
D.Reserved CPs and MCL must be defined in the image profile.
Answer: C

23.A z990 needs to be connected to a customer's current network. The network side has a Gb Ethernet adapter. What additional information is needed to select the correct OSA?
A.What is the MTU size?
B.What version is the TCP/IP?
C.Is the Ethernet adapter mode long wave or short wave?
D.How many users must the connection support?
Answer: C

24.Which of the following statements is true about WLM goal mode and the Intelligent Resource
Director (IRD)?
A.WLM moves work to resources, and IRD moves resources to the work.
B.IRD is a requirement for WLM.
C.z/OS 1.4 is the first release that runs IRD.
D.To enable WLM goal mode, z/OS 1.6 is needed.
Answer: A

25.A customer is planning a secondary site for disaster recovery. The secondary site is located about 70 kilometers away from the primary site. Which of the following should be recommended?
C.Parallel Sysplex
D.Data sharing
Answer: A

26.Which of the following is part of the zSeries hardware virtualization?
A.Application Monitor for z/OS
B.Intelligent Resource Director
Answer: B

27.To connect a FICON channel to a SAN, which of the following is necessary?
A.FCP card rather than FICON card
C.SUBSYSTEM=FCP in IEASYS Parmlib member
D.Special FCP cables to connect to SAN switch
Answer: B

28.A customer has a 2084­A08 and is getting set up for the Web transactions. The customer wants to gain some experience on encryption without investing a substantial amount so they are considering the clear key for the temporary transactions. What needs to be implemented for clear key encryption on their 2084?
A.SHA­1 and ICSF
Answer: D

29.A customer has a 9672­R65 that processes mostly batch workloads and runs at about 87%. Using the MIPS table, a 2086­430 was ordered. However, the customer notices a degradation in performance after the replacement has been installed. Which of the following actions needs to be taken to analyze the problem?
A.Review the solution using the LSPR table, and MES the new machine to model 470 for more processing power.
B.Review the selection process with the customer using zPCR to provide the machine with enough power to handle the current workloads.
C.Reassess the performance difference between G4 and z890 in order to determine the optimal model.
D.Collect the SMF data and run CP2000 to determine a suitable processor.
Answer: D

30.A customer wants to reduce the number of general purpose cycles currently being used in support of XML parsing on their z990. Their IBM Sales Specialist has suggested leveraging the zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP). In order for the customer to leverage the zAAP processor successfully, which of the following is one of the requirements?
A.z/OS 1.5
B.WebSphere V4.1
C.SDK 1.4.1
Answer: C

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