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IBM 000-239 Exam -

Free 000-239 Sample Questions:

1.A small company is considering an eServer p5 solution but has not determined whether the strategic direction is UNIX or Linux. How should the Sales Specialist articulate the eServer p5 value proposition in this situation?
A: AIX and Linux distributions are able to support eServer p5 advanced functions.
B: eServer p5 servers support AIX and Linux in the same LPAR.
C: eServer p5 servers support AIX and any distribution of Linux.
D: eServer p5 servers provide emulation mode for Linux applications.
Answer: A

2.What is the minimum number of 8-port adapters needed in the HMC to manage three partitioned p5 systems?
A: 0
B: 1
C: 2
D: 3
Answer: A

3.Which response is most appropriate when competing against SUN when the customer has been told that more applications exist on Solaris than AIX?
A: Help the customer to understand IBM's investment into LINUX.
B: Recommend they send their IT administrators to the AIX for UNIX Professionals class.
C: AIX has a Solaris Toolbox included that allows customers to run Solaris commands in AIX.
D: Stress the point to the customer that all the major applications are supported on AIX 5L.
Answer: D

4.An insurance company anticipates short-term increases in their claims due to natural disasters. What eServer p5 feature would best fit this customer's need?
A: Permanent Capacity on Demand
B: Capacity BackUp
C: Debited On/Off Capacity on Demand
D: Trial Capacity on Demand
Answer: C

5.A 4-way p630 running a database application is reaching transaction capacity. Which of the following servers should be considered first as a replacement?
A: 2-way p5-520 SMP Server
B: 2-way p5-550 SMP Server
C: 4-way p690 LPAR
D: 8-way p650 SMP Server
Answer: B

6.A textile company is looking for a low cost system to implement two small LPARs with applications supported by AIX 5L v5.3. Which of the following is the most cost effective system to quote to the customer?
A: 2-way p5-550
B: 2-way p5-520
C: 1-way p615
D: 2-way p615
Answer: B

7.A fast food chain is creating an extranet for their franchisees to access financial and order information. They have a need for a p5-550 with 20 partitions and Virtual LAN. Which customer requirement would drive the need for Virtual LAN?
A: The customer needs to provide access to the extranet from each LPAR.
B: The customer needs to move resources between partitions.
C: The customer needs to have spare CPUs in case of increased processing requirements.
D: The customer needs to put multiple partitions on a single processor.
Answer: A

8.The Simultaneous Multi-threading Technology (SMT) used in the POWER5 processor provides which of the following benefits?
A: SMT allows the application to take advantage of processor pooling.
B: SMT allows the virtualization layer to achieve higher levels of granularity.
C: SMT allows many applications to achieve higher performance and utilization.
D: SMT allows for simultaneous access to I/O.
Answer: C

9.A large golf equipment manufacturer is migrating from a number of Intel servers to a p5-570. Given the combined throughput of the consolidated servers and the expected workload variability, it has been agreed that a total of 12 active processors and four reserve processors will be required in the proposed p5-570. What is the maximum number of I/O drawers that can be configured as part of the proposed system?
A: 12
B: 16
C: 20
D: 24
Answer: C

10.What is the maximum number of LPARs a system administrator can create in a single processor under POWER5 and AIX 5L V5.3?
A: 1
B: 5
C: 10
D: Unlimited
Answer: C

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