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IBM 000-208 Exam -

Free 000-208 Sample Questions:

1. To meet new service level agreements, a customer must have 38,000 IOPS available for its database. The customer currently uses an IBM System Storage DS4300 with 112 15K, 146 GB drives. Which solution should cause the least disruption to the customer?
A. IBM System Storage DS4800
B. IBM System Storage N5500
C. IBM System Storage DS6800
D. IBM System Storage DS8100
Answer: A

2. A customer has a write I/O intensive application. What has the greatest effect on performance?
A. swapping out to a larger drive size
B. memory in server
C. disk drive spindles
D. cache in the disk subsystem
Answer: C

3. What is the maximum capacity of a single-engine fully configured DR550 with 750 GB SATA II drives and a fully configured TS3310 tape library with LT04 drives?
A. 316 TB
B. 168 TB
C. 484 TB
D. 856 TB
Answer: C

4. A customer is interested in updating its infrastructure to provide data replication capabilities between the corporate ffices and a sales office 900 km (540 miles) away. The customer currently has both UNIX and Microsoft Windows 2003 servers sharing storage resources. Some applications are very response-time sensitive. Which replication solution is best for this customer?
A. IBM System Storage DS6800 with Metro Mirror
B. IBM System Storage DS4800 with Metro Mirror
C. IBM System Storage DS4800 with FlashCopy
D. IBM System Storage DS6800 with Global Mirror
Answer: D

5. Which is a competitive advantage of the IBM System Storage DS4000 MetaData?
A. The MetaData is stored across all drives in the system.
B. The MetaData is stored on the first five drives in the system.
C. The MetaData must be stored on FC drives.
D. The MetaData is stored in the controller, thereby freeing up additional drive space.
Answer: A

6. When the IBM System Storage DS4000 Remote Mirroring premium feature is activated, how many Mirror Repository logical drives are created per subsystem?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4
Answer: C

7. A customer wants to use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to back up five Microsoft Windows 2003 file and print servers and is asking for advice on storage. The customer's anticipated daily backup increment is approximately 10 GB, which represents 1% of all of the customer's data. The customer also anticipates an average retention period of 60 days. The customer makes off-site storage pool backups daily and sends database backups off-site.
What is the minimum amount of tape capacity needed?
A. 0.6 TB
B. 1 TB
C. 3 TB
D. 5 TB
Answer: C

8. A customer owns a 500 GB usable RAID 5 SCSI disk subsystem attached to a single host and wants to increase data throughput, reliability, availability, and serviceability. Cost is a significant consideration.
Which solution meets the customer's requirements?
A. convert the RAID 5 subsystem to a RAID 1 subsystem
B. convert the existing subsystem to dual-attached SCSI
C. replace the existing subsystem with an IBM System Storage DS4000
D. replace the existing subsystem with an IBM System Storage DS3000
Answer: D

9. A customer will be using an IBM System Storage DS4000. The customer requires the highest performance for the database server. Which hardware RAID technology should be recommended to this customer?
C. RAID 10
D. RAID 50
Answer: C

10. A customer has a requirement for 8 TB of data to be stored on tape. The customer wants the most cost-effective automated LTO3 solution.
Which solution meets the customer's requirements?
A. IBM System Storage TS3310 Tape Library
B. IBM System Storage TS3200 Tape Library
C. IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library
D. IBM System Storage TS1030 Tape Drive
Answer: C

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