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IBM 000-215 Exam -

Free 000-215 Sample Questions:

1.When creating a Product Promotion using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, which of the following discount types can be selected?
A.Coupon off next purchase
B.Discounted shipping
C.Extra Bonus Points
D.Fixed amount off per item
E.Free gift with purchase
Answer: D, E

2.Which of the following statements about a Master Catalog is FALSE?
A.The Master Catalog must be a proper tree.
B.The product management tools work with a Master Catalog.
C.A product cannot belong to more than one category.
D.A store may have more than one Master Catalog.
Answer: D

3.Which of the following menus are available when a user with the Seller role is using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator to manage a B2C store?
Answer: B, C

4.Which of the following values can be specified when creating a customer segment using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator?
A.Address line 1
C.Last name
D.Last visit date
E.Marital status
F.Previously purchased SKU
Answer: B, D, E

5.After a physical count, additional inventory is found in the warehouse which is not recorded in WebSphere Commerce. How should a receiver use WebSphere Commerce Accelerator to record the additional inventory with a reason code that will appear in inventory reports?
A.Use the Find Inventory page to search for the SKU and select Ad Hoc Receipt to record the inventory.
B.Use the Find Inventory page to search for the SKU and select Adjust Quantity to record the inventory.
C.Use the Expected Inventory page to create a new expected inventory record for the SKU. Then receive the inventory.
D.Use the Fulfillment Center page to select the fulfillment center. Select Manage Inventory and search for the SKU. Record the additional inventory.
E.Use the Product Management page to search for and select the product. Then select the Manage Inventory action to record the inventory.
Answer: B

6.Which of the following are buyer contract terms and conditions that can be defined using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator?
A.Customized price list
B.Display customization
C.Invoice format
D.Order approval
E.Predefined purchase orders
F.Return charge
Answer: A, D, F

7.A Channel Manager utilizing the Commerce Accelerator functions could perform which of the following tasks against a Channel hub?
A.View products, categories, bundles and kits for the catalog
B.List distributors for the reseller hub
C.Create or delete a distributor service agreement
D.Create or delete e­Marketing Spots
Answer: A

8.WebSphere Commerce Accelerator will be used to create a product. The product has 6 variations determined by attributes Size, which has three values and Color, which has two values. What is the PREFERRED method to create the product and its SKUs using the Product Management tool?
A.Create the product. Create each SKU. For each SKU create two descriptive attributes with the correct values.
B.Create the product. Create two defining attributes. Create each SKU and during creation assign the attributes to the SKU with the correct values.
C.Create the product. Create two defining attributes with the permitted values. Generate the SKUs.
D.Create the product. Create two descriptive attributes with the permitted values. Generate the SKUs.
Answer: C

9.Which of the following is the correct sequence of order states during normal order processing?
A.Completed, Deposited, Released, Shipped
B.Completed, Released, Shipped, Deposited
C.Deposited, Released, Shipped, Completed
D.Released, Shipped, Completed, Deposited
E.Released, Shipped, Deposited, Completed
Answer: B

10.Which WebSphere Commerce user role is responsible for confirming shipment of orders?
A.Account Representative
B.Customer Service Supervisor
C.Pick Packer
D.Product Manager E.Sales Manager
Answer: C

11.What is the correct sequence for defining taxes using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator?
A.Create tax codes. Create sales tax categories. Enter rates for each combination of tax code and category. Create jurisdictions. Assign the jurisdictions to the codes. Assign tax categories to the SKUs.
B.Create tax categories. Create sales tax codes. Enter rates for each combination of tax category and code. Create jurisdictions. Assign the jurisdictions to the categories. Assign tax codes to the SKUs.
C.Create jurisdictions. Create sales tax codes. Create shipping tax codes. Create tax categories. Define tax category display names. Define tax rates. Assign categories to codes.
D.Create jurisdictions. Create tax codes. Enter rates for each combination of tax code and jurisdiction. Create sales tax categories. Assign the categories to the codes. Assign tax categories to the SKUs.
Answer: C

12.Which of the following are TRUE about a store archive?
A.It is an XML file containing store data assets
B.It uses the same file format as a ZIP file
C.It contains file assets to create a store or site
D.It can easily be copied from one machine to another
E.It can contain WebSphere Commerce instance configuration information
Answer: B, C, D

13.Publishing was successful but the store won't launch. Which log should be checked for errors after tracing has been enabled?
Answer: A, C

14.Which of the following options is not available from the Store menu in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator?
B.Change Profile
C.Change Flow
D.Change Name
E.Change Tax
Answer: D

