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IBM 000-222 Exam -

Free 000-222 Sample Questions:

1. A system administrator needs to quickly migrate a machine from AIX 5.2 to AIX 5.3. The administrator will only be allowed enough downtime to reboot the machine. Which installation method would accomplish this task?
A. Perform a migration installation during the reboot process.
B. Perform an alternate disk installation and migration using NIM.
C. Copy the /usr directory from another 5.2 server to this server.
D. Perform an update_all install from 5.2 media to take effect on reboot.
Answer: B

2. A system administrator has filesystems that should not be mounted during system startup. How can the system administrator prevent the /data filesystem from being mounted during subsequent boots?
A. mount -no /data
B. chfs -A no /data
C. mount -n /data
D. chfs -a type=nfs /data
Answer: B

3. An administrator is logged into a remote server using an Xwindows client and wants to use smit. The bandwidth for the remote connection is minimal, so the administrator would like to disable the graphical version of smit to speed up display updates. Which of the following commands will start smit in the non-graphical mode?
A. smit
B. msmit
C. smit -C
D. smit_tty
Answer: C

4. Because of performance problems, space needs to be added to a paging space named paging01 on hdisk1. The physical partition size of hdisk1 is 4MB. Which command will increase the size of paging01 by 100MB?
A. swapon -a paging01 25
B. mkps -a 25 paging01
C. extendlv -a paging01 25
D. chps -s 25 paging01
Answer: D

5. System administrator has been asked to migrate the dev_vg volume group from server A to server B. The dev_vg volume group contains a single filesystem named "/development". To prepare for migration, which of the following is the correct sequence of commands for removing the volume group from server A?
A. exportvg dev_vg; umount /development; varyoffvg dev_vg
B. varyoffvg dev_vg; umount /development; exportvg dev_vg
C. umount /development; exportvg dev_vg; varyoffvg dev_vg
D. umount /development; varyoffvg dev_vg; exportvg dev_vg
Answer: D

6. Which of the following attributes of a logical volume can NOT be changed after it is created?
A. The placement of the logical volume
B. The stripe size of the logical volume
C. The upper bound of the logical volume
D. The intra-policy of the logical volume
Answer: B

7. A system administrator was asked to log information on possible security breaches on a server. To which file should additional entries be added to capture this information?
A. /var/adm/sulog
B. /etc/syslog.conf
C. /etc/security/sysck.cfg
D. /etc/security/login.cfg
Answer: B

8. Which of the following commands can be used to get the system ready to physically insert a PCI hot plug adapter?
A. mkdev
B. cfmgr
C. drslot
D. lsslot
Answer: C

9. Company uses raw logical volumes. Which of the following commands can be used to back up the data in the raw logical volumes to a tape?
A. dd
B. tar
C. cpio
D. pax
Answer: A

10. A system administrator has a server that is performing poorly. The vmstat command identifies that high CPU usage is the problem. Which of the following commands can be used to identify the eight most active processes running on the server?
A. ps -ef -t8
B. sar -u -p 8
C. vmstat -t 8
D. topas -p8 -n0 -d0
Answer: D

11. Sometimes performance is more important than availability (e.g., in cases where the data can be easily re-created). Which of the following is the appropriate disk configuration for an application that requires faster writes over availability?
C. RAID-0 + 1
Answer: D

12. System administrator is considering enabling the 64-bit kernel but first must determine if the system hardware will support 64-bit. How would the system administrator accomplish this in AIX 5L?
A. prtconf -c
B. lscfg -v sys0
C. Check the /unix link
D. Check for JFS2 filesystems
Answer: A

13. How should a system administrator turn on Dynamic Processor Deallocation?
A. Use the diag menu to set dynamic deallocation to 'on'.
B. Use the chdev command to enable the 'cpuguard' attribute of sys0.
C. Use the cfgmgr command to change the 'monitor' attribute of proc0.
D. Use the smitty command with the fast path dynamic_processor_deallocation to turn it on.
Answer: B

14. A system has a critical need for network services on a small network with a limited number of hosts. System overhead is not a concern. Which of the following options would the system administrator perform to help ensure connectivity in the event of a gateway failure?
A. Use the ifconfig command to enable dead gate detection.
B. Use the chdev command to set active dead gateway detection.
C. Use the route command to set active dead gateway detection.
D. Add the line active_dgd=1 to the /etc/gated.conf command and refresh the gated daemon.
Answer: C

15. A system has five 80GB disk drives and has a requirement to store 300GB of data. Which disk configuration will provide fault tolerance while still meeting data storage requirements?
A. Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD)
Answer: B

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