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IBM 000-285 Exam -

Free 000-285 Sample Questions:

1.While a developer is creating an Enterprise Application Project using the wizard, which other
J2EE component can be created simultaneously?
A.DataSource Project
B.Web Project
C.Java Project
D.Server Project
Answer: B

2.Which of the following views are part of the default Java perspective?
A.Package Explorer
Answer: A, C, D

3.A developer wants to populate a Web project from a Web site which resides on a remote server and contains servlets. The BEST way to import the site is to use:
A.The HTTP import utility
B.The File system import utility
C.The JAR import utility
D.The FTP import utility
Answer: D

4.A developer has performed a Search in the Help perspective. The developer wants to see where a topic returned by the search fits into the table of contents. What is the BEST way to do this?
A.Select the Forward icon in the Help toolbar to go to the next corresponding item in the table of contents.
B.Select the Back icon from the Help toolbar to bring up the topics heading in the table of contents.
C.Select the Synchronize Navigation icon in the Help toolbar.
D.Double click on the topic's title in the document view.
Answer: C

5.The FASTEST way for a developer to obtain step­by­step guidance on creating, testing, and running a Web application is to: the product documentation
B.look through the help Table of Contents the Search ­> Help... menu option
D.use the Help menu Cheat Sheets
Answer: D

6.A developer wants to perform an incremental build of resources in the workspace each time a change is made to a Java class. What is the BEST approach for the developer to take within the Window­>Preferences window to ensure that this happens?
A.Select Workbench ­> Perform the build automatically on resource modification
B.Select Workbench ­> Save all modified resources automatically prior to manual rebuild
C.Select Java ­> Compiler ­> Classfile Generation and check the Add source file name to the generated class file checkbox
D.Select Workbench ­> Build Order and Enter the required resources in the Build Order
Answer: A

7.A developer wants to import a project that was previously created in another workspace. The
BEST way to accomplish that is to select which File ­> Import option?
A.File system
B.Existing Project into Workspace
C.Zip file
D.External Plug­ins and Fragments
Answer: B

8.Which operation is NOT available in the Data perspective?
A.browse and import schemas
B.create datasource objects
C.export data definitions (DDL)
D.create and test SQL statements
Answer: B

9.When using the Create JavaBeans Web Pages Wizard, which of the following elements can be created?
A.Business Delegate
B.Controller Servlet
C.JavaBean Broker
D.View Bean
Answer: B, D

10.A <jsp:setProperty> tag is inserted using the Insert Set Property menu option of the Page Designer to:
A.Set a property value in a servlet parameter from a Bean property.
B.Set a property value in a Bean.
C.Set a servlet request parameter.
D.Set a servlet reply parameter.
Answer: B

11.A Web Project called Sales is created under the Enterprise Application project CustomerRelationship, with context root "sales". Which of the following will result from creating this Web project?
A.The application.xml file of CustomerRelationship Enterprise Application project is updated with the web application and its context root
B.A default page index.html is created and is made part of the welcome file list in the web.xml file
C.A Java project called SalesProject is also created to maintain the .java files of the web application
D.A folder called Web Content is created that represents the structure of the .war file when this web application is deployed
Answer: A, D

12.A web developer can effectively use the HTML Content Assist to:
A.Finish a line of code or tag in the source editor.
B.Perform spell checks on the content in the HTML page.
C.Validate the syntax of the HTML content in the page.
D.Add an attribute­name value pair to a tag.
Answer: A, D

13.Where within a Web project, called Sales, should utility JARs referenced by servlets and JSPs of the web application be located?
A.Sales/Web Content/WEB­INF
B.Sales/Web Content/WEB­INF/classes
C.Sales/Web Content/lib
D.Sales/Web Content/WEB­INF/lib
Answer: D

14.When using the Create Database Web Pages Wizard to create web pages, which of the following information can be specified?
A.A model that indicates the input and view pages generated
B.The XML and XSL to generate the SQL for the desired statement
C.The type of SQL statement to use
D.Mapping between Java data types and Database data types
Answer: A, C

15.Files that are to be deployed in a WAR as part of a Web Project named 'Sales' should be located under what directory?
A.Sales/Web Content
Answer: A

