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IBM 000-191 Exam -

Free 000-191 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Your Organization is starting up a new division. Their current configuration is 10 GB of hard disk space and 512 MB of memory. These are also the minimum requirements for the software. The division will be expanding rapidly and users are expected to double in size within six months. What server should the division start with to meet current and future needs?
A. 2 processors, 1 GB memory, 20 GB Hard Disk space
B. 4 processors, 1 GB memory, 10 GB Hard Disk space
C. 1 processors, 512 MB memory, 40 GB Hard Disk space
D. 3 processors, 512 MB memory, 40 GB Hard Disk space
Answer: A

Q: 2
The finance group at Your Organization has just approved a new financial package that runs on a RS/6000.The old data will be converted to the new system. Currently they have 10 GB of data but will be growing to 18 GB with the new system because they want to maintain 1 year of history online. The new system is a pSeries 620 with 512 MB of RAM, an SSA card, two 9.1 GB SSA drives and a single FDDI card. What would be the best addition to this system for redundancy?
1. One SSA card
2. Two 9.1 GB SSA drives
3. Error correction RAM
4. Two additional processors
A. 1.2
B. 4.1
C. 4.2
D. 301
Answer: A

Q: 3
What is the correct command to reject applied software?
A. Instfix-r
B. Installp-u
C. Installp-r
D. Instfix-u
Answer: C

Q: 4
A system administrator installed the trusted computing base to accommodate the arrival of a new system although the OS requirements did not specify this as a necessity. The application developers have requested that the trusted computing base be removed, since it is not needed. What must the administrator do to remove this feature?
A. Run "lslpp -f"
B. Remove the fileset.
C. Run "tcbconfig -c off" to turn off the trusted computing base.
D. Re-install the system without the trusted computing base option.
Answer: D

Q: 5
A system administrator has decided to perform a preservation installation on one of the machines to see how the process works. There are several files in var that the system administrator would like to save. However, in reading about the preservation process, the system administrator notices that /var is one of the filesystem that is overwritten. In order to prevent the files from being overwritten, what must the system administrator do?
A. Use the "mkpreservefile - f" command
B. Copy the files to / usr prior to the upgrade.
C. Update / etc/preserve.list with the files to be saved.
D. Run "restore - xvqf/dev/hdisk0" after doing the preservation installation.
Answer: C

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