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IBM 000-233 Exam -

Free 000-233 Sample Questions:

1. A system administrator has just applied an update to an AIX system to correct a problem. The APAR number is IX49035 and was shipped as part of the PTF number U437542. After applying the APAR fix, the administrator wants to ensure that the fix is applied before informing the system users of the corrected problem. Which of the following commands should the system administrator run to verify that the APAR fix has been applied to the system?
A. lslpp -f IX49035
B. lslpp -fB U437542
C. instfix -f IX49035
D. instfix -ik IX49035
Answer: D

2. All of the following statements accurately describe processes for administering file systems EXCEPT:
A. A logical volume must exist prior to running the crfs command to create a file system
B. A file system must be unmounted before it can be removed
C. Defining a file system imposes a structure on a logical volume
D. Removing a file system using rmfs automatically removes the underlying logical volume
Answer: A

3. During a system administrator's attempt to boot a server in normal mode, the boot process displays LED 299 and LED 201 and then stops. The LED 201 indicates that a ROS init or checkstop was detected. Which of the following options is the most probable cause?
A. A corrupted JFS log device
B. A corrupted boot logical volume
C. An incorrect rc.boot entry in /etc/inittab file
D. A problem initializing paging space
Answer: B

4. An AIX system has a rootvg plus a separate volume group for database application. Which of the following commands are used to backup the entire system?
A. smitty mksysb (select additional volume group)
B. mkszfile && mksysb /dev/rmt0
C. smitty mksysb AND smitty savevg
D. smitty savevg (select additional volume group)
Answer: C

5. During an AIX installation, which of the following actions will occur once the Complete Overwrite option is selected?
A. All new disks in the system will be formatted
B. Only the contents of the root volume group destination disks will be destroyed
C. All file systems, including /(root), /tmp, /usr, and /var, but no user data in the root volume group, will be destroyed
D. The contents of all disks on the system, even if they are not shown as the destination root volume group disks, will be destroyed
Answer: B

6. During an AIX installation, which of the following methods preserves the system's AIX root volume group, including file systems (except /tmp), logical volumes, and select system configuration files?
A. NIM Installation
B. Migration installation
C. Preservation installation
D. Installation from the mksysb tape
Answer: B

7. A customer has just received three enterprise systems that support a total of 48 LPARs. Which installation method would expedite the process?
A. Network installation manager
B. Boot from installation media
C. A migration install
D. Copy the system using the HMC
Answer: A

8. A company has a remote data center with servers connected to a local datacenter through a high-speed network.
Which of the following methods is the most convenient to use to install and upgrade the servers in the remote
center using locally managed install images?
D. ftp, rsh and rexec
Answer: A

9. A system administrator is in the process of performing a preservation installation. However, the machine keeps booting up in diagnostic mode. Which of the following is the most probable cause?
A. The battery on the machine is bad.
B. The root volume group is corrupted.
C. The low-level debugger is not enabled.
D. There is a problem with the CD-ROM.
Answer: D

10. A server is being set up at a client location. The system has been powered up for a clean install of the base OS. The CD is in the drive. After 5 minutes, the system is hung. There is no activity with the CD-ROM drive and nothing to select on the screen. Which of the following procedures should be performed next?
A. Boot off diskette and change boot device to CD
B. Change the bootlist for normal mode and reboot
C. Reboot and press 5/F5 after keyboard is displayed on the screen
D. Press enter to open SP menus once OK is showing in the LEDs
Answer: C

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