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IBM 000-083 Exam -

Free 000-083 Sample Questions:

1. Customer has an environment consisting of the x3650 2U servers. He is very satisfied with these units, but has heard a lot of marketing on the new 3650M2s. What would be the advantage of transitioning to the newer models?
A. Newest Intel Nehalem processors with integrated memory controllers, more growth capabilities for HDD and RAM, and combines functions of the standard BMC with the RSA.
B. Newest AMD Barcelona processors with integrated memory controller, more growth capabilities for HDD and RAM, combines functions of the BMC and RSA.
C. Newest Intel Nehalem processors with integrated memory controllers, more growth capabilities for HDD and RAM, and comes standard with an RSA for remote presence.
D. Same familiar processors that customer is use to, but now with new DDR3 memory.
Answer: A

2. A company plans to consolidate a large number of existing servers, all running a web server application on Windows Server. They are considering consolidating to a single x3950 M2 running vSphere 4.
Which of the following questions will help determine the correct processor configuration?
A. Do the web servers require SMP?
B. Is the web content static or dynamic?
C. What is the average CPU utilization of the existing web servers?
D. Will the servers need a iSCSI or Fibre Channel storage solution?
Answer: C

3. Clustering has been the driving force behind many of the world's most powerful scientific supercomputers for many years and is now being used increasingly as a cost-effective way to provide high-performance, high availability computing for a wide variety of commercial workloads.
Which of the following industry sectors below would most benefit from clustering?
A. Typical business accounting
B. Advanced print serving between datacenters
C. Petroleum exploration
D. Citrix server farms
Answer: C

4. A job shop manufacturer is deploying a custom application written to take advantage of multithreading features and run in a Windows environment. The customer wants to know which processor family will run the application most efficiently.
Which of the following questions will provide the required information?
A. What is the application's maximum processor scaling capability?
B. Will the application run faster with Microsoft OLTP technology?
C. Will the application benefit from larger disk cache and swap space?
D. Can the application use Hot Swap Processor, Memory, and PCI-E technology
Answer: A

5. A medical supply customer has a database application that is accessed by a large number of people through a web interface from multiple remote locations.
Which of the following questions will provide the information necessary to design the best performing storage solution?
A. How many web servers will be connected to the database?
B. Will the database be run on a Windows solution?
C. How many concurrent users will be accessing the database?
D. What are the types of transactions run against the database?
Answer: D

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