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IBM 000-118 Exam -

Free 000-118 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has two locations located 7 kilometers apart.
The production site has a cisco 9509 chassis with 48 fibre channel ports activated, and the disaster recovery site has a Cisco 9509 chassis with 48 Ethernet ports activated.
Which of the following products woll be used to get the data from one location to the other?
A. IBM SANa40-B4
B. Cisco MDS 9222i
C. Cisco MDS 9148
D. IBM SAN32B-E4 with encryption
Answer: B

2. A customer has four AIX partitions that require a SAN.The disk Subsystem must replicate to a remote site via an IP network.
Each site has two Cisco MDS 9509 directors with fiber channel line card.Which of the following must be added to each director to meet the IP requirement?
A. tri-rate SFP
B. update to the latest Cisco IOS
C. FCIP activation on the existing 16 FC line card
D. Multiprotocol Severices Module with FCIP activation
Answer: D

3. A customer is planning on establishing a Global Mirror between two Storewide V7000 storage arrays. The customer is planning to lease an IP WAN connection between sites for the tasks and running a SAP (database) application on Oracle.
Which of the following planning considerations is most important?
A. the distance between sites needs to be less than 100 kilometers
B. consistency group should be created to maintain with order on the remote mirror
C. ensure sufficient bandwidth exists on the link based on average application workloads
D. ensuring a low round trip latency of less than 30ms on the WAN connection is required
Answer: B

4. A customer has a requirement for Disaster Recovery for compliance within their industry.
They have an RPO of 24 hours. Cost is a consideration. What is the most cost effective DR implementation?
A. a disk-to-disk backup solution keeping all storage in the data center
B. a backup solution that includes magnetic tape that is shipped to an off -site storage facility
C. a less powerfull copy enviromenment at a hot site whit asynchronous mirroring and cluster technology
D. an exact copy of the primary environment at a hot site with remote mirroring and cluster technology
Answer: B

5. A police department is interested in disk storage for a video application. Once the data is stored to disk it will be backed up to tape for long term storage.
The array must have the highest performance. Redundancy is not required.
What RAID level will meet this requirement?
Answer: B

6. A customer wants to migrate from MCData-based fabrics to native Brocade fabrics.
A Brocade director in the McData interop mode of operation has already been added to the fabrics, and the devices moved from MCData switches to the Brocade director. The customer is now ready to remove the MCdata switches from the Brocade directory to native mode of opertation.
What product is needed to migrate the zoning configuration to the Brocade director?
D. Fabric watch
Answer: C

7. An architectural design company with 45 employ has their office located within 5 kilometers of their of disaster recovery center.
They have an IBM System Storage N6040 installed at both location.
In this customer environment what protocol would be used for disaster recovery?
Answer: D

8. A part of a Business Continuance Project, a customer has established replication from 3 spoken to a DR hub with ProtecTIER 7910 appliances. Each of the 3 Spokes is back up 500 GB of nominal data daily with an average deduplication ratio of 10:1. The replication window is 12 hours.
The data change rate is 15%. What is the approximate minimum required bandwidth for each WAN connection?
A. 1.2 MB/s
B. 7.5 MB/s
C. 12 MB/s
D. 75 MB/s
Answer: C

9. Aligning data that must be preserved to the correct tier of storage until it is no longer useful is an example of:
A. Business Continuity
B. Disaster Recovery Plan
C. Storage Consolidation
D. Information Lifecycle Management
Answer: D

10. A customer wants to put all their data on Solid State Disk drives to get maximum throughput and highest availability. They only have 400 GB of data and plan on growing that data at only 1% to 2% per year.
How many 300 GB SSD drives should the storage specialist recommend to meet the customer requirements?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: C

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