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IBM 000-289 Exam -

Free 000-289 Sample Questions:

1. Which two technologies serve as the basis for SnapVault-based backups? (Choose two.)
C. SyncMirror
D. Snapshot
Answer: A, D

2. Which NetApp backup and recovery solution is best for backing up remote office heterogeneous data storage?
A. Snapshot copies
B. SnapManager
C. SnapVault
D. Open System SnapVault
Answer: D

3. From which three platforms does Open Systems SnapVault support backup and restore? (Choose three.)
B. SunOS
D. Linux
E. Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003
Answer: A, C, D

4. What are three components of an Open Systems SnapVault (OSSV) installation? (Choose three.)
A. Primary System
B. Secondary System
C. OSSV agent installed on the primary system
D. OSSV agent installed on the secondary system
E. NetApp primary system
Answer: A, B, C

5. The NearStore VTL provides a masking function to control Host access to virtual devices.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

6. The SnapVault Secondary is configured for user access of qtrees via NAS. How do you restore a file?
A. by using SnapRestore
B. by using the SnapVault GUI
C. by users with sufficient privileges
D. by only storage administrators with sufficient privileges
Answer: C

7. A-SIS optimization can be configured at _____.
A. the volume level only
B. the aggregate level only
C. both the aggregate and volume levels
D. the qtree level
Answer: A

8. What are two applications that can manage Open Systems SnapVault-based backup environments via NDMP? (Choose two.)
A. NetApp Protection Manager
B. Legato Networker
C. Symantec NetBackup
D. Syncsort Backup Express
Answer: A, D

9. SnapVault is a disk-based backup solution that _____. (Choose three.)
A. enables backup of heterogeneous primary storage systems to a NetApp secondary storage system
B. enables restoration of data from a SnapVault secondary storage system, with minimum downtime and better reliability than tape-based backup and restore
C. requires both NetApp primary and secondary storage systems
D. enables data stored on multiple NetApp storage systems to be backed up to a central secondary system as read-only Snapshot copies
Answer: B, C, D

10. When a SnapVault Secondary requests an incremental backup from the primary, the SnapVault Primary creates a new snapshot and compares it to the most recent ONTAP-scheduled snapshot in order to identify the changed data blocks.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

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