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IBM 000-205 Exam -

Free 000-205 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 What is the minimum connection required for Call Home on an IBM System Storage DS8000?
A. ISDN connection
B. analog telephone line
C. ethernet internet connection
D. both an analog telephone line and an ethernet connection
Answer: B

Q: 2 What information, in addition to model number and serial number, is necessary to perform feature activation for the IBM System Storage DS8000?
A. machine signature
B. customer number
C. site location
D. customer contact number
Answer: A

Q: 3 A customer with an IBM System Storage DS8300 plans to create two logical partitions. During a review of expected input/output requirements, it is determined that one storage image will need 64 GB of memory and the other storage image will need 32 GB of memory. What is the minimal amount of memory required in the DS8300 to satisfy the requirements?
A. 64 GB
B. 96 GB
C. 128 GB
D. 256 GB
Answer: C

Q: 4 Which tasks can be performed with the DSCLI on IBM System Storage DS6000 and DS8000 servers?
A. monitor disk errors and manage storage complexes
B. monitor disk errors and invoke point-in-time copy
C. invoke point-in-time copy and initiate a storage unit shutdown
D. invoke point-in-time copy and manage storage complexes
Answer: D

Q: 5 What is a significant challenge to data migration?
A. keeping the data migration in-budget
B. having zero impact on the production environment
C. improving application performance
D. implementing tiered storage strategies when migrating
Answer: B

Q: 6 A customer is sharing an IBM System Storage DS8300 for both IBM System z and System i applications. They need to provide data recovery capability between the primary and the remote data center, which is 60 kilometers away. Which copy service keeps all data synchronized at the remote data center?
A. Concurrent Copy
B. FlashCopy
C. Metro Mirror
D. Global Mirror
Answer: C

Q: 7 A customer wants to consolidate an ESCON infrastructure with 40 TBs currently residing on four ESS 2105 systems. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) requires no more than five minutes per week of planned downtime for backup. Which IBM System Storage solution meets this customer's needs?
A. IBM System Storage DS8100 with TS1120 Tape Drive
B. IBM System Storage DS8300 with FlashCopy
C. IBM System Storage DS6800 with TS7510 Virtualization Engine
D. IBM System Storage DS6800 with FlashCopy
Answer: B

Q: 8 Which IBM System Storage DS8000 copy function provides a three-site or three-copy solution using both synchronous and asynchronous replication?
A. FlashCopy
B. Metro/Global Mirror
C. Metro Mirror
D. Global Mirror
Answer: B

Q: 9 Which document provides guidelines to support planning and provides pre-installation steps for the IBM System Storage DS8000?
A. Solution Assurance Product Review Guide
B. DS8000 Introduction and Planning Guide
C. DS8000 Installation Guide
D. System Assurance Product Review Guide
Answer: D

Q: 10 Which task can be performed using an IBM System Storage DS8000 Simulated Mode Storage Manager but NOT by the Real-Time Storage Manager?
A. applying license keys to the hardware subsystem
B. connecting a secondary storage unit to the storage complex
C. importing and exporting storage subsystem configurations
D. defining userids and passwords for use in the real subsystem
Answer: C

Q: 11 Which protocol is no longer supported on IBM System Storage DS6000 and DS8000 servers?
A. parallel SCSI
Answer: A

Q: 12 Which tasks can NOT be performed at the management console if the Client ID is being used?
A. reboot the HMC
B. access the storage manager
C. shut down the console
D. access the storage system diagnostics
Answer: D

Q: 13 Metro Mirror pairs are set up between volumes in LSSs, usually in separate locations and different disk subsystems. These logical paths are defined over physical links between the disk subsystems. What is the maximum number of logical paths per physical link?
A. 128
B. 256
C. 512
D. 1024
Answer: B

Q: 14 The TSO FCQUERY command displays available information about FlashCopy and other Copy Services relationships active on volumes. Which FlashCopy state should a volume be in to display the number of active FlashCopy relationships?
A. Target and Primary
B. Source or Target
C. Target or Secondary
D. Source and Secondary
Answer: B

Q: 15 When configuring an IBM System Storage DS8100 for an IBM system z environment, what is the maximum number of base + alias addresses allowed per LCU?
A. 32
B. 64
C. 128
D. 256
Answer: D

Q: 16 A customer plans to implement a new OLTP and data base application. The records are small and access is random, with a lot of write activity. Which RAID level is the best solution for this application?
D. RAID 10
Answer: D

Q: 17 Which configuration actions can be performed by using the DSCLI on IBM System Storage DS6000 and DS8000 servers?
A. assign RAID ranks to extent pools and combine storage extent pools
B. assign RAID ranks to extent pools and create and assign volumes to hosts
C. combine storage extent pools and invoke a server failover/fallback
D. invoke a server failover/fallback and create and assign volumes to hosts
Answer: B

