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IBM 000-114 Exam -

Free 000-114 Sample Questions:

1.You see an amber light flashing on an EXP810 ESM. Where should you start to find information on how to handle the flashing amber light?
A: Recovery Guru
B: Major Event Log (MEL)
C: Storage Manager online help
D: Read Link Status counters related to the specific ESM
Answer: A

2.A customer is using FlashCopy to backup a 350GB logical drive. During the backup process, the data will change by 68%. What should the minimum repository logical drive size be?
A: 70GB
B: 220GB
C: 245GB
D: 350GB
Answer: C

3.What is the correct command syntax to connect the Command Line Interface (CLI) to the storage subsystem?
A: smcli ­n
B: smcli ­h
C: smcli ­L
D: smcli ­e
Answer: A

4.What is the minimum firmware level required for an upgrade to firmware 7.10.xx?
A: 6.12.xx.xx
B: 6.16.xx.xx
C: 6.23.xx.xx
D: 6.60.xx.xx
Answer: B

5.What are features and benefits of RSM?
a. Built in firewall
b. Runs on Linux and Windows servers
c. Collect support data d. Allow remote maintenance
e. Can support up to 50 DS5000/DS4000/DS3000 storage servers
f. Minimum annual fee
A: a, b and e
B: a, e and f
C: b, c and f
D: a, d and e
Answer: D

6.On a DS5000 there are several LUNs hosting small­block, write intensive databases. What is the smallest cache block­size that can be configured?
A: 1K
B: 2K
C: 4K
D: 8K
Answer: C

7.A customer observes higher response times for running transactions, they see spikes in disk activity. What should be checked first?
A: Backend channel for failed SFPs
B: Cache flush control settings
C: ReadLinkStatus diagnostics
D: Error log for a failed drive in that array
Answer: B

8.What is a suggested purpose of the Storage Manager command line interface (SMcli)?
A: to change parameters on multiple storage subsystems
B: to save the subsystem configuration
C: to script repeatable operations on a storage subsystem
D: All of the above
Answer: D

9.If a customer wants to increase the capacity of a logical drive to 700 GB without adding drives to the array, what must be available on the storage subsystem?
A: Sufficient, unconfigured capacity in the array.
B: Sufficient free capacity in the array.
C: Sufficient unconfigured capacity in the subsystem.
D: Sufficient free capacity in the subsystem.
Answer: B

10.How often will a Windows operating system without multi­pathing software detect a target LUN?
A: once per controller
B: once per bus
C: once per path
D: once per port
Answer: C

11.How would you cable 2 EXP5000 to a DS5300 on one drive channel? Cable from each controller to the_____.
A: 1A port of the first ESM and then cable from 1B port to the 1A port of the second ESM
B: 1B port of the first ESM and then cable from 1A port to the 1B port of the second ESM
C: 2A port of the first ESM and then cable from 2B port to the 2A port of the second ESM
D: 2B port of the first ESM and then cable from 2A port to the 2B port of the second ESM
Answer: B

12.The automatic discovery function of Storage Manager 10.10 allows the discovery of any DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000 connected in the customer environment:
A: If the DS3000/DS4000/DS5000 are in the IP subnet
B: If they have the latest firmware release installed
C: If they can be discovered on other IP subnets
D: The DS4000 and DS5000 can only be automatically discovered
Answer: A

13.Even though some host operating systems may impose limitations, how many LUNs can be mapped to a host or host group using the storage manager?
A: 32
B: 128
C: 256
D: 512
Answer: C

14.What is the minimum number of disks needed for RAID 6 on a DS4000 or DS5000 system?
A: 3
B: 4
C: 5
D: 6
Answer: C

15.A new LUN has been created and mapped to a Windows host, but on the host system the LUN does not appear. Which action should be taken to see the LUN from the host?
A: run SMDevices
B: run hot_add
C: run SMRepassist
D: run SMScanLUNs
Answer: D

16.A customer who has been using Metro Mirror with an Enhanced Remote Mirroring (ERM) configuration to mirror the company inventory database from headquarters to a data warehouse at a remote site has asked for some assistance. Due to bandwidth concerns they need to change the mirroring mode to Global Mirroring. What must be done to help the customer make the change?
A: Advise the customer to purchase two new licenses.
B: Break and re­establish the mirror relationship.
C: Backup the inventory data to tape.
D: Make the mode change in Storage Manager.
Answer: D

17.A customer asks you for a reference(s) to help him when troubleshooting problems with the company DS4800.
Which official publication has walkthroughs for common fixes on the DS4800?
A: Installation, User, and Maintenance Guide
B: Techline / Partner Line
C: DS4000 Problem Determination Guide
D: A, B, and C
Answer: D

