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IBM 000-240 Exam -

Free 000-240 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A modeler is working on a rule to determine if the customer's location is one of the 10 possible locations where a discounted offer can be given. What type of property SHOULD be used for storing all 10 of the locations in one property?
A. List property
B. String property
C. Location property
D. String Array property
Answer: A

Q: 2
A modeler has to create a rule with many fragments. In which order should the fragments be set up for better performance?
A. The nested fragments should come first.
B. The least probable fragment should come first.
C. The sequence of the fragments do not make any difference.
D. The fragments that use custom function handlers should come first.
Answer: B

Q: 3
A modeler creates a Model for a desktop with multiple layers of Option Classes. To keep the price of the desktop low, the modeler decided on a maximum price for each group of components and marked it at the appropriate Option Class level with the property "maxPrice". The rules for validating that the price does not go beyond the max set for that component or subcomponent is defined at Model and attached at the Option Items. What function can be used in the rule to determine the "maxPrice" for each component?
A. max()
B. value()
C. parent()
D. propval()
Answer: C

Q: 4
A furniture company has a Model for a house with an option to select different types of furniture commonly found in a house (e.g. tables, chairs etc). Each of those furniture types are modeled as Option Classes and the available options are defined as Option Items. The prices are defined as a property on Option Items. Multiple selections can be made in each of the furniture types and quantities can be entered for them. Which function(s) will be needed in a rule attached at the Option Class level to determine the average price of each of the furniture type selected?
A. sum()
B. childSum()
C. sum(), count()
D. childSum(), count()
Answer: B

Q: 5
When naming properties, a modeler avoids using names that start with an "_" (underscore). The modeler is correct to do this, because names that start with an "_" (underscore) are which type of properties?
A. UI Properties
B. UEV Properties
C. System Properties
D. Rule Trace Properties
Answer: C

Q: 6
A major bike manufacturer sells customizable bikes online, and includes assembly and shipping. For a bike to be completed, the user must select a frame, tires and gear systems. There are several choices available for the user in each category, but there are some compatibility issues between certain types of frames and the third-party gear systems that the manufacturer uses. For example, there are three sizes the bike frames: 19" 20" and 22". There are three models of gear systems that the manufacturer offers: 6-speed, 18-speed and 24-speed. While 6-speed and 18-speed fits all the frame sizes, 24-speed is a premium exclusive model and fits only the 22". The requirement calls for compatibility to be pointed out to the user. What is the correct way to model this product?
A. Use a rule to automatically fix compatibility issues.
B. Use a Constraint Table to manage the allowable configurations.
C. Use a list to list down the different options available for each frame.
D. Define different properties for gear system 24-speed to distinguish it from 6-speed and 18-speed.
Answer: B

Q: 7
A Model has property values that change frequently, and these changes are communicated by an external vendor. The modeler needs to make these changes as required. What is the MOST efficient way of updating the Model with these frequent changes?
A. Make the changes in the database table.
B. Make the changes using the Visual Modeler.
C. Export the current Model and make changes in the Model XML. Import the changed Model.
D. Create a common Worksheet and maintain it externally in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. Upload it with the new property values.
Answer: D

Q: 8
To represent an entertainment collection, a modeler creates a Model Group with Models for books, songs, movies. etc. Option Classes in each Model represent different genres and the Option Items are the individual works of art (specific songs, movies, books, etc.). Given that the term "'artists" is applicable to songs and movies but not to books, where should a property denoting "artists" be
defined and attached?
A. Property is defined at the Model Group and attached at the Models.
B. Property is defined at the Models and attached at the Option Class.
C. Property is defined at the Model Group and attached at the Option Items.
D. Property is defined at the Option Class and attached at the Option Items.
Answer: C

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