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IBM 000-209 Exam -

Free 000-209 Sample Questions:

1. A customer purchased an IBM SVC solution from a Business Partner.
In physical installation processes, which action can be the last step to complete?
A.provide power, LAN, and SAN connectivity
B.complete the customer training for SVC administrators
C.upgrade host, SAN, and disk server code to SVC supported levels
D.conduct a pre-install Solution Assurance Review (SAR) with Business Partner, IBM, and customer
Answer: B

2. What should be considered when designing an IBM SVC solution for a customer who needs disaster recovery?
A.number of HBAs and distance between sites
B.number of HBAs and copy services software
C.distance between sites and copy services software
D.distance between sites and 10Gb Ethernet connections
Answer: C

3. How many FlashCopy targets per source are supported in SVC 4.2.1?
Answer: C

4. What happens if an MDisk is deleted from an MDisk Group (MDG) using the rmmdisk orce command?_What happens if an MDisk is deleted from an MDisk Group (MDG) using the rmmdisk ?orce command?
A.Any extents on the MDisk are deleted along with the MDisk.
B.An error message is displayed that indicates an MDisk that contains extents cannot be deleted.
C.Any extents on the MDisk are migrated off the MDisk (to other MDisks in the MDG) prior to its deletion.
D.If there are any extents on the MDisk, the option is provided to migrate them to other MDisks before they are deleted.
Answer: C

5. If more than one error occurs during an operation, which SVC system error code is displayed on the front panel?
A.the latest detected error
B.the error with the lowest priority
C.the error with the highest priority
D.No error code is displayed. The "Check Log" is shown.
Answer: C

6. Which error notification settings are valid?
A.All, Critical Only, and None
B.All, Hardware Only, and None
C.Complete, Informational, and None
D.All, Hardware Only, and Software Only
Answer: B

7. Which statement is true about the latest software for the SVC?
A.You must order the software from IBM.
B.It can be found on the SVC Master Console.
C.Software is automatically downloaded to the SVC.
D.It can be found on the website
Answer: D

8. Which platform is NOT supported by IBM SVC?
B.HP-UX 10
C.VMware ESX
D.Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server
Answer: B

9. A customer has implemented an IBM SVC solution. Which migration option is available to the customer?
A.migrate an image mode VDisk to a smaller VDisk
B.migrate two VDisks to one VDisk with an appropriate extent size
C.migrate a VDisk to multiple VDisks with appropriate extent sizes
D.migrate a VDisk from disk subsystem A to subsystem B with appropriate extent sizes
Answer: D

10. What is a best practice when implementing IBM SVC?
A.The cluster should be in the same UPS power domain.
B.The switches should be cascaded to become one fabric.
C.The hosts and SVC nodes should be configured in one zone.
D.The storage device and SVC nodes should be configured in one zone.
Answer: D

11. Which module is needed for collecting SVC performance data with TotalStorage Productivity Center
A.TPC for Disk
B.TPC for Data
C.TPC for Fabric
D.TPC for Performance
Answer: A

12. What is the advantage of IBM SVC when compared to EMC Invista, HDS Universal Storage Platform-V and HP XP10000?
A.lower entry price
B.Metro Mirror functionality
C.capacity support up to 2PB
D.interoperability with Brocade SAN switches
Answer: A

13. When installing an IBM SVC, what is the best way to ensure data availability?
A.use VSANs to balance the I/O load
B.use switch zoning to balance the I/O load
C.use one storage subsystem per MDisk group
D.use the 4Gb data rate on the Fibre Channel for I/O
Answer: C

14. Which statement is true about VDisks in the IBM SVC?
A.A VDisk can be created on MDisks from multiple Managed Disk Groups (MDGs).
B.To move a VDisk from one I/O Group to another I/O Group is non-disruptive.
C.A VDisk can be migrated from Managed Disk Group (MDG) to MDG with the same extent size.
D.A VDisk can be migrated from Managed Disk Group (MDG) to MDG with different extent sizes.
Answer: C

