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IBM 000-223 Exam -

Free 000-223 Sample Questions:

1. There is a database running in an AIX partition on a p570 server. The database administer wants a script run to cleanly shut down the database before the operating system is shut down. As system administrator, which of the following would meet the database administrators requirement?
A. Create an /etc/rc.shutdown file containing instructions to shut down the database
B. Create a DLPAR script on the HMC that issues an operating system command to run the database shut down script whenever a shutdown LPAR command is run on the HMC
C. Use the chitab command to change the Action field of the appropriate /etc/inittab entry from Respawn to Once
D. Create a script to shut down the database in the /etc/rc.d/rc2.d directory
Answer: A

2. While attempting to mount the /fstest filesystem the system administrator gets the following error:mount:
0506-324 Cannot mount /dev/fstestlv on /fstest: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.What is the most likely cause of the error?
A. The /fstest directory has been removed.
B. The /fstest filesystem is out of space.
C. A user is logged into the /fstest filesystem.
D. The volume group containing the file system is not imported.
Answer: A

3. After upgrading to AIX 5300-06 "oslevel -r" still reports the old technology level 5300-04. Which command will show which filesets still need to be upgraded so the oslevel command will report 5300-06?
A. lppchk -v 5300-06
B. oslevel -rl 5300-06
C. installp -l 5300-06
D. instfix -q -l 5300-06
Answer: B

4. A System p administrator completed installation of an AIX technology level on their server. Which of the following commands would verify that the operating system is in a consistent state?
A. instfix -i
B. lslpp -l
C. lppchk -v
D. oslevel -r
Answer: C

5. Which of the following precautions must be followed to ensure that the power to a system with dual power supplies will not be interrupted?
A. Use 3-phase power, because it is more reliable.
B. Have an adequately sized power distribution unit to handle the load so the breaker will not trip.
C. Provide power thru a UPS on one of the power cords, to eliminate the UPS as a single point of failure.
D. Have the power cords plugged in to separately fused power sources to eliminate a tripped breaker as a single point of failure.
Answer: D

6. Which of the following is an advantage of DLPAR?
A. Since at least 1 Gig of memory is required most applications will run better.
B. Real mode address memory requirements have been increased for contiguous blocks of physical memory for large-memory partitions therefore improving performance for large applications.
C. After reallocating resources DLPAR partitions reboot faster making the changes to those partitions readily available.
D. DLPAR provides the ability to add/remove processing capacity to an LPAR without disrupting applications.
Answer: D

7. A System p administrator is doing an AIX 5.3 New and Complete Overwrite installation on a system with a 64-bit processor using the default settings. Which of the following options will be the resulting installed environment?
A. Only the 32-bit kernel will be installed and enabled
B. Only the 64-bit kernel will be installed and enabled
C. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit kernel will be installed and the 32-bit kernel will be enabled
D. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit kernel will be installed and the 64-bit kernel will be enabled
Answer: C

8. In order to upgrade from AIX Version 5.2 to AIX Version 5.3, which of the following actions should be performed?
A.Run smit update_all
B.Run smit installp
C.Boot from the installation media
D.Run update_all from the mounted CD
Answer: C

9. A System p administrator plans to install a new system with AIX 5.3 TL5 using a NIM server. Which of the following is required?
A. NIM server must be at same AIX version and TL or higher
B. NIM server must at the same AIX version
C. NIM server must be at least at AIX 5.2 and ML9
D. New server must have existing AIX installation
Answer: A

10. A System p administrator plans to update a production system to a new TL with lowest risk. At which state should the new filesets be installed?
Answer: D

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