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IBM 000-071 Exam -

Free 000-071 Sample Questions:

1. A customer is setting up a BladeCenter Enterprise Chassis for boot from SAN. Two BladeCenter QLogic Fibre Channel Switches are set up and connected to a DS4800. Switch A is connected to Controller A, and Switch B is connected to Controller B. No intermediate switches and no cross connections are between the two BladeCenter switches and the Fibre Channel Storage Subsystem controllers. The customer has defined the boot volumes and the associated drive mappings for servers on the DS4800. The boot volume is defined on the Fibre Channel daughter card advanced setup on the blades. The customer attempts to boot the machine and specify the proper Fibre channel driver for the operating system. When choosing the disk to install the operating system, the installation fails, saying it cannot write to the disk. Which statement is true about this problem and its solution?
A.The BladeCenter Fibre Channel switches are defective and service should be called to replace them.
B.The customer must power cycle the DS4800 to "reset" all of the LUNS, which forces them to an Active and Ready state, and then retry the installation.
C.The DS4800 is presenting two LUNS to the machine, one of which is a "ghost" LUN. The path to the "ghost" LUN must be removed before the installation will succeed.
D.The customer must power cycle the BladeCenter to "reset" all of the Fibre Channel switch modules, which will allow ALL available LUNs to be accessible.
Answer: C

2. Which website contains documents and whitepapers that can help customers set up, configure, and tune their System x and BladeCenter machines?
A.IBM Education
B.IBM Storage
C.IBM Finance
D.IBM Redbooks
Answer: D

3. Which blade servers offer the capability to house two hard drives internally?
IV.HS21XM A.I, II, and III B.I, II, and IV C.I, III, and IV D.II, III, and IV
Answer: A

4. A customer has a mission­critical application that requires a server that will protect them against downtime in the event a memory DIMM failure occurs. They also need load balancing, fault­tolerant NICs and redundant power supplies and fans.
Which server meets these requirements?
II.HS21 XM III.x3950
A.I only
B.II only
C.I and III
D.II and III
Answer: D

5. A customer requires an DDS/5 internal tape backup solution. Which System x configuration meets this requirement?
A.x3850, DDS Tape Enablement Kit, and ServeRAID­6M Ultra320 SCSI Controller
B.x3650, DDS Tape Enablement Kit, PCI­X riser card, and Ultra320 SCSI Controller 2
C.x3250, DDS Tape Enablement Kit, and ServeRAID 8s
D.x3655, DDS Tape Enablement Kit, PCI­Express riser card, and ServeRAID 8k
Answer: B

6. A customer requires SAS host connect storage with redundant connections for three servers. The customer does not want to include any switches. Which is the appropriate storage solution for this customer?
Answer: B

7. A customer has 16 IBM Enterprise racks on separate floors with 20 System x3650 servers in each rack. Which KVM switch solution allows the customer to remotely control these servers via a network connection? Local Console Manager (LCM2) for each rack Global Console Manager (GCM4) for the entire solution
C.two Global Console Managers (GCM2) for the entire solution
D.five Local Console Managers (LCM2) for the entire solution
Answer: C

8. A customer has a database server that requires more than 64GB memory and four or more processor sockets. Which System x server meets these requirements?
Answer: C

9. A customer has an existing BladeCenter Chassis with only one open blade server bay. The customer is deploying middleware that requires 24GB memory. Which blade meets the customer requirements?
A.HS21 + SIO
C.HS21 + MIO
Answer: B

10. A customer is currently deploying BladeCenter H chassis. They are deploying an application that generates linear/sequential based load on the processor subsystem. They now have a requirement for a server that has four processor sockets. Which blade is optimized to meet these requirements?
Answer: B

11. A customer is investing in an entry­level server that uses the AMD Opteron processor. Which System x server meets these requirements?
Answer: A

12. A customer requires a BladeCenter chassis that supports both AC and DC input voltage. They also require a 4X Infiniband solution. Which BladeCenter chassis meets these requirements?
A.BladeCenter TE
B.BladeCenter TH
C.BladeCenter H
D.BladeCenter HT
Answer: D

13. Which System x server supports a CPU pass­through card?
Answer: D

14. A customer requires a server that provides spreadsheet, document processing, and presentation graphics programs to thin clients. Which type of server meets these requirements?
A.web server
B.file server
C.database server
D.application server
Answer: D

