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IBM 000-081 Exam -

Free 000-081 Sample Questions:

1. A manufacturing customer wants a consolidation solution that provides scale-out capability and the highest processor density per rack unit.
Which solution meets the customer requirements?
A. IBM System x3950 M2 with Microsoft Virtual Server
B. BladeCenter with IBM Systems Director
C. IBM System x3950 M2 with VMware
D. BladeCenter with VMware
Answer: D

2. What is used in an IBM BladeCenter to provide cooling?
A. Fans for each blade
B. Chilled water
C. Blowers
D. Freon
Answer: C

3. A small manufacturing customer has purchased a DS4800 and wants to buy a drive expansion cabinet.
The customer wants to support SATA and FC drives in the same expansion cabinet.
Which expansion cabinet supports the customer's requirements?
A. EXP420
B. EXP810
C. EXP710
D. EXP100
Answer: B

4. Which IBM Systems Director task will give you the ability to update BIOS and device drivers on System x servers?
A. Update Manager
B. Tivoli Provisioning Manager
C. Server Configuration Manager
D. External Application Launch
Answer: A

5. A retail customer wants to identify the system BIOS version information on several IBM System x servers and apply updates as required from a central location without causing server downtime.
Which IBM tool provides this capability?
A. Access Connector
B. ServerGuide
C. Systems Director
D. Remote Deployment Manager
Answer: C

6. A customer has an IBM BladeCenter E with ten HS22 Blade servers installed. Currently only one Ethernet port is available for each server.
What is required to enable the second port on each server?
A. Fibre Channel Switch Module
B. Gb Ethernet expansion card
C. Myrinet Cluster expansion card
D. Ethernet Switch Module
Answer: D

7. A retail customer has just installed an IBM option into their server, but the option is not working properly.
Which of the following should be checked to determine if the device is supported in the server?
A. IBM ServerProven site
B. IBM Options Support Site
C. Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
D. Configuration and Options Guide (COG) ?Compatibility list
Answer: A

8. If a System x server does not boot when the Power button is pressed, and the server emits one beep followed by two beeps in succession and then another single beep.
Which source should you use to identify the meaning of these indicators?
A. IBM Server Users Manual
B. ServerGuide Hardware Reference
C. Problem Determination and Service Guide
D. BIOS Error Logs
Answer: C

9. A retail customer requests an explanation of ProteXion.
Which of the following describes IBM Memory ProteXion?
A. Memory ProteXion is the way memory is divided in two ports, one port being mirrored to the other half.
B. Memory ProteXion is the process whereby a person can replace failed DIMMs of the same type, size, and clock speed without turning off the server.
C. Memory ProteXion is the technology that uses redundant bit steering and provides DIMM/data protection in the event of a DIMM failure.
D. Memory ProteXion is an automatic daily test of all the system memory that detects and reports developing memory errors before they cause a server outage
Answer: C

10. A customer is concerned about their newly purchased System x server's response time. The installed application is CPU intensive.
Which IBM tool should the customer use to identify potential bottlenecks?
A. UpdateXpress
B. Capacity Manager
C. ServerGuide
D. System Availability
Answer: B

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