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IBM 000-077 Exam -

Free 000-077 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has an x3950 (x460) and uses the internal Adaptec controller to manage two 146GB drives in the chassis. The customer is noticing performance issues when deploying a database with significant write activity on the internal drives. Should they consider using a ServeRAID-8i with 256MB of cache instead?
A. Yes, the internal Adaptec SAS controller has no write cache.
B. No, the internal Adaptec SAS controller provides fault tolerance.
C. No, the downtime to install the card and reformat the drives would be cost prohibitive.
D. No, there will be no performance benefit, because drive performance is the bottleneck.
Answer: A

2. A customer has a large HP Intel infrastructure and is actively managing these servers with Insight Manager. They recently purchased an IBM x3850 (x366) server for a remote office database project. They do not want to run additional systems management software but want to be notified of PFA and hardware alerting on critical hardware components. Which of the following solutions would accomplish this?
A. Install an RSA II Slimline card on the IBM server and configure to send email alerts
B. Enable the IBM management option in Insight Manager
C. Install and configure a Director agent on the IBM server
D. Configure the systems management processor on the IBM server
Answer: A

3. A customer has determined they want to install an IBM x3950(x460) system in their company. They will be running a large database on the system. In order to determine how many CPUs will be needed to attain the optimum cost-effective solution, which TWO of the following questions should be asked?
A. How much data cache will the database be allocated?
B. What is the expected user workload?
C. What are the specifications recommended by the software provider
D. What type of user interface will be used?
Answer: B, C

4. A manufacturer is deploying a custom application to serve their customers. The application is written to take advantage of multithreading features and run in a Windows environment. To determine the processor family that will run the application most efficiently, which TWO questions will provide the required information?
A. What is the application's maximum processor scaling capability?
B. Will the application run faster with Microsoft OLTP technology?
C. Will the application benefit from larger disk cache and swap space?
D. Can the application use Hot Swap Processor, Memory, and PCI-X technology?
E. Is the application able to run in a 32 bit, 64 bit, or mixed environment?
Answer: A, E

5. A customer wants to run VMware ESX on an x3950 (x460) with a large number of virtual machines running Windows 2003 Server as a Disaster Recovery (DR) Site for the production environment. Which would be the most important question to ask concerning the memory configuration?
A. What version of VMware ESX Server is being considered?
B. Do the systems currently use Double Data Rate (DDR) memory?
C. What is the total number of processors installed in the production systems?
D. What is the total amount of memory currently being used across all the production systems?
Answer: D

6. A company is deploying a Microsoft Windows-based, mission-critical Data Warehousing application. The customer has specified 4GB of RAM. Select the question that will best help the consultant determine the proper memory configuration.
A. Does the application require a large paging space?
B. What is the anticipated memory/disk cache hit ratio?
C. Does the application support Physical Address Extensions (PAE)?
D. Are there future plans to expand the amount of memory in the system?
Answer: D

7. A customer has a large amount of data stored on three database servers and is concerned that at present there is no disaster recovery plan in place. They have an existing tape backup solution that meets their backup window. In order to analyze potential disaster recovery plans, which of the following questions is the most important?
A. What is the minimum critical backup window?
B. Which server is handling the most critical data?
C. How much data is stored on each server?
D. What is the throughput of the hard drives?
Answer: B

8. A customer has a requirement for large data storage (approx 1TB) in a high performance server. Due to cost restraints they do not want to implement a SAN at this stage. Which of the following high performance servers could accommodate this amount of internal storage ?
A. x3850 (x366)
B. x3950 (x460)
C. x3800 (x260)
D. x3950 E (MXE-460)
Answer: C

9. A small bio-technical company is interested in implementing a 32-node Linux cluster. They developed their own software that allows all of the nodes to work on the same problem at the same time. The application requires messages to be passed between the nodes. Each node will require access to a shared storage pool of around 500GB.
To identify throughput requirements for the storage pool, which of the following is the most appropriate question to ask?
A. Is high availability required?
B. Which network protocols are going to be used?
C. What are the expected I/O's per second to the storage?
D. To what network infrastructure is the storage pool connected?
Answer: C

10. A customer is planning to implement a new x3950 (x460)in their datacenter. To ensure a trouble free installation, which of the following should the customer prepare prior to the implementation?
A. Install the exhaust fan on top of the IBM NetBAY 42 Enterprise rack for extra cooling
B. Ensure a 260V power source for the x3950(x460) and BladeCenter is available for fully redundant power
C. Install the new 10GBit Ethernet network to take advantage of the new network switch in the x3950(x460).
D. Have their Network Operation Staff review and assist connecting the new server to their existing network.
Answer: D

11. An automotive supplier maintains CAD workstations in widely separated plant locations, and these locations are interconnected by single 1.5Mb/second communication lines. A consultant has been asked to provide a solution that will allow back-ups to be centralized in one location and improve data recovery times. Which TWO questions should the consultant ask first to determine the best solution?
A. In what format are the CAD documents?
B. How much data needs to be backed up from each remote site?
C. What are the current acceptable windows for back up and restore?
D. Are the plants within line-of-sight to enable wireless communication?
E. Can the communication lines cost-effectively be upgraded to a higher level of service?
Answer: B, C

12. An online retailer is considering deploying a database application on System x and Windows to serve their Web-based transactions. The database will need about 4TB of usable storage. Downtime costs the customer tens of thousands of dollars per minute, so system availability will be of highest priority. The customer needs to acquire the system within a certain budget but will pay for things that provide higher system availability. Which of the following will be the most appropriate solution?
A. A dual pathed switched DS4000 Solution with Clustering, Remote replication, Redundant NICs, and Fibre attached backup
B. A single path Direct attach DS4000 solution implemented with Clustering and SAN Based Backup combined with IBM Director for PFA management
C. A dual pathed Direct Attach fibre solution, along with dual NICs and memory mirroring
D. An iSCSI solution with dual NIC's with the Flashcopy option enabled on the DS300
Answer: A

13. A customer needs a test bed server to run 64-bit modeling, simulation, and other technical applications which require 2-way processors and 6GB RAM in a clustered mode. They also indicated that this server might be used to run 32-bit applications. Which of the following TWO servers could be recommended to meet the requirements at the least cost?
A. x3455 (e326)
B. x3950 (x460)
C. x3250 (x306m)
D. x3500 (x336)
Answer: A, D

14. A customer needs to deploy ten dual processor Xeon servers. Six servers will be running Linux and Apache, and the other four will be Citrix presentation servers. The customer's main concerns are the rack space and the option to have SATA drives. The maximum memory required is 8GB. Which of the following options will provide the best price and performance?
A. Ten x3250s (x306) with internal SATA drives
B. Five x3650s (x346) with internal SATA drives and VMware ESX Server
C. Five x3850s (x366)partitioned into two VMs each with VMware ESX Server
D. Ten x3550s (x336)with internal SATA drives
Answer: D

15. A customer has six Windows 2003 servers, three Redhat Linux servers, and three Netware servers. The current environment is direct attached storage. The customer needs a 2Gb fibre solution that can scale up to 64 partitions over the next three years and provide connectivity to all three platforms. The customer also needs a fibre attached backup solution. Which of the following solutions has the best combination of price and performance?
A. A DS4300 Turbo with Fibre Attached Tape Library
B. A DS4800 with EXP700's and Fibre Attached Tape Library
C. A DS4800 with EXP710's and Fibre Attached Tape Library
D. A DS4300 with Additional EXP710's and a SCSI Attached Tape Library
Answer: A

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