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IBM 000-070 Exam -

Free 000-070 Sample Questions:

1.In a competitive bid situation, the customer asks the xSeries Sales Specialist for a lower price.
Which of following would be the best course of action?
A.Agree to the discount the customer is requesting if the customer signs immediately.
B.Ask the customer whether they would buy IBM if the price could be resolved.
C.Emphasize to the customer that IBM may not be the least expensive.
D.Get the Sales Specialist's manager to call on the customer.
Answer: B

2.During a customer visit, an xSeries Sales Specialist learns that the customer is evaluating Sun workstations for their Computer Automated Design applications. Which of the following should the xSeries Sales Specialist do?
A.Discuss an IBM Intellistation solution with the customer.
B.Ask if the new CAD workstations will require any xSeries systems as file servers.
C.Propose a special build of x206 servers with a third­party graphics card to counter the Sun proposal.
D.Ask if the customer is interested in including the Sun workstations in their IBM Asset Management lease.
Answer: A

3.Which of the following is a component of a successful Solutions Assurance Review (SAR)?
A.Review of the configuration by a subject matter expert
B.Comprehensive facilities planning review
C.Review of special bid pricing
D.Hardware and software ordering procedures
Answer: A

4.Which of the following resources should an xSeries Sales Specialist use to quickly get information on a competitor's price and product features?
A.IBM Client Rep, IBM xSeries Sales Specialist, competitor's website, IBM Field Technical Sales Specialist (FTSS), IBM System Sales website
C.PartnerWorld, COMP Database or Competitive Sales Tool, competitor's website
D.Solutions Assurance Review Specialist, IBM Server Consolidation specialist, competitor's website
Answer: C

5.A customer is interested in the IBM eServer BladeCenter and wants to verify how much total hotswap SCSI data storage capacity can be contained inside one chassis if they use RAID­1 on
146GB disks across all blades. Which of the following is the most appropriate answer?
A.7 x 146GB
B.14 x 40GB
C.14 x 146GB
D.28 x 146GB
Answer: C

6.Why would a customer purchase an IBM solution from a Business Partner rather than
A.Lower cost
B.Installations in many different countries
C.High skill level in the customer technical personnel
D.Integration of third party hardware and software solutions
Answer: D

7.A customer is interested in the IBM eServer BladeCenter. The price of the blade technology seems high when compared to other smaller rack servers. Which of the following is the best way to address the apparent price variance?
A.Explain that the density of the BladeCenter is very valuable. Having the ability to put 84 servers in a 42U rack provides better Return on Investment.
B.Explain that the BladeCenter is an infrastructure component and includes most of the switches, cables, power and high availability items that would need to be purchased separately in the case of other rack mount servers.
C.Explain that the number of processors in the Blade Solution exceeds that available in a stand­alone server solution. This processor density allows for better memory density and more processing power per unit of floorspace.
D.Explain that the systems management programs in the BladeCenter allow for better deployment savings. Being able to quickly install and configure new servers improves the Total Cost of Ownership over the life of the technology.
Answer: B

8.An xSeries Sales Specialist from an IBM Business Partner is looking for a specific xSeries server model and type to fulfill an urgent large customer order. The specialist has searched the distribution channel and was unable to locate the product. Which of the following should the specialist do next?
A.Provide the customer's order number (SAP) to IBM to escalate the order.
B.Propose an alternative product that is in stock.
C.Contact the IBM xSeries product manager directly to escalate the issue.
D.Inform the customer that the correct product is not currently available.
Answer: A

9.An xSeries Sales Specialist is working on an urgent deal against Dell and needs a comparable configuration for the IBM eServer xSeries server. The IBM xSeries Pre­sales Systems Engineer is out of the office. Which of the following should the Sales Specialist use for assistance?
A.IBM website
B.IBM TechLine
C.System Sales website
D.xSeries Specialist's Manager
Answer: C

10.An xSeries Sales Specialist needs to configure an IBM eServer BladeCenter to meet the following requirements: Fully­populated BladeCenter Chassis with redundant power and Ethernet Switches Each HS20 Blade should have dual processors and redundant hot­swap SCSI drives. Which of the following is the correct configuration to meet these requirements?
A.Quantity 1, BladeCenter Chassis Quantity 2, GB Ethernet Switch Quantity 2, BladeCenter Power Supply Kit Quantity 7, HS20 Blade Quantity 7, Processor upgrade Quantity 14, SFF SCSI 36GB HDD
B.Quantity 1, BladeCenter Chassis Quantity 2, GB Ethernet Switch Quantity 2, BladeCenter Power Supply Kit Quantity 14, HS20 Blade Quantity 14, Processor upgrade Quantity 28, SFF SCSI 36GB HDD
C.Quantity 1, BladeCenter Chassis Quantity 2, GB Ethernet Switch Quantity 1, BladeCenter Power Supply Kit Quantity 7, HS20 Blade Quantity 7, Processor upgrade Quantity 14, 36GB HDD Quantity 7, HS20 SCSI Storage Expansion
D.Quantity 1, BladeCenter Chassis Quantity 2, GB Ethernet Switch Quantity 1, BladeCenter Power Supply Kit Quantity 14, HS20 Blade Quantity 14, Processor upgrade Quantity 28, 36GB HDD Quantity 14,HS20 SCSI Storage Expansion
Answer: C

11.A customer's required configuration is a 16­way IBM eServer xSeries 460 with two Fibre HBAs and five dual port Ethernet adapters. How many PCI slots will be available for expansion?
Answer: C

12.A customer is considering an IBM eServer xSeries solution for an Oracle 9i RAC implementation but needs reassurance that the solution will perform adequately on IBM eServer xSeries servers. Which of the following resources should the xSeries Sales Specialist use FIRST to address the customer's concern?
A.Consult the IBM Customer Reference Database.
B.Provide the IBM benchmark results for Oracle 9i RAC on xSeries.
C.Perform a pre­sales solutions assurance review.
D