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IBM 000-204 Exam -

Free 000-204 Sample Questions:

1. Which is a key benefit of the IBM System Storage N series Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) design and is the main contributor to better performance?
A. The copy-on-write feature allows WAFL to avoid duplicating blocks of data, thus increasing performance.
B. The file placement algorithms in WAFL allow the repair of high file fragmentation concurrently.
C. Keeping metadata in files makes it easy to increase the size of the file system on the fly. When a new disk is added, the N serie automatically increases the size of the metadata files.
D. The write-anywhere design allows WAFL to operate efficiently with RAID by scheduling multiple writes to the same RAID stripe whenever possible.
Answer: D

2. Which IBM N series licensed feature enables a writable replica of the flexible volume?
A. Snapshot
B. SnapMirror
C. FlexCache
D. FlexClone
Answer: D

3. A customer wants to assign a relative priority to a volume on an N7600 running Data ONTAP 7.2 to cause accesses to that volume to receive a priority that is higher or lower than that of other volumes on the storage system. Which feature accomplishes this?
A. Virtual Vol
B. FlexVol with RAID-DP
C. VolShare
D. FlexShare
Answer: D

4. Which product allows a Storage Administrator to set storage utilization alerts for the DS8000, DS4800, SAN Volume Controller, and EMC DMX?
A. IBM Total Productivity Center for Replication
B. IBM Total Productivity Center for Disk
C. IBM Total Productivity Center for Data
D. IBM Total Productivity Center for Fabric
Answer: B

5. A customer has a MetroCluster configuration for its Lotus Notes mail data. Site A fails and Site B takes over. How does this affect Windows users and their CIFS connections?
A. Setup must be run on Site B, redefining the previous IP addresses used by Site A so that it can service both its own and site A's IP addresses.
B. Site B host ACLs must be updated for the failed-over Windows connections.
C. The windows users must re-establish shares using Site B addresses and hostnames.
D. Site B takes over site A's hostnames and addresses and continues to serve its own addresses and hostnames.
Answer: D

6. A customer is using a CAD program on UNIX clients. The client needs a file system I/O data storage. Which protocol should be used on the N series?
Answer: D

7. A customer wants IBM support notified immediately in case of an N series failure. Which feature meets this customer's needs?
A. SNMP alert
B. AutoSupport
C. Remote LAN Module
D. RemoteConsoleSupport
Answer: B

8.Which feature needs to be purchased as a separate license?
A. Snapshot
B. SnapBackup
C. SnapRestore
D. SnapMover
Answer: C

9. A customer has five divisions in a single data center. They want a separate fabric for each of these divisions. They also want all tape devices to be corporate resources that are shared across the SAN fabrics. Each of these fabrics must have the ability to expand and support up to 239 domains. The customer wants a cost-effective solution that minimizes the number of major physical SAN components, such as switches and directors. Which solution meets these requirements?
A. one Cisco MDS 9509 director with the VSAN feature
B. five IBM SAN256M directors and an IBM SAN24M-1 switch interconnected by an IBM SAN16M-R router
C. one IBM SAN M14 director and an IBM SAN16B-2 switch interconnected by an IBM SAN16M-R router
D. five IBM SAN256B directors and an IBM SAN16B-2 switch interconnected by an IBM SAN16B-R router
Answer: A

10. Which type of security should be implemented in a heterogeneous environment to control device connection?
A. WWN Access Control Lists
C. LDAP hosted on a Linux server
D. NFS with Windows userID mapping
Answer: A

11. Which Domain ID range accommodates all IBM SAN switches?
A. 128 to 256
B. 1 to 256
C. 97 to 127
D. 1 to 239
Answer: C

12. A customer has 24 servers, an eight-host port IBM DS4800, and eight single-port fabric-attached tape drives that are all SAN-attached. The customer needs redundant disk connectivity and connection to tape. To follow best practice, what is the minimum number of 32-port switches needed to implement a LAN-free backup solution?
A. 8
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: C

13. The customer has Windows servers and applications that use Block I/O. They do not want to implement a SAN. Which configuration would meet their requirements?
A. iSCSI HBA and DS4800
C. Microsoft iSCSI initiator and N3300
D. Microsoft iSCSI initiator and SVC
Answer: C

14. Which N series feature should be used for regulatory compliance and long-term integrity of data?
A. SnapWorm
B. LockVol
C. SnapLock
D. SnapProtect
Answer: C

15. Using long distance fabric, a server's host bus adapter (HBA) with a buffer credit of 64 communicates with a switch port with only eight buffer credits. Which statement is correct?
A. The HBA can write at a higher performance than it can read.
B. The HBA can read and write at equal performance.
C. The HBA will read and write at a degraded rate.
D. The HBA can read at a higher performance than it can write.
Answer: D

16. A customer using file system I/O initially needs 6 TB of raw disk capacity with scalability up to 12 TB within the next year. Which IBM System Storage product should be proposed to this customer?
A. IBM DS8300
B. IBM SAN Volume Controller
C. IBM N3600
D. IBM DS300
Answer: C

17. A customer has just installed the latest N series management software on a separate server. It includes several management tools to help them manage and monitor their storage systems from a single location. Which management tool provides infrastructure services such as discovery, monitoring, role-based access control, auditing, logging?
A. Operations Manager
B. Protection Manager
C. TotalStorage Productivity Center
D. Appliance Manager
Answer: A

18. A customer plans to install several new N series systems in its SAN using the iSCSI and FCP protocols. Which solution meets this customer's requirements?
A. IBM TotalStorage SAN32M-2 (2026-432)
B. IBM TotalStorage SAN32B-3 (2005-B5K)
C. Cisco MDS 9124 (2053-424)
D. Cisco MDS 9506 (2054-E04)
Answer: D

19. Storage management is becoming increasingly complex, primarily due to the inclusion of EMC, HDS, and IBM storage devices. The Windows and Linux hosts must run vendor-compatible failover and multi-path drivers to access the disks on heterogeneous storage.
Which IBM storage solution simplifies the storage management complexity, addresses the interoperability issues, and minimizes cost?
A. IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and SDD driver
B. IBM General Purpose File System (GPFS) and MPIO driver
C. PowerPath, Dynamic Link Manager, and IBM PPRC
D. IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and RDAC driver
Answer: A

20. A customer has high performance database servers that access a DS8000 via SAN and low-end file servers that access the DS8000 via an N5500 gateway. The DS8000 storage capacity allocated to the database servers is under-utilized, while storage allocated to the gateway has reached the maximum limit. The storage demand for the low-end file servers is increasing exponentially. What is the most cost-effective solution that addresses the storage needs for the file servers?
A. install additional DS3200 storage on the low-end servers
B. purchase the SAN Volume Controller and consolidate the DS8000 and N5500 gateway
C. create additional FlexVols on N5500 gateway
D. allocate DS8000 storage to low-end file servers via the N5500 gateway device
Answer: D

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