15. A customer wants a consolidation solution that provides the following:
1. scale­out capability
2. the highest processor density per rack unit
3. server consolidation with bare­metal virtualization capability
Which solution meets the customer requirements?
A.IBM System x3950 with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
B.BladeCenter with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2
C.IBM System x3950 with VMware
D.BladeCenter with VMware
Answer: D

16. A customer's application environment includes file and print, retail (OS 4690), network infrastructure, and distributed applications. Which System x server supports this environment?
Answer: A

17. A customer's application environment requires 32 memory slots to run scientific and technical computing, financial analysis, weather simulation, and life sciences. Which System x server is intended for this environment?
Answer: D

18. Which IBM Director task will give you the ability to update BIOS and device drivers on System x servers?
A.Sofware Distribution
B.Remote Deployment Manager
C.Server Configuration Manager
D.External Application Launch
Answer: A

19. A customer wants to identify the system BIOS version information on several IBM System x servers and apply updates as required from a central location without causing server downtime. Which tool provides this capability?
A.IBM Access Connector
B.IBM ServerGuide
C.IBM Director
D.IBM Remote Deployment Manager
Answer: C

20. A customer has an IBM BladeCenter with ten HS21 Blade servers installed. Currently only one Ethernet port is available for each server. What is required to enable the second port on each server?
A.Fibre Channel Switch Module
B.Gb Ethernet expansion card
C.Myrinet Cluster expansion card
D.Ethernet Switch Module
Answer: D

21. A customer has just installed an IBM option into their server, but the option is not working properly. What step should you take to determine if the device is supported in the server?
A.check the IBM ServerProven site
B.check the OEM Vendors Support site
C.check the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
D.check the Configuration and Options Guide (COG) ­ Compatability list
Answer: A

22. If a System x server does not boot when the Power button is pressed, and the server emits one beep followed by two beeps in succession and then another single beep. Which source should you use to identify the meaning of these indicators?
A.IBM Server Users Manual
B.ServerGuide Hardware Reference
C.Problem Determination and Service Guide
D.BIOS Error Logs
Answer: C

23. An Advanced Management Module is inaccessible. The TCP/IP address is unknown, and the administrator who configured the BladeCenter is not available. What should you do to resolve this issue?
A.replace the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module the reset button for eight seconds on the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module
C.remove the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module and move the IP Address Reset Jumper
D.remove the BladeCenter Advanced Management Module and pull the battery, wait 20 seconds, then re­install the battery
Answer: B

24. You are using the IBM Director Software Distribution task and want to import updates to distribute to an IBM Director Agent client. Which file type must accompany the downloaded update file in order to import it properly?
A..txt file
B..htm file
C..xml file
D..doc file
Answer: C

25. A customer wants to use Remote Deployment Manager (RDM) to deploy cloned images to new servers. The servers are currently in a power off state with Wake­On­LAN enabled. When a Wake­On­LAN process is initiated via RDM, what information is sent across the network to "wake" the server up from a power off state?
A.Magic Word
B.Magic Carpet
C.Magic Trick
D.Magic Packet
Answer: D

26. When using Remote Deployment Manager (RDM), which RDM task is used deploy an existing Windows image of a "donor" machine to a new server?
A.Software Distribution Task
B.Windows Clone Install
C.Get Donor
D.Windows Native Install
Answer: B

27. A customer has an existing IBM Director 5.2x implementation and wants to use the Software Distribution task to update the network card device driver to the latest version on 20 IBM System x servers.
In order to apply these updates, what is the minimum agent level that must be installed on the servers?
A.Level 0
B.Level 1
C.Level 2
D.Level 3
Answer: A

28. Which tool can a technician use to configure the RAID array and install and tune the operating system on a System x server? A.ServerGuide
B.ipssend utility
Answer: A

29. A customer wants to acquire BIOS and Firmware updates for their BladeCenter HS21, LS21 and LS41 servers. Which IBM tool should the customer use to obtain all of the required updates?
A.IBM ServerGuide
B.IBM UpdateXpress
C.Director Update Manager
D.IBM FlashXpress Utility
Answer: B

30. A specialist is tasked with updating several System x server BIOS, drivers and firmware at a customer site. What is the most efficient way for the specialist to obtain the most current server updates?
A.visit the support site, identify machine type, and download the latest drivers
B.use System Migration Assistant to package and redistribute the BIOS and driver updates via IBM Director and use the most recent UpdateXpress CD
D.reboot the server and use the ServerGuide "Update Code" feature
Answer: C

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