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IBM 000-119 Exam -

Free 000-119 Sample Questions:

1. A mainframe customer has requested a proposal to replace an existing storage system.
Which information does Disk Magic provide?
A. logical volume sizes
B. cache usage by application
C. storage processor utilization
D. disk capacity needed for FlashCopy
Answer: C

2. All of the following RAID levels are available on an IBM System Storage DS8700 and D58800 with the exception of:
D. RAID 10
Answer: A

3. A customer is looking for a solution to provide high performance storage.
A competing vendor has proposed a solution based on a loosely coupled model of 1Gbps iSCS I and SATA disks.
What alternative solution could be proposed that is cost -effective and high-performance?
A. DS8000
C. EMC V-Max standard configuration
D. XIV system 15 module configuration
Answer: D

4. A customer is considering the purchase of an XIV system to leverage thin provisioning.
They are concerned that their application will use all available space during formatting, which will remove any thin provisioning benefits.
What should the storage specialist discuss with the customer?
A. the possibility of changing the application so this no longer happens
B. with the XIV system's SATA based approach, storage costs are so low that ove-provisioning is not an issue
C. the XIV system has immediate zero page reclamation features that will i mmediately return the volume to its original size
D. the XIV system has a white space reclamation feature that will return the volume to its original thin provisioned size over time
Answer: D

5. A customer is acquiring a new IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library and requested to reuse four HP LTO-3 drives installed in a Sun L700 tape library to take advantage of the IBM multipath architecture.
What action should the storage specialist take?
A. request Tech line support for help configuring the TS3500 with merged IBM and non-IBM LTO tape drives
B. propose a TS3500 with IBM LTO-5 tape drives and explain the benefit of using IBM control path failover
C. propose a TS3500 with IBM LTO-5 tape drives and include a special feature code to include non -IBM LTO tape drives
D. propose a TS3500 with LTO-5 tape drives and include non-IBM LTO tape drive support in the installation services proposal
Answer: B

6. IBM SONAS provides extreme scale out capability, a globally clustered NAS file system built upon
Answer: B

7. Which of the following competitive information statements about data deduplication solutions is correct?
A. the IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway is the only available inline data deduplication solution on the storage market
B. the IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway provides the highest bandwidth of all available inline data deduplication solutions
C. the IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway offers the only data deduplication solution on the storage market with high data integrity
D. the DataDomain and Falconstor deduplication solutions provide similar bandwidth but support more maximal data capacity than the TS7650G Gateway
Answer: B

8. A customer wants to install data deduplication and is currently backing up 100 MB of data per night and 300 MB of data per week.
They require l00mb/sec of throughput to achieve this backup in their backup window.
They have very limited rack space and can only offer 4U space in one of their existing racks.
Which ProtecTIER product set best suits this customer?
A. TS3500
B. TS7610
C. TS7650G
D. TS7650A
Answer: C

9. Which of the following tools can be used to configure the IBM System Storage DS8000?
A. IBM Systems Director
B. Unisphere Management Suite
C. IBM System Storage Productivity Center (SSPC)
D. IBM Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT)
Answer: C

10. A customer has a Fibre Channel switch residing in a configuration where both production and test data coexist.
Which of the following is the simplest method for ensuring tha t the two types of data do not flow through the same port?
B. zoning
C. trunking
D. LUN masking
Answer: B

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