15.When configuring the messaging system, which of the following are parameters of the e­mail transport?
D.Web Address
Answer: B, E

16.A product manager has prepared catalog data using a spreadsheet and has exported the data to a file in CSV format. What is the correct sequence to execute the Loader Package tools to import the data into the WebSphere Commerce database?
A.Extractor, ID Resolver, XML Transformer, Mass Loader
B.ID Resolver, Text Transformer, Mass Loader
C.Text Transformer, XML Transformer, ID Resolver, Mass Loader
D.XML Transformer, ID Resolver, Mass Loader E.XML Transformer, Mass Loader, ID Resolver
Answer: C

17.A store was published based upon the consumer direct model. After it was published, the store flow was changed and the APPLY PERMANENTLY option was chosen. The store flow can no longer be changed through the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator because when the APPLY PERMANENTLY option was chosen:
A.The and tags were commented out of the JSP files.
B.The portion of the JSP files that is enclosed within the tags is removed and both the and tags are then removed.
C.The portion of the JSP files that is enclosed within the tags is commented out.
D.The JSP files are renamed.
E.The portion of the JSP files that is enclosed within the tags is commented out and both the and tags are commented out.
Answer: B

18.Which statement is false about sales catalogs?
A.Sales catalogs are used for customer display purposes.
B.With a sales catalog products can be placed in many locations.
C.If sales catalogs are used then it is not necessary to have a master catalog.
D.Sales catalogs can be used to target specific customer segments.
E.Sales catalogs can be used to control what products a customer can see.
Answer: C

19.What tool is used to register a customer service representative with the customer care feature?
A.WebSphere Commerce Accelerator
B.SameTime Administrator
C.WebSphere Commerce Configuration Manager
D.WebSphere Commerce Administration Console
E.WebSphere Commerce Organization Administration Console
Answer: E

20.What role should be assigned in the Commerce Payments Users page so that a WebSphere
Commerce user can perform basic payment processing, but not credits?
A.Merchant Administrator
B.Payment Administrator
C.Payment Processor
Answer: E

21.Which WebSphere Commerce catalog management tool creates an XML file and DTD file from CSV formatted data?
A.DTD Generator
C.Mass Loader
D.Text Transformer
E.XML Transformer
Answer: D

22.A store archive publish job can be started from:
A.WebSphere Commerce Accelerator
B.WebSphere Commerce Administration Console
C.WebSphere Commerce Store Services
D.WebSphere Commerce Configuration Manager
Answer: B

23.Which WebSphere Commerce features require the Scheduler component to be running?
B.Database replication
C.E­mail notifications
E.Marketing campaigns
Answer: A, C

24.Which of the following products and utilities can be used to update all encrypted data as well
as the merchant key in a WebSphere Commerce database for a given instance?
A.The Database Update Tool found in Configuration Manager
B.The LDAP Server
C.The WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console
D.The WebSphere Commerce SecurityUpdate Command
E.The WebSphere Commerce Administration Console
Answer: A

25.Which of the following resources are created in the WebSphere Application Server configuration when a WebSphere Commerce V5.6 instance is created?
B.Virtual Hosts
C.Server Group
D.The selected JDBC Driver
E.Remote Servlet Redirector
Answer: A, B, D

26.Where does the Password Manager keep the encrypted administrator passwords?
A.In the WebSphere Commerce instance configuration file
B.In the Password Manager database
C.In the WebSphere Commerce database
D.In the WebSphere Application Server repository
E.In the Password Manager XML file
Answer: E

27.After installing WebSphere Commerce V 5.6 using a quick installation, which of the following should be checked to verify the installation?
A.The installation log files
B.The Commerce tools can be launched and logged into properly
C.User 'wpadmin' has been created
D.The structure of the installation directory
E.The WebSphere Application Server database schema
Answer: A, B, D

28.After creating a WebSphere Commerce instance, an administrator attempts to log on to the WebSphere Commerce Administration Console. The browser reports a "500 Internal Server Error". What could cause this to occur?
A.The web server was not started
B.The Payments Engine was not started
C.The WebSphere Commerce Payments instance was not started
D.The WebSphere Commerce application server was not started
E.The Configuration Manager service was not started
Answer: D

29.After installing WebSphere Commerce, the WebSphere Application Server fails to start. Which log file will help determine if WebSphere Application Server was installed correctly?
Answer: A

30.In a two­tier configuration, it is recommended to put which of the following components on different nodes?
A.Database client and database server
B.WebSphere Application Server and Database Server
C.WebSphere Commerce Server and WebSphere Application Server
D.Web server and WebSphere Application Server
Answer: A, B

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