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IBM 000-113 Exam -

Free 000-113 Sample Questions:

1. To plan a customer's storage on RAID 5 configurations, which of the following tools would be most appropriate to determine the number of disk drives needed to accommodate the parity and hot spares needed for their storage requirements?
A. DSA (Dynamic System Analysis) tool
B. Partition Magic
C. e-Config tool
D. Disk Magic
Answer: D

2. What is one difference between the DS3200 and the DS3400?
A. The DS3400 holds more drives than the DS3200
B. The DS3200 has a SAS interface and the DS3400 has a fibre channel interface
C. The DS3200 can be direct attached while the DS3400 cannot
D. The DS3200 supports SAS drives and the DS3400 supports FC drives
Answer: B

3. What is one difference between the DS4700 mod 70 and the DS4700 Mod 72?
A. the mod 72 supports more drives
B. the mod 72 has more drive ports
C. the mod 72 has more host ports
D. the mod 72 can support more partitions
Answer: C

4. Which is a capability of Enhanced Remote Mirroring (ERM)?
A. One-to-many copy replication
B. Replication to a DS3000 storage system
C. One-to-One copy replication
D. Multiple consistency groups
Answer: C

5. One of the benefits of SAS over SCSI drive technology is that_________.
A. SAS uses Loop Topology.
B. SAS uses Point to Point Topology.
C. SAS uses single-porting.
D. SAS can connect up 48 drives.
Answer: B

6. A customer will only lease their storage with 4-year lease agreements, to assure their storage stays current. With a continuous turnover of storage, it is critical to have an easy migration plan. Which of the following configurations would allow for the easiest migrations?
A. Utilize DS4000 storage and migrate data by moving the EXP boxes to new controllers.
B. Utilize SVC and disk migration functions to move data.
C. Use the new disk migration function on DS5000 to move data to a new DS5000
D. Use DS4000 storage and ERM to move data to the new boxes as they come in.
Answer: B

7. What type of storage host interface would you recommend for a 4 server, IP video surveillance system.
A. iSCSI interface with SATA disk
B. Fibre Channel (FC) interface with Fibre Channel (FC) drives
C. SAS interface with SAS drives
D. Fibre Channel (FC) interface with SAS drives
Answer: A

8. Which is not a reference source for IBM solutions?
A. Server Proven
B. RedBooks
C. Interoperability guides
Answer: D

9. Which of the following components of the DS5000 may require firmware updates?
A. Power supply, interconnect module, and controll er
B. Controller, ESM, and disk drive
C. ESM, disk drive, and interconnect module
D. Power supply, disk drive, and ESM
Answer: B

10. A customer is establishing an exchange configuration. Which is the least important storage metric needed to complete a preliminary storage assessment?
A. Size of user messaging store
B. Drive type
C. Array configuration
D. Throughput (MB/s) requirements
Answer: D

11. A customer has a number of fibre attached DS3000, DS4000, and DS5000 storage arrays that they want to centrally manage, use and share these storage arrays with five clustered POWER 595 servers. What IBM product would provide a fully supported configuration for this functionality?
A. IBM System Storage SAN18B-R multiprotocol router
B. IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller
C. IBM Remote Support Manager (RSM)
D. IBM Storage Manager Version 10.10
Answer: B

12. Before recommending an IBM storage array to meet a customer business requirement, you should consider which of the following?
A. Understand the customers budget
B. Identify customers IT hardware and application requirements
C. Identify the customers services requirements
D. All of the above
Answer: D

13. A customer has just purchased a new DS5000 and 16 EXP5000 expansion units. They would like to use the IBM 2101 rack and are concerned with space and power requirements.
What is the minimum number of 2101-200 racks the customer needs, and how many PDU's are required per rack to provide full power redundancy?
A. 4 2101-200 each containing 2 9188 PDU's and 2 7188 PDU's
B. 4 2101-200 each containing 2 9188 PDU's
C. 2 2101-200 each containing 2 9188 PDU's
D. 2 2101-200 each containing 2 9188 PDU's and 2 7188 PDU's
Answer: C

14. A customer has a 42-unit cabinet with two DS5000 dual controller enclosures. What is the maximum number of EXP5000 expansion enclosures that can be hosted in the cabinet?
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13
Answer: B

15. How many power sources are recommended for proper installation of a DS5000?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
Answer: B

16. A local company has a high performance computing (HPC) application. What storage technology provides the lowest cost per gigabyte?
A. Fibre Channel
Answer: B

17. A customer has ordered a DS4800 with four EXP810s. They will use 48 FC drives and 16 SATA drives. Which configuration allows the DS4800 to optimize its bandwidth?
A. All SATA drives are placed in one EXP810 as they will run slower.
B. Each EXP810 is connected to its own redundant drive port p air.
C. Each EXP810 contains 12 FC drives and 4 SATA drives and connected to different channels.
D. All FC drives are connected to the first channel on each controller to obtain the lowest drive channel IDs.
Answer: C

18. A customer wants to add a backup storage pool with a low duty cycle requirement to their current DS5000 storage. What type of drives are the best choice for price performance?
C. Fibre Channel
Answer: A

19. Your customer is designing a data warehousing application. They require the highest performance with the highest possible reliability. Cost is not a concern. This customer should use
D. RAID 10
Answer: D

20. A customer has a database application that needs 4TB of table space. The CIO is concerned about performance and reliability for this application. The finance officer says they can only afford a maximum of twenty disk drives to support this application and meet the fiscal budget. The workload will be 4KB random, at a mix of 80/20/50 for read/write/miss ratios, running on their pSeries AIX host. Which offering would be the best fit and meet the customer's budget constraints?
A. One 8+P RAID 5 array of 750 GB SATA disks
B. One 10+10 RAID 10 of 500GB SATA disks
C. Two 8+P RAID 5 arrays of 300GB fibre channel disks
D. One 18+P RAID 5 array of 300GB fibre channel disks
Answer: C

21. A customer is considering using a hierarchical storage management application to migrate older data from more expensive disk to less expensive disk. Which of the following drive technologies would be the most appropriate choice for housing the migrated data?
A. Fibre Channel
Answer: B

22. A customer has to secure business-critical data. It is required to implement a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution using enhanced remote mirroring. What is the most critical component when designing an enhanced remote mirroring (ERM) DR solution?
A. Bandwidth between mirror sites
B. application activity
C. topology of drives
D. RAID level of the mirrored logical drives
Answer: A

23. A customer has need of building a second image of his production database on his storage server for test use. What DS4000/5000 premium feature would you offer to provide this capability through the storage server?
A. Veritas
B. Enhanced Remote Mirroring (ERM)
C. Tivoli Storage Manager
D. Flashcopy/VolumeCopy
Answer: D

24. A customer mentions to you that they are currently using PowerPath for path failover and load balancing in their datacenter. From this statement, which storage competitor can be inferred as being present in their data center?
D. EqualLogic
Answer: C

25. An existing customer would like to upgrade to a DS4800 and wants to add more drive space. They currently have three EXP700s that they want to use in the environment from a previous system.
What must they do to their current configuration before they add the new EXP810s?
A. They need to upgrade to the latest firmware and Storage Manager; no additional changes need to be made.
B. No configuration changes are necessary; the EXP700s can be utilized when adding new EXP810s to the same controller.
C. Nothing; the upgrade is not supported.
D. They need to change the EXP700 SFPs to 4 Gb/s to function at the speed of the EXP810 and they need to upgrade Storage Manager.
Answer: C

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