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IBM 000-122 Exam -

Free 000-122 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An existing Power Systems customer wants to run Java programs, and they know that Java is now owned by Oracle. The customer has asked how they can run Java programs on a Power Systems
server. What is the appropriate response?
A. Java programs need to be compiled to run natively in AIX.
B. Java programs run natively in AIX, IBM i and Linux partitions.
C. Java runtime licenses can be downloaded from the open source community.
D. Workload management subsystems in IBM i run Java programs without the requirement of a separate LPAR.
Answer: B

Q: 2
When moving an HP-UX based application workload from an HP Superdome onto a Power Systems server, which operating system will provide the easiest transition'?
B. IBM i
C. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
D. SuSe Linux Enterprise Server
Answer: A

Q: 3
The VP of marketing for a clothing distributor explained that the IT department is looking at Hadoop-based technologies to help the company better understand customer buying trends and behavior. What IBM solution specifically applies to this type of environment?
A. pureScale
B. Biglnsights
C. SmartCloud
D. PureSystems
Answer: B

Q: 4
What is a unique RAS characteristic of Power Systems Enterprise servers compared to Power Systems Express servers?
A. Dynamic Processor Sparing
B. Dynamic Processor Deallocation
C. Dynamic Processor Error Recovery
D. Dynamic Service Processor Failover
Answer: D

Q: 5
Which Power Systems feature or capability is a significant contributor in TCO analysis?
A. Capacity on Demand capability
B. Upgrade processes between models
C. Ability to run multiple operating systems
D. More efficient rack space requirements
Answer: C

Q: 6
A prospective customer has a large quantity of x86 servers. What value is gained by consolidating onto Power Systems servers?
A. Improved VMware reliability and availability
B. Higher system utilization and lower energy costs
C. Improved performance by running Windows in WPARs
D. Savings on software since PowerVM is included in the price of Express servers
Answer: B

Q: 7
What solution can be deployed to enable maintenance on a server while ensuring that a mission critical LPAR remains operational?
A. Use PowerSC to insure continuous uptime on another server.
B. Use PowerVM Enterprise Edition to move the partition to another server.
C. Use Active Memory Sharing to enable the LPAR to continue running on the current server
D. Use VMControl Enterprise Edition to suspend and resume the application on the current server.
Answer: B

Q: 8
A customer has two production IBM POWER7+ 750s in the same data center. The customer has an application in an LPAR that needs to run 24x7. What is required to allow the planned migration
of that LPAR to the second system?
A. A shared Hardware Management Console
One dedicated core on each Power 750
B. PowerVM Enterprise Edition on both systems
SAN storage accessible to the VIO Servers on each Power 750
C. Systems Director Enterprise Edition
A common shared processor pool on each Power 750
D. PowerVM Standard Edition
Dual system accessibility to virtual SCSI or virtual Fibre Channel
Answer: B

Q: 9
A prospective customer using Itanium-based servers is concerned about the future of Itanium when considering investing in additional capacity.
What should be noted when considering investing in Power Systems?
A. IBM uses Power Systems internally and will continue to invest in Power to support the growth of IBM.
B. Major storage vendors are integrating with POWER architecture, providing incentive for IBM to continue investing in POWER.
C. The Itanium roadmap shows convergence with Power Systems in the next 3 years.
D. Power Systems have met their technology commitments for 20 years, and now have POWER8 and POWER9 on the development roadmap.
Answer: D

Q: 10
An environment for a popular ISV application used on Power Systems must be sized. Which IBM tool or resource should be used?
A. Techline
B. eConfigurator
C. Facts and Features
D. System Planning Tool
Answer: A

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