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IBM 000-229 Exam -

Free 000-229 Sample Questions:

1. A manufacturing company has been acquiring used servers from multiple manufacturers to match platform application requirements added to their infrastructure. Which of the following will help this company consolidate their servers to a new System p5 solution?
A. Use the Virtualization Engine provisioning option to port the applications on AIX 5L or Linux on POWER.
B. Interrogate the application environment with LPAR Validation Tool (LVT) and put the dissimilar operating systems in separate LPARs.
C. Port all applications to Linux, and then use the AIX Toolbox for Linux to migrate each application to Linux on POWER.
D. Investigate the application environment to identify applications, operating system support, and hardware requirements.
Answer: D

2. A customer in the travel industry has seen tremendous growth in their application which currently resides on a p5-550 server. They think they are nearing capacity. They are considering a replacement and are concerned with scalability. Which of the following models should the sales rep recommend?
A.16 core System p5 570
B.8 core System p5 550Q
C.8 core System p5 570 with 8 processors on demand
D.4 core System p5 570 with 12 processors on demand
Answer: D

3. A potential customer plans to use a System p5 server or servers for compute-intensive genetic research. Which of the following should be considered? A. One or more System p5 575 servers
B. A cluster of System p5 550 servers
C. A network of IntelliStation POWER 185 units
D. A large network of System p5 185 servers
Answer: A

4. Which of the following describes the meaning of Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)?
A. The customer is responsible for replacing selected components.
B. The customer is responsible for returning the server to IBM for replacement.
C. The customer is responsible for scheduling the service representative for repair.
D. The customer is responsible for taking the server into an IBM approved repair center.
Answer: A

5. A customer wants a UNIX solution and is considering HP and IBM. They have a number of applications and are considering virtualization. What should the System p specialist highlight to put IBM's virtualization strategy in a favorable position?
A. HP supports only hardware partitions with Itanium.
B. IBM can support more partitions per processor than HP.
C. HP virtualization strategy only supports HP-UX on PA-RISC.
D. HP-UX must reboot if you change memory size in a partition.
Answer: D

6. Which of the following is an advantage of the HMC over the IVM?
A. The HMC uses the Hypervisor.
B. The HMC can manage multiple systems.
C. The HMC requires less system administration.
D. The HMC has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
Answer: B

7. A System p sales representative has a meeting with the CIO of a telecommunications company. They have purchased several older RS/6000s in the past. This customer has an ample budget for purchases and is anxious to order additional servers. Which of the following is key for the IBM System p sales representative to identify?
A. Adequate funding
B. The business problem
C. System p installations
D. The key decision-maker
Answer: B

8. A prospective customer sent a request for proposal for consolidating more than one dozen Windows NT servers. Which of the following is the first response the sales rep should make?
A. Prepare an IBM BladeCenter JS21 proposal.
B. Request a budget figure from the prospect.
C. Request a meeting with the decision-making group.
D. Deliver an IBM server consolidation excellence presentation.
Answer: C

9. A prospective customer with an existing complex environment is requesting a proposal for a Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) data management solution. What should be the first step taken to validate the customer's project?
A. Perform a TSM benchmark.
B. Verify funding.
C. Describe the TSM pricing model.
D. Survey customer's current environment.
Answer: B

10. A manufacturing customer has requested a quote on a specific System p server. The president of the company mentioned that a friend has the exact configuration running successfully in an automobile parts business. Which of the following should the sales rep do next?
A. Request to meet with all user departments.
B. Discuss the growth requirements with the prospect.
C. Discuss the application with the manufacturing prospect.
D. Contact the auto parts owner to discuss the configuration.
Answer: C

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