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IBM 000-301 Exam -

Free 000-301 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has reached the cooling limit in his datacenter, but still has room for additional IBM racks and servers. The customer intends to add an IBM eServer Cluster 1350 into an IBM eSeries Enterprise rack. What would you recommend to allow continued growth?
A. IBM "CoolBlue" rear door Heat Exchanger
B. IBM Power Director
C. A larger air-conditioning system
D. None of the above
Answer: A

2. When designing a virtualization environment, what are the most important factors?
A. Average and peak CPU/RAM utilization
B. Disk Capacity
C. Number of remote sites
D. Number of Network switch ports
Answer: A

3. Your client says I want everything in one box a complete package including powerful processing and internal storage. What does your client actually need?
A. A DS4000
B. A versatile, System x, all-in-one 4-way server
C. A versatile 2-way tower
D. An easy to use laptop with tons of internal storage space
Answer: B

4. IBM BladeCenter is the RIGHT choice.
What does OPEN, EASY, GREEN mean in regards to BladeCenter?
A. It is the right choice (Right), is Open Source friendly (Open), is easy to sell (Easy) and is Environmentally Friendly (Green)
B. That BladeCenter is flexible (Easy & Open) and Environmentally friendly (Right & Green)
C. Correct choice, fits diverse needs; Open and innovative; Easy to deploy, integrate and manage; Reducing power consumption.
D. That all the products used in Blades and BladeCenters are truly O-E-G compliant
Answer: C

5. A customer is in the process of decommissioning 10 outdated servers. They would like to delete all information from the hard disks using a secure data disposal procedure. Which extension of IBM Director allows for this task to be performed?
A. Capacity Manager
B. ServeRAID Manager
C. Remote Deployment Manager
D. Server Configuration Manager
Answer: C

6. Which is NOT a tool available to help close a System x deal?
A. Special Bid
B. Loaner Program
C. "Go Green" Initiative
D. "Try and Buy" Program
Answer: C

7. What makes the IBM System x offer for SAP outstanding?
A. Mainframe-inspired performance and availability in cost-effective Intel processor-based servers
B. Performance and scalability for SAP solutions
C. SAP certified servers
D. All of the above
Answer: D

8. A cluster is a multi-server system, comprised of interconnected computers and associated networking and storage devices that are unified via systems management and networking software to accomplish a specific purpose.
Which is the most integrated IBM solution for this purpose?
A. IBM Cluster 1250
B. IBM Cluster 1350
C. Business Partner Integrated Cluster
D. Racked and stacked cluster
Answer: A

9. What is NOT a benefit of clustering in a modern e-business environment?
A. High processing capacity
B. 24x7 with failover protection
C. De-centralized system management
D. Optimal use of resources
Answer: C

10. Clustering has been the driving force behind many of the world's most powerful scientific supercomputers for many years and is now being used increasingly as a cost-effective way to provide high-performance, high availability computing for a wide variety of commercial workloads. Which industry sectors below would benefit from clustering?
A. Business intelligence and, engineering design
B. Financial analysis and digital media
C. Petroleum exploration and business intelligence
D. All of the above
Answer: D

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