Q: 18 Which userid and password combination is used to access the IBM System Storage DS8000 Storage Manager Console as an administrator for the first time?
A. admin/admin
B. admin/password
C. administator/st0rage (with a zero (0) for the letter "o")
D. admin/passw0rd (with a zero (0) for the letter "o")
Answer: A

Q: 19 A System z customer is planning to deploy the IBM System Storage DS6800 in each of three small data centers located around a large city. A backup data center with an IBM System Storage DS8100 will serve as the disaster recovery facility. Which advanced function can the customer implement to meet disaster recovery requirements?
A. Global Mirror for zSeries
B. Metro Mirror
C. Global Copy
D. Metro/Global Mirror
Answer: B

Q: 20 A bank has requested proposals for a storage solution to upgrade their disaster recovery processes for their System z, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows environment. The solution must simulate a multi-site environment and provide the customer the ability to explore Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Global Mirror for z/OS, and FlashCopy. Floor space is limited. Which solution best meets the specified requirements?
A. two IBM System Storage DS8100 systems
B. one IBM System Storage DS8300 with two LPARs
C. two IBM System Storage DS6800 systems in a single rack
D. one IBM System Storage DS6800 for System z, and SVC for UNIX and Windows
Answer: B

Q: 21 A mainframe customer with a 2105-800 storage subsystem will be migrating to a new data center. They will be replacing existing servers with newer hardware and the 2105 subsystem with an IBM System Storage DS8100. The data centers are 613 kilometers apart. The data migration and production cutover must be accomplished with minimal disruption. Which solution best meets these requirements?
A. Metro Mirror
D. Global Copy
Answer: D

Q: 22 Which is a license scope option when managing activations for an IBM System Storage DS8100 using the IBM Disk Storage Feature Activation (DSFA) application?
A. operating environment
B. parallel access volumes
C. point-in-time copy
D. Count Key Data
Answer: D

Q: 23 A mainframe customer wants to add additional disk capacity to an IBM System Storage DS8100 to accommodate a projected workload increase. They ask the storage specialist to assess the impact of the additional capacity on the DS8100 without other upgrades. Which tool best assesses the impact of the upgrade on response times?
A. Capacity Magic
B. TPC for Disk
C. RMF disk reports
D. Disk Magic
Answer: D

Q: 24 Which information relates to a customer's Recovery Point Objective (RPO) when designing a backup/recovery solution?
A. amount of data to be backed up
B. ability to rerun missed transactions
C. number of tape drives
D. production database restart duration
Answer: B

Q: 25 Which tasks are necessary to perform a data migration using DFSMS?
A. microcode review and data classification
B. initialization and data classification
C. microcode review, ACS routine, and back up of data
D. data classification, ACS routine, and back up of data
Answer: D

Q: 26 A customer needs 2 TB of high availability storage for eBusiness applications. Their servers are currently connected to two EMC Symmetrix subsystems that are running RAID 1. They want to consolidate all of the RAID 1 storage into an IBM System Storage DS6800. Which configuration satisfies these capacity requirements?
A. two disk drive sets of 300 GB drives
B. four disk drive sets of 146 GB drives
C. eight disk drive sets of 73 GB drives
D. nine disk drive sets of 146 GB drives
Answer: D

Q: 27 A sales team has proposed an IBM System Storage DS8100 configured with 10 TB, split equally between IBM System z and IBM System p. The System z environment requires point-in-time copy and the System p environment does not. For the System z environment, 3 TB have been configured with an additional 2 TB for point-in-time copy. What is the least expensive license scope for point-in-time copy?
A. All and 10 TB
B. CKD and 2 TB
C. CKD and 5 TB
D. CKD and 10 TB
Answer: C

Q: 28 An IBM System Storage DS8100 customer wants to increase disk performance on a heavily loaded server that has two 2 GB FICON connections. The system is in a 24x7 environment. Which solution meets the customer's requirements?
A. increase the DS8100 cache size
B. add more disks and increase the number of LSSs
C. install additional FICON cards
D. upgrade the FICON connections to 4 GB
Answer: C

Q: 29 A customer requires a remote mirror solution. The two recovery sites are 200 and 2,500 kilometers from the primary site. They have a mainframe at the recovery site that is 2,500 kilometers away. They want minimal performance degradation and require consistent data as a result of the solution. Which option meets the customer's needs at the lowest cost?
A. Metro Mirror
B. Global Mirror
C. z/OS Metro/Global Mirror
D. Global Copy
Answer: C

Q: 30 Who is responsible for delivering and unloading the IBM System Storage DS8000 as close to its final destination as possible?
A. the IBM SSR
B. the customer
C. the IBM Business Partner
D. the shipping company
Answer: D

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