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IBM 000-086 Exam -

Free 000-086 Sample Questions:

1. A finance company wants a solution to consolidate their storage using the DS4000 series and implement a disaster recovery solution across two data centers linked by fibre to duplicate the production environment. The customer requires a solution with the least amount of system administration. Which configuration would provide the best solution?
A. Implement one DS4800 at each location connected to the fibre link and use Remote Volume Mirror (RVM).
B. Implement a DS4800 at each location using FlashCopy option and use host based replication to synchronize the sites.
C. Implement a switched fabric using redundant SAN switches with a DS4800 using RVM option at each location.
D. Implement a switched fabric using SAN switches connected via ISL with a DS4800 using RVM option at each location.
Answer: D

2. The Integrated Adaptec AIC-9410 serial attached SCSI (SAS) controller in the x3800, x3850, and x3950 supports which of the following RAID types?
A. RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5
C. Integrated controller does not support RAID
Answer: C

3. A small bio-technical company is interested in implementing a 32-node Linux cluster. They have developed their own software that allows all of the nodes to work on the same problem at the same time.
The application requires messages to be passed between the nodes. Each node will require access to a shared storage pool of around 500GB. Which of the following questions will identify the inter-process communication (IPC) networking requirements
A. Is the network capable of using 4x or 12x Infiniband
B. Will remote shell (rsh) be enabled for remote process initiation
C. What are the data transfer requirements for inter-node message passing
D. What type of data is being sent across the inter-process communication network
Answer: C

4. A retail customer is experiencing a performance bottleneck. The server is performing sequential I/O requests with large block sizes of 64KB. Improving which of the following storage subsystem characteristics has the biggest impact on this bottleneck?
A. Seek Time
B. Drive RPM
C. Data Transfer Rate
D. Cache
Answer: B

5. Which of the following is provided by attaching to a NAS storage system through redundant NICs?
A. High availability (with failover)
B. File sharing on the storage system
C. Greater number of LUNS available on the same storage system
D. Lower power consumption
Answer: A

6. Which of the following are functions of the XceL4v cache?
A. Memory mirroring
B. Approximately 5% boost in performance
C. Reduce traffic on the front side bus in a single node server
D. Provides a 2:1 compression ratio for data in cache
Answer: C

7. A Modular System specialist monitors a customer's server that has poor performance. The customer is running an x3850 with a ServeRAID 8i controller with write-back cache turned on and 6 drives in a RAID-5 array. It is a mission-critical server and must have a redundant storage system. Performance tests indicate that the Average Disk secfTransfer exceeds 20 ms. Which of the following is the lowest-cost method to increase the throughput?
A. Disable the ServRAID cache
B. Change the RAID level to 10
C. Change the cache level to Write Through
D. Increase the number of read/write heads
Answer: C

8. A manufacturing customer is considering the x3850 to take advantage of hot-add memory. Which of the following questions should be asked to determine if memory can be added without taking the server offline?
A. How much physical memory is going to be installed
B. Will the PC3200 RDIMM's be implemented in groups of four
C. Will the full 64GB mirrored memory capacity be implemented
D. Will the application run in 32, 64 bit or mixed environment
Answer: A

9. A customer has a large facility that has its offices at one end and a manufacturing floor at the other. The company is looking to implement new equipment that requires access to the company's SAN that is over 2.4 kilometers away. Which of the following solutions will satisfy this requirement?
A. Install a longwave SFP in the office SAN switch and string a multimode fibre from the office to the manufacturing floor.
B. Install a longwave SFP in the office SAN switch and string a singlemode fibre from the office to the manufacturing floor.
C. Install a shortwave SFP in the office SAN switch and string a multimode fibre from the office to the manufacturing floor.
D. Install a shortwave SFP in the office SAN switch and string a singlemode fibre from the office to the manufacturing floor.
Answer: B

10. A manufacturer is deploying a custom application written to take advantage of multithreading features and run in a Windows environment. The customer wants to know which processor family will run the application most efficiently. Which of the following questions will provide the required information?
A. What is the application's maximum processor scaling capability
B. Will the application run faster with Microsoft OLTP technology
C. Will the application benefit from larger disk cache and swap space
D. Can the application use Hot Swap Processor, Memory, and PCI-X technology
Answer: A

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