18.A customer has a DS4800 with five EXP810. They plan to upgrade to a DS5300, the maximum power consumption will be _____.
A: equal
B: lower
C: higher
D: no difference
Answer: C

19.What is a possible outcome when Media Scan detects an unrecovered media error on controller code revision 6.60.xx?
A: Unrecovered media errors are not fixable. A critical event will be logged in the Major Event Log (MEL) and subsequent manual intervention will be required.
B: If the RAID type is 0, then the data from the mirrored drive will be used to restore the data.
C: A counter is kept of the number of unrecovered media errors and when a user defined threshold is met,
an audible alarm will sound and the LED on the suspect drive will turn amber.
D: If redundancy exists, the data will be reconstructed, written to disk, and verified.
Answer: D

20.When examining a profile you see the following:
Drive at Enclosure 5, Slot 8 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 5, slot 9] Drive at Enclosure 5, Slot 9 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 5, slot 8]
How should this be configured for enclosure loss protection?
A: Drive at Enclosure 5, Slot 9 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 5, slot 9]
B: Drive at Enclosure 3, Slot 1 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 5, slot 9] Drive at Enclosure 5, Slot 9 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 3, slot 1]
C: Drive at Enclosure 5, Slot 7 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 5, slot 9] Drive at Enclosure 5, Slot 9 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 5, slot 7]
D: Drive at Enclosure 5, Slot 9 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 15, slot 18] Drive at Enclosure 15, Slot 18 [mirrored pair with drive at enclosure 5, slot 9]
Answer: B

21.On a DS4000 what is the default IP address of the Ethernet port 2 on controller A?
Answer: B

22.A customer has just attached a new AIX 5.3 host to their DS4800 and allocating LUNs to the new host. Assuming the new AIX host has two Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) with RDAC installed, which device could indicate that there is a connectivity issue?
A: dar0
B: dac0
C: dacNone
D: dac1
Answer: C

23.A customer needs to add capacity to an existing DS4800 that has been in production for two years and has eight EXP710 expansions attached. The additional capacity requires that another expansion unit be added to the DS4800.
What is the first resource to consult to determine if the latest disk expansion model will attach to the DS4800?
A: DS4800 Controller firmware readmeFile for current installed level
B: DS4800 Installation and Cabling Overview
C: DS4800 Installation, Maintenance, and User's Guide
D: DS4000 Hardware Maintenance Manual
Answer: A

24.You are installing a new DS4700 model 72 in direct attached environment with 2 2­node cluster redundant attached. The customer is planning to setup a disaster recovery solution in the near future by using SAN based replication. What considerations do you have to point out to the customer?
A: They have to setup a fabric and dedicate port 4 for disaster recovery
B: None, it is a supported solution
C: They have to setup a fabric and dedicate port 2 for disaster recovery
D: SAN based replication is not possible, customer has to upgrade to DS5300
Answer: A

25.In the Major Event Log (MEL) what does "Immediate Availability Initialization (IAF) completed on logical drive" indicate?
A: The logical drive has finished its assurance test.
B: The logical drive has just cleared.
C: The logical drive has just been replaced.
D: Hot sparing has occurred.
Answer: A

26.A customer has just received their new DS5300 systems. They attempt to place them into their existing rack and discover that they are not going to fit in the available space. What could have been used to prevent this mistake?
A: Use e­config
B: Use Disk Magic Tool
C: Use the Storage Sizing Estimator
D: Use a Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA)
Answer: D

27.When defining host ports within a Storage Partition, what must be defined in addition to the WWN of the port?
A: the host type
B: the HBA type
C: the host name
D: the host group name
Answer: A

28.You have a customer who purchased a DS4700 Model 70 with two EXP810 expansion enclosures.
Due to business growth, the customer wants to convert one of its EXP810s to DS4700 controller module. Which statement is true?
A: to accomplish this, you would remove the ESMs from the EXP810 and replace them with controller FRUs
B: you cannot perform this conversion as EXP810s do not have FRUs
C: you cannot perform this conversion as it is not supported by IBM
D: this conversion cannot be performed on Model 70s, only 72s
Answer: C

29.If you access the script engine of the Storage Manager GUI, you can execute script commands on:
A: any storage subsystem in the Enterprise Management window
B: just the subsystem selected in the Enterprise Management window
C: just the logical drives selected in the Subsystem Management window
D: any logical drive in any storage subsystem
Answer: B

30.When using the bandwidth estimator tool, which data is most important when planning for Synchronous enhanced remote mirroring (ERM)?
A: the amount of data changed per day
B: the RAID level of the logical drives
C: the amount of change data during peak times
D: the segment size of the logical drives
Answer: C

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