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IBM 000-235 Exam -

Free 000-235 Sample Questions:

1.An AIX system administrator has setup disk quotas. Where can the reports be found on the system? A./var/adm/acct/sum
Answer: A

2.Which of the following is the proper sequence of steps when applying AIX software patches? I.Determine adequate space in the filesystem II.Insert the media and smitty update­all III.Apply the patch IV.Commit the patch V.Uninstall if patches malfunction VI.Test the AIX software patch
Answer: A

3.All of the following classes of errors are logged in the error report EXCEPT:
Answer: D

4.Which of the following is TRUE about error processing?
A.The error daemon runs in the foreground and reads the /etc/errpt file.
B.The error daemon is invoked by the user when required and it reads the /usr/lib/errpt.
C.The error daemon is invoked whenever the error occurs and it reads the /usr/lib/errpt.
D.The error daemon /usr/lib/errdemon runs in the background on most machines and reads the /dev/error special file.
Answer: D

5.Which of the following commands can be used to gain root privileges and profile without initially logging in as root? root ­ root ­c "root"
Answer: C

6.Where is the su log located?
Answer: B

7.A system must be upgraded from AIX 5.1 to 5.2. Which of the following scheduling processes should be performed?
A.Schedule enough down time to backup, upgrade and reboot.
B.Backup, upgrade, then schedule enough down time to reboot the system.
C.Backup, then schedule enough down time to upgrade and reboot the system.
D.No scheduling processes are necessary because no down time is required.
Answer: A

8.Which of the following procedures best explains how to enable the NIS name resolution to take precedence over DNS on a system­wide basis?
A.Add the following line to /etc/netsvc.conf: hosts = nis,bind,local
B.edit /etc/netsvc.conf to add the following: process /full/path/of/process \{ hosts = local,nis,dns}
C.In an NIS and DNS environment, NIS takes precedence over DNS in this environment resulting in no change
D.Change the NSORDER environment variable
Answer: A

9.A system administrator thinks that a filesystem may be full and that is what caused the machine
to crash. Which command will show the administrator if they are correct?
Answer: B

10.A system administrator needs to replace a mirrored disk. After performing the proper removal process and replacing the disk, which of the following set of commands should be performed to bring the disk back into production?
A.reboot, mklvcopy, syncvg
B.cfgmgr ­vl ssar, chvg ­va, syncvg
C.cfgmgr, extendvg, syncvg
D.extendvg, mklvcopy, syncvg
Answer: C

11.What is the default configuration file used by the syslogd daemon?
Answer: D

12.A process on the system must occur where NIS resolution takes precedence over DNS, and names must be resolved by /etc/hosts first. Which of the following procedures should be performed to complete these processes without affecting the rest of the system's name resolution?
A.Set the NSORDER environmental variable in the environment which invokes the process to: NSORDER="local,nis,bind"
B.Set the NSORDER environmental variable in the environment which invoked the process to: NSORDER="auth,nis,bind"
C.edit /etc/netsvc.conf to add the following: process /full/path/of/process \{ hosts = local,nis,dns\
D.The user cannot change the order of the name resolution
Answer: A

13.When a user tries to log into the system, the following error occurs: "3004­004. You must "exec" login from the lowest login Shell". Which of the following procedures should be performed next to determine the cause of the problem?
A.Reboot the system.
B.Increase the number of ptys.
C.Increase number of licenses.
D.Run df ­k to check for full filesystems.
Answer: D

14.A file named "core" exists in the current directory. Which of the following commands should be used to determine what created the "core" file?
A.what core
B.strings core
C.kdb core core | grep program
Answer: B

15.The system hang detection feature, shdaemon, has been added to /etc/inittab. When the system administrator attempts to enable the daemon with the shconf command using the default configuration, the following error message occurs: # shconf ­l prio ­a sh_pp=enable shconf:Unable to configure the emergency login. shconf: Configuration method error. Which of the following sequence of commands should be issued to correct the situation so that a recovery login is launched on the console in the event shdaemon detects a hang condition?
A.# shconf ­l prio ­a sh_pp=disable # shconf ­l prio ­a pp_login=enable # shconf ­l prio ­a sh_pp=enable
B.# shconf ­l prio ­a pp_login=disable # shconf ­l prio ­a sh_pp=enable # shconf ­l prio ­a pp_login=enable
C.# shconf ­l prio ­a pp_login=disable # shconf ­l prio ­a pp_login=enable # shconf ­l prio ­a sh_pp=enable
D.# shconf ­l prio ­a sh_pp=disable # shconf ­l prio ­a pp_cmd=enable # shconf ­l prio ­a sh_pp=enable
Answer: B

16.A customer indicates that a system is experiencing printing problems. After checking the system, and successfully printing, no problem has been found. Which of the following procedures should be performed next to further clarify the problem?
A.Reboot the system.
B.Check the file system sizes.
C.Have the customer repeat the task to recreate the problem.
D.Inform the customer that no problems were found, and to call back if the problem reoccurs.
Answer: C

17.Which of the following problems has occurred when a message appears on the system console indicating that a dump must be copied to external media?
A.The external dump device is full.
B.The dump device was not mirrored before the dump happened.
C.The boot failed while copying the dump from paging space to a file.
D.The dump device was not set to a paging device before the dump happened.
Answer: C

18.When the kernel panics and cannot recover, a system dump is initiated. Which statement is
FALSE for AIX V5 permanent dump devices?
A.A mirrored paging space may be used as a dump device.
B.AIX 4.2.1 or later supports using any paging device in any volume group as the secondary dump device.
C.Do not use a diskette as a dump device.
D.If a paging device needs to be used, only use hd6, the primary paging device.
Answer: B

19.Which of the following commands should be used to determine if a remote print queue is down?
Answer: B

20.Which of the following is TRUE about the ping ­f command?
A.It is useful for diagnosing data dependent problems by filling the packet with the byte pattern following the "f" in the command line.
B.It is useful for flooding from slow character based terminals since it only displays a dot "." for each packet sent in fast mode.
C.It is useful for flooding from slow character based terminals since it only displays a dot "." for each packet sent and a backspace on returned in fast mode.
D.The command can only be run by root.
Answer: D

21.Which of the following commands should be used to assure that a dump can be forced using the reset button on a system without a key switch?
A.sysdumpdev ­k
B.sysdumpdev ­L
C.sysdumpdev ­K
D.sysdumpdev ­P
Answer: C

22.Which of the following indicates the importance of obtaining a good description of a problem from the user's perspective?
A.The user must feel a good sense of involvement.
B.It will be easier to demonstrate that the problem has been solved.
C.A description of the problem will be necessary for the service report.
D.It is not important because the user seldom knows how to describe the problem.
Answer: B

23.Which of the following commands should be used to display a system routing table?
Answer: B

24.Which of the following reasons indicate why it is critical to have an accurate understanding of the user's perception of a problem?
A.To present good customer relationship skills
B.To determine if there could be a user error
C.To formulate a good idea as to what is creating the symptom,and how to recreate the problem.
D.Most users will not understand the exact problem so their input is not important
Answer: C

25.Which of the following actions will occur when the reset button is pressed on a machine with flashing 888's on the LED panel?
A.The system will reboot.
B.A checkstop will initiate.
C.A dump will be taken if the key is in secure mode.
D.Additional LEDs may display which help to debug the problem.
Answer: D

26.Which command is used to switch from AIX to the System V printing subsystem on AIX 5L Version 5.1?
A.switch.prt ­s AIX
B.switch.prt ­s SystemV
C.switch.prt ­d AIX
D.switch.prt ­d SystemV
Answer: B

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