15. What is the maximum number of IBM SVC nodes supported in a cluster?
Answer: B

16. Which two provide primary power redundancy for the IBM SVC? (Choose two.)
A.the redundant power supplies of the nodes
B.the customer's existing power infrastructure external UPS included with the SVC hardware
D.two external UPSs included with the SVC hardware
Answer: A, C

17. Which CLI command generates a list of only unfixed errors in the system, when performing maintenance on an SVC system?
A.svctask finderr
B.svctask settrace
C.svctask chcluster
D.svctask dumperrlog
Answer: A

18. A customer wants to put an IBM SVC in front of their EMC Symmetrix.
Which multi-path driver is required?
Answer: A

19. What is always the first step that should be taken before starting the software upgrade process on an SVC?
A.check for degraded VDisks
B.ask for a maintenance window
C.set the config node to offline
D.ensure that all hosts are online
Answer: A

20. Which multipathing software option is NOT supported when running Solaris 10 on Sparc servers attached to SVC?
Answer: C

21. What happens if the maximum number of single extent migrations for an MDisk is reached and additional extent migrations are attempted?
A.Further migrations are queued, pending the completion of one of the currently running migrations.
B.If there are migrations with a lower priority running, they are suspended to allow the higher priority migration to occur.
C.The process fails and an error message is displayed alerting the user that the maximum number of migrations have been reached.
D.The process fails and the user needs to check the log for the error message that indicates the maximum number of migrations have been reached.
Answer: A

22. A customer reports an error seen in the error log. The option "Run Maintenance Procedures" does not show in this error.
What is the reason?
A.The maintenance procedure shows only green marked errors.
B.The system requires 45 minutes to recognize and rerun the maintenance procedure.
C.The error log shows a green symbol. Fixed errors are not listed when running the maintenance procedure.
D.The option "Run Maintenance Procedures" performs a system analysis independently from the error log.
The error log does not contain the latest data.
Answer: C

23. Which statement about Metro Mirror in IBM SVC environments is true?
A.IntraCluster Metro Mirror can be applied within a single I/O Group.
B.InterCluster Metro Mirror can cover distances over 37km without any repeater.
C.IntraCluster Metro Mirror can be applied between two I/O Groups within a cluster.
D.IntraCluster and InterCluster Metro Mirror can be intermixed within the same relationship.
Answer: A

24. A customer is running two IBM SVC sites with a total of 10TB mirrored capacity. Due to new demands
on their primary site, the customer needs to increase capacity by 5TB (non-mirrored). Which licenses cover this change?
A.Storage Software Usage of 15TB, Metro Mirror Usage of 10TB
B.Storage Software Usage of 15TB, Metro Mirror Usage of 15TB
C.Storage Software Usage of 10TB, Metro Mirror Usage of 10TB
D.Storage Software Usage of 20TB, Metro Mirror Usage of 20TB
Answer: A

25. Which protocol does the IBM SVC use to communicate with the attached hosts?
Answer: C

26. A customer is installing their second IBM virtualization solution. It is a four-node IBM SVC cluster. How many IP addresses are required?
Answer: A

27. What is the minimum extent size that can be created?
Answer: B

28. A customer has a performance problem with an IBM SVC. Using the maintenance procedure, they discover that one of the nodes in the SVC cluster is down. They initiate a support call to IBM to help troubleshoot the problem. Under which severity level should a PMR be opened, according to IBM guidelines?
Answer: B

29. A customer wants to virtualize disk storage resources with IBM SVC. The current environment consists of multiple Intel servers running Microsoft Windows 2003 and Linux, and an IBM System i. The Intel servers use storage capacity provided by an
IBM FAStT900, an EMC Clariion CX 500, and an IBM DS6000. The IBM System i uses internal storage as well as storage provided by the IBM DS6000.
How can System i storage requirements be handled in the virtualized environment?
A.SVC cannot virtualize external System i storage resources.
B.SVC can virtualize System i external storage capacities on DS6000 only.
C.SVC cannot virtualize System i storage resources unless it is dedicated to System i storage.
D.SVC can virtualize all System i storage resources, System i internal storage and DS6000 based external storage.
Answer: A

30. As part of the SVC installation process new SSH keys must be created. Which tool is used to create SSH keys?
Answer: A

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