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IBM 000-151 Exam -

Free 000-151 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A business partner wants to identify risks, develop action plans to manage the risks, and confirm resources required for a successful implementation of a BladeCenter solution to their customer. Which of the following addresses this situation?
A. Conduct a TDA
B. Use IBM System x Configuration and Option Guide (COG)
C. Use xREF.
D. Conduct a ServerProven Opportunity Request for Evaluation (SPORE)
Answer: A

Q: 2
A retail customer installs a BladeCenter into an existing 101100 Ethernet network. Due to cost considerations, the customer uses Copper Pass-thru Modules. After installing this solution, the customer finds that they have no network connectivity. Which of the following at is causing the problem?
A. Copper Pass-thru Modules only support 1000Mb line speeds.
B. Spanning Tree has been enabled on the Copper Pass-thru Module.
C. The customer does not have the latest firmware loaded on the Copper Pass-thru Module.
D. The customer is using L521 Blades
Answer: A

Q: 3
A customer has Direct Attached Storage (DAS) storage for their Windows servers. They are allocating money in next year’s budget for additional storage. Which of the following questions should be asked first to determine the proper storage solution to propose?
A. What is the planned backup solution?
B. How many people manage the storage system?
C. What is the total planned capacity?
D. Is a shared storage subsystem under consideration?
Answer: D

Q: 4
A customer asks the sales professional how to update the UEFI on the HX5. They do not want to use AMM. Which of the following is the procedure?
A. Install ServerGuide CDIDVD, boot the HX5 blade and follow the prompts
B. Boot the blade from the HX5 Bootable Media Creator (BoMC) and follow the prompts
C. Press Fl while the HX5 is booting, insert the CDIDVD. and select “OK”
D. Mount the 1MM virtual disk
Answer: B

Q: 5
A customer is looking at an Oracle E-Business solution. They would like to know what hardware they will need for the solution. They have some preliminary information from Oracle, including hardware requirements and specifics for their environment. Which of the following should be done next?
A. Select the Server Proven configuration for Oracle E-Business
B. Use eConfig to configure a Power server with AIX to support Oracle E-Business applications
C. Download the Oracle E-Business sizing questionnaire from IBM, fill out with customer and submit to IBM for System x sizing
D. Use SSCT to configure a system that meets the minimum requirements specified by Oracle E-Business
Answer: C

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