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IBM 000-152 Exam -

Free 000-152 Sample Questions:

1. A customer who is reducing their technical staff has requested an Intel server proposal from various vendors. Which of the following is most relevant to this proposal?
A. Systems Management.
B. Grid Computing
C. Advanced Energy Manager (AEM)
D. Remote KVM
Answer: A

2. A customer has asked you to investigate their current x86 server environment to determine if they can achieve a reduction in power and rack consumption. They plan to implement VMware and local shared storage.
Which of the following consolidation proposals meets these needs?
A. BladeCenter S
B. BladeCenter H
C. BladeCenter E
D. BladeCenter HT
Answer: A

3. A customer currently has a large group of older 1U servers. Each dedicated to a unique application. Quick provisioning of the servers is important to the customer.
Which of the following approaches addresses this situation?
A. Virtualization
B. Replace each server with energy efficient servers
C. Upgrade in place to improve performance
D. Implement BladeCenter
Answer: A

4. A toy manufacturing customer wants to run Microsoft SQL Server.
Which category is applicable for such a solution?
A. E-mail
B. Database
C. Network Infrastructure
D. Systems Management
Answer: B

5. A manufacturing customer wants a consolidation solution that provides scale-out capability and the highest processor density per rack unit.
Which of the following solutions meets the customer requirements?
A. x3650 M3 with Microsoft Virtual Server
B. BladeCenter JS43 with VMware
C. x3850 X5 with VMware
D. BladeCenter HS22V with VMware
Answer: D

6. Which of the following is used in an IBM BladeCenter to provide cooling?
A. Fans for each blade
B. Chilled Water
C. Blowers
D. Freon
Answer: A

7. A customer server has the maximum local storage installed. The customer plans to share this new storage with other servers.
Which of the following provides that server additional storage?
A. Add External Storage via EXP3000
B. Replace current storage with more dense drives
C. Add External Storage via SAN
D. Add storage expansion blade
Answer: C

8. Which of the following Blade servers offer hot swap internal hard drives?
A. HS21
B. HS22
C. HS22V
D. HX5
Answer: B

9. A banking customer is confused about RAID protection. Which of the following are characteristics of RAID-6?
A. Double drive failure in an array and extremely high data fault tolerance
B. Double drive failure in an array and more total storage capacity than RAID-5
C. Extremely high data fault tolerance and higher performance than RAID -5
D. Higher performance than RAID-5 and more total storage capacity than RAID-5
Answer: C

10. A small business customer is interested in Blades and r equire some shared storage. They only expect to have 3-4 blades, but storage wise they expect to require 4TB RAID 1+0. They also require FlashCopy and Remote Mirroring.
Which of the following will be an issue?
A. FlashCopy is not supported on the DS3000
B. Remote mirroring is supported on the DS3000
C. FlashCopy is supported on the BladeCenter S RAIDed SAS Switch Modules
D. FlashCopy is not supported on BladeCenter S RAIDed SAS Switch Modules
Answer: D

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