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IBM 000-153 Exam -

Free 000-153 Sample Questions:

1. IBM is very focused on the software that runs our Systems (Systems Software).
What IBM Systems Director module provides advanced management of a client's virtualized infrastructure?
A. Virtualization Machine Manager.
B. VMready
C. VMControl
D. Virtual Center
Answer: C

2. What changed in the x86 technology that has made virtualization more of a requirement rather than just an option for our clients?
A. Most clients are looking at cloud infrastructures so the move to virtualized infrastructures is a necessary first step.
B. Under utilized server proliferation with poor management options has forced our clients to virtualize their environments.
C. Servers change to multiple cores, most applications can only use 1 or 2 four core processors led to a need for virtualization.
D. Virtualization is helpful but not critical today in the x86 marketplace.
Answer: C

3. The incredible growth in virtualization and the multi-core structure of the processors has created a need for a balanced system.
Which of the following provides the greatest contribution to a balanced system?
A. More storage attached to the server for the larger data resou rces.
B. Faster I/O with better redundancy.
C. More memory to provide the data to the processors.
D. FCoE to solve the storage latency issue in the networking infrastructure.
Answer: C

4. A sales specialist is at an initial meeting with a client.
Which of the following questions may help discover if the client is concerned about low server utilization?
A. Do you feel that you have the flexibility in your infrastructure so you can make changes quickly to met unexpected spikes in demand?
B. Are you finding that the costs of managing your server, storage and network infrastructure is increasing each year?
C. Do you have most of your applications running on separate servers, and is this causing a lot of extra work for your team to manage/maintain?
D. Do you find that you are exceeding your storage allocations for some of your applications?
Answer: C

5. Your customer is searching for a new small business tower server. The customer is on a tight budget but wants to have current technology, with two sockets at a m odest price.
Which high volume IBM tower server would you propose for this customer?
A. x3200 M3
B. x3690 X5
C. x3400 M3
D. x3500 M3
Answer: C

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