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IBM 000-201 Exam -

Free 000-201 Sample Questions:

1. A customer's IBM System Storage DS5020 has several volumes fail over to their non-preferred path. What should the customer do prior to contacting IBM technical support?
A.Save the Major Event Log (MEL)
B.Gather Read Link Status (RLS) diagnostics
C.Capture all support data
D.Open a Critical Situation (critsit)
Answer: C

2. A customer wants to recover their database volumes to a point in time. Which N series features accomplish this?
A.SnapVault and SnapRestore
B.MetroCluster and SnapRestore
C.SnapSched and SnapRestore
D.SnapShot and SnapRestore
Answer: D

3. What are features and benefits of RSM? a. Built in firewall b. Runs on Linux and Windows servers c.
Collect support data d. Allow remote maintenance e. Can support up to 50 DS5000/DS4000/DS3000
storage servers f. Minimum annual fee
A.a,b, and e
B.a,e, and f
C.b,c, and f
D.a,d,and e
Answer: D

4. Company ABC is using Metro Mirror with an Enhanced Remote Mirroring (ERM) configuration to mirror the company inventory database from headquarters to a data warehouse at a remote site.They have asked for some assistance. Due to bandwidth concern s they are planning a change the mirroring mode to Global Mirroring. What must be done to help the customer make the change?
A.Customer must purchase two new licenses
B.Break and re-establish the mirror relationship
C.Backup the inventory data to tape
D.Make the mode change in Storage Manager
Answer: D

5. HP resells storage from which of the following vendors?
A.Invista, EMC
B.EMC, EqualLogic
C.HDS, Storageworks
D.EqualLogic, Compellent
Answer: C

6. A customer is planning to purchase a N6040 Gateway with SnapManager for Exchange licensed. All available storage lies behind an SVC. Where should the N6040 be placed in the network?
A.Between the SVC and the disk storage
B.Alongside the SVC, then the email servers should be mapped to both
C.In the place of the SVC
D.Between the SVC and the email servers
Answer: D

7. A customer has Windows servers and applications that use block I/O. The customer does not want to implement a SAN. Which configuration meets these requirements at the lowest cost?
B.Microsoft iSCSI initiator and DS3400
C.Microsoft iSCSI initiator and N3600
Answer: C

8. What is an advantage of IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) virtualization over an HP Enterprise Virtual Array virtualization?
A.SVC is a SAN virtualization at the network level.
B.SVC supports more RAID levels than HP EVA.
C.SVC is an IBM virtualization solution for IBM disks.
D.SVC has a broader world-wide installation base than HP EVA.
Answer: A

9. Which of the following resources could be used to obtain the latest IBM DS Storage Manager user's guide?
B.Announcement letter
C.IBM Techline/Partnerline
D.IBM Redbook Web site
Answer: D

10. You are planning a new DS5020 in direct attached environment with 2 2-node cluster redundant attached. The customer is planning to setup a disaster recovery solution in the near future by using Enhanced Remote Mirroring based on SAN switches. Which of the following considerations are critical for this customer?
A.Customer must set up a fabric and dedicate port 4 for di saster recovery
B.This is a fully supported configuration
C.Customer must set up a fabric and dedicate port 2 for disaster recovery
D.SAN based replication is not possible, they must consider the DS5300
Answer: C

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