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IBM 000-272 Exam -

Free 000-272 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
While testing a message flow with a Compute node that contains two PROPAGATE statements, a solution developer discovered that the output message assembly is empty before the second PROPAGATE statement is executed. What must the solution developer do to prevent this from happening?
A. Add a DELETE NONE clause to the first PROPAGATE statement.
B. Add a DELETE DEFAULT clause to the first PROPAGATE statement.
C. Add a FINALIZE DEFAULT clause to the first PROPAGATE statement
D. Write a SET OutputRoot.Body = InputRoot.Body statement before the second PROPAGATE statement.
Answer: A

Q: 2
A solution developer creates a new broker instance containing the default execution group. The solution developer attempts to create a second execution group within the same broker and the
operation fails. To correct the issue, the solution developer must:
A. upgrade the broker because it is running in Trial Edition mode.
B. upgrade the broker because it is running in Standard Edition mode.
C. run the default configuration wizard before creating the second execution group.
D. stop the first execution group from processing messages before the second execution group can be
Answer: B

Q: 3
A bank uses an online system to handle currency transactions, sent via MQ messaging. To avoid multiple database lookups to obtain the latest currency exchange rates, the rates are loaded into
shared variables the first time the flow is executed. Periodic updates to the shared variables are made using a control message. As the volume of transactions increases, it is realized that a single
instance of the flow can no longer cope, and so the solution developer is asked to investigate ways to increase throughput. How can the solution developer increase the message throughput?
A. Define multiple instances of the flow on the BAR file.
B. Deploy the flow to multiple execution groups.
C. Deploy multiple instances of the flow in different schemas.
D. Deploy the flow to a second broker and use MQ Clustering to redistribute these messages.
Answer: A

Q: 4
A solution developer needs to determine why the latest update to a message flow does not work as designed. It is thought that the latest update has not been deployed to the broker. What command
can the solution developer use to determine which BAR file is deployed?
A. mqsilist
B. mqsireadbar
C. mqsireportbroker
D. mqsireportproperties
Answer: A

Q: 5
Due to a configuration change, the solution developer must restart one of the message flows. How can the solution developer do this?
A. Issue command mqsireload
B. Issue command mqsistartmsgflow
C. Use the Reload menu item from the Toolkit.
D. Use the Reload menu item from the Message Broker Explorer.
Answer: A

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