16.A servlet class named needs to be defined in the web.xml deployment descriptor. The developer is using the web.xml editor to create the definition. Which of the following actions is considered the BEST practice?
A.In the Servlets tab, add a corresponding JSP for the resulting servlet with URL mapping ­ login
B.In the Servlets tab, add the servlet with URL mapping ­ login
C.In the Servlets tab, add the servlet with no URL mapping, accepting the default
D.In the Pages tab, add to the Welcome files list
E.In the Pages tab, add an authentication method for
Answer: B

17.When converting a static Web project to a J2EE Web project, which of the following can be specified as module dependencies for a Web Project?
A.An application client project associated with the same Enterprise Application Project
B.Another Web project associated with the same Enterprise Application Project
C.A JAR file in the associated Enterprise Application Project
D.A Java project in the workbench
Answer: C

18.When inserting a <jsp:useBean> tag using the Insert Bean menu option from the Page Designer, the Scope attribute is set to "(Default)". This default value represents:
Answer: C

19.Which of the following are valid destinations when using the Export wizard?
A.EAR file
B.WAR file
C.DB2 Database
D.CVS Repository
Answer: A, B

20.Where would a developer look to ensure that cookies are enabled in the WebSphere Test
A.In the application.xml file
B.In the Java files where cookie information is retrieved
C.In the Servers view of the Server perspective
D.In the Web tab of the test server configuration
Answer: D

21.A Test Server instance gets deleted, but a web project is still associated with the server configuration. What will happen when a developer tries to test a servlet in the web project via the "Run on Server" menu item?
A.With no server instance defined, the "Run on Server" menu item will be disabled
B.A new server instance is automatically created and bound to the existing server configuration, and then the servlet is invoked once the server is started
C.The Server Selection dialog is displayed, a new server instance and configuration are created, the web project is added to the new server configuration, then the servlet is invoked once the server is started
D.An error dialog will appear indicating that there is a missing server instance
Answer: C

22.Which of the following statements describing the WebSphere Test Environment is FALSE?
A.Supports multiple server instances that can be configured and run at the same time
B.Is a reduced functionality version of the IBM WebSphere Application Server software product
C.Provides the ability to debug live server­side code
D.Includes both WebSphere and Apache Tomcat test servers
Answer: B

23.Which relationships among enterprise application projects, server instances, and server configurations are valid?
A.A single project can be associated with multiple server configurations
B.Multiple server configurations can share a common server instance
C.A single server configuration can be associated with multiple projects
D.A single server configuration can only be configured with one project
Answer: A, C

24.Which of the following fields MUST be filled in when creating a JDBC provider?
A.Class path
C.Native path
D.Database type
E.Implementation class name
Answer: A, D, E

25.In which view MUST a developer work in order to create a new database table?
B.DB Servers
C.Data Definition
Answer: C

26.Which SQL commands are supported by the create SQL Statement wizard?
D.Select Distinct
Answer: B, D

27.Which of the following actions can be performed once a database design has been imported into a Data project?
A.Create a local backup of the data in the database
B.Run SQL queries against the database
C.Analyze database performance statistics
D.Modify the database design
Answer: B, D

28.Which of the following steps does NOT need to be performed when importing data definitions into a project?
A.Open the Data perspective
B.Connect to the database
C.Create the target project
D.Select the data definitions to import
Answer: C

29.By default, where are the .class files for a Java project located on the file system?
A.In the location specified in the war.xml project configuration file
B.In the same directory as the corresponding .java files
C.In the directory location entered when the project is created, since there is no default location
D.In a directory called "build" under the project directory
Answer: B

30.A developer is modifying a class that extends another class and implements multiple interfaces. How can the developer easily move between the classes and interfaces?
A.Open the Hierarchy View for the class and click Show the Supertype Hierarchy toolbar button
B.Open the Hierarchy View for the class and click Show Related Types toolbar button
C.Open the class in the editor and select Show Outline View for Related Types in the editor's popup menu
D.Open the class in the editor and select Show Outline View for Related Types in the Outline View's popup menu
Answer: A

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