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IBM 000-216 Exam -

Free 000-216 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An administrator needs to locate information regarding code deployment. IBM provides a step-by-step tutorial approach to code deployment that would be helpful in this scenario.
Where would an administrator locate such information?

A. WebSphere Commerce V6.0 Code Deployment guide
B. WebSphere Commerce V6.0 Information Center
C. WebSphere Commerce V6.0 Additional Software guide
D. WebSphere Commerce V6.0 support Web site

Answer: B

Q: 2
A developer provides a new WebSphereCommerceServerExtensionsLogic.jar file containing changes to an existing customized controller command. These updates are to be tested on an existing WebSphere Commerce instance which is running in a Network Deployment cluster environment. Which method will deploy the updated code into the test environment?

A. Use the WebSphere Administration Console to update the WebSphere Commerce Enterprise
Application specifying the single file option.
B. Use the WebSphere Administration Console to update the WebSphere Commerce Enterprise
Application specifying the single module option.
C. Replace the WebSphereCommerceServerExtensionsLogic.jar file which is under the installedApps directory of the Deployment Manager profile.
D. Replace the WebSphereCommerceServerExtensionsLogic.jar file which is in the wc.ear subdirectory of the WebSphere Commerce installation.

Answer: A

Q: 3
Two task groups have been created in a single workspace. In task group 1 (TG1), several products and SKUs are added to the master catalog. In task group 2 (TG2), merchandising
associations are defined using one of the new products. When TG2 is completed and approved, a commit failure occurs. Which action needs to be taken?

A. Change the workspace locking policy.
B. Increase the size of the database transaction log.
C. Re-publish the task group.
D. Wait for TG1 to be approved.

Answer: D

Q: 4
A WebSphere Commerce administrator would use the Migration wizard to:

A. verify the migrated WebSphere Commerce instance is working properly.
B. convert any customized code to be V6.0 compatible.
C. upgrade to V6.0 supported software stack.
D. convert the existing database to the V6.0 schema.
E. apply enhancement pack to migrated WebSphere Commerce instance.

Answer: D

Q: 5
Performance tests are being run in a WebSphere Commerce cluster with two cluster members. Monitoring has determined that the optimal Web container thread pool size is a maximum of 50 connections per Java Virtual Machine. What would be the suggested total maximum size for the JDBC connection pool of the WebSphere Commerce datasource?

A. 25
B. 50
C. 75
D. 100
E. 125

Answer: E

Q: 6
Which component is responsible for determining which payment actions to execute?

A. Payment plug-in
B. Payment processing system
C. Payment rules engine
D. Payment service provider

Answer: C

Q: 7
When configuring an outbound e-mail notification message, a site administrator sets "Send partial" to true. What will be the effect of this setting?

A. The e-mail will be sent in batches to reduce load on the server.
B. The e-mail will be sent in multiple parts if it exceeds the size limits defined on the SMTP server.
C. The e-mail will be sent to valid addresses in the Recipient field.
D. The e-mail will NOT be sent until all errors detected by the SMTP server are resolved.

Answer: C

Q: 8
What is the primary purpose of the properties file created when the "Create properties file only" checkbox is selected in the Commerce Instance Creation Wizard?

A. Backup of the configuration parameters in case of instance creation failure
B. Create locale-specific files for each language to be supported by the instance
C. Input to Ant target for command-line instance creation
D. Verify instance configuration parameters

Answer: C

Q: 9
Which two tools are designed for customer care representatives to create and update orders on behalf of customers?

A. IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce
B. IBM Gift Center for WebSphere Commerce
C. WebSphere Commerce Accelerator
D. WebSphere Product Center
E. WebSphere Commerce Administrative Console

Answer: A, C

Q: 10
Which mechanism is used to authenticate a browser client connecting to a secured WebSphere
Commerce URL?

A. Cross site scripting protection
B. Web server SSL certificates
C. X.509 certificates
D. LDAP user registry

Answer: C

Q: 11
Stores can be published either from the command line or by using a graphical wizard. Which graphical tool is used for publishing stores in WebSphere Commerce V6.0?

A. WebSphere Commerce Accelerator
B. Configuration Manager
C. WebSphere Commerce Site Administration Console
D. WebSphere Commerce Store Administration Console
E. WebSphere Commerce Store Services

Answer: C

Q: 12
A site administrator needs to specify that refunds are not allowed for payments made using a line of credit. What needs to be done to meet this requirement?

A. Delete the refund method configurations file.
B. Edit the payment method configuration file directly.
C. Re-write the payment plug-in.
D. Use the WebSphere Commerce Configuration Manger to modify the payment settings.

Answer: B

Q: 13
The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator allows an administrator to perform which two catalog management tasks?

A. Create and modify the sales catalog
B. Purge obsolete products directly out of the database
C. Synchronize the catalog with the staging server
D. Associate merchandise for cross-sell purposes
E. Extract catalog content into XML file

Answer: A, D

Q: 14
After creating a WebSphere Commerce instance, it fails to start. Which log file needs to be checked to ensure that the problem is NOT caused by a port conflict?

A. WCSConfig.log
B. SystemOut.log
C. sec_check.log
D. messages.txt
E. netStat.log

Answer: B

Q: 15
When you launch a store from the WebSphere Commerce Administration Console, which type of user are you browsing as?

A. Administrator
B. Generic shopper
C. Guest shopper
D. Registered shopper

Answer: A

Q: 16
A site administrator has installed WebSphere Commerce using IBM HTTP Server as the Web server and DB2 as the database server. Which two services must be started in order to create an instance of WebSphere Commerce?

A. IBM DB2 Universal Database
B. IBM HTTP Server 6.0
C. IBM HTTP Server for WebSphere Commerce
D. IBM WC 6.0 Configuration Manager
E. IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.0

Answer: A, D

Q: 17
Why would a site administrator schedule the CleanJob command?

A. Remove jobs marked for deletion from the database
B. Remove job status records from the database
C. Update the status of jobs in the database
D. Verify that scheduled jobs need to run

Answer: B

Q: 18
In ConsumerDirect with an uncustomized MemberRegistrationAttributes.xml file, which organization are registered customers placed in if no organization is specified upon creation?

A. Buyer Organization
B. B2C Organization
C. Default Organization
D. Root Organization

Answer: C

Q: 19
A site administrator can use the stagingprop utility for which two tasks?

A. Copy database schema changes to the production server
B. Copy data from production-ready data to the production server
C. Copy data from staglog table to the production server
D. Check for conflicts between the production-ready data and the production server
E. Copy managed files to the production server

Answer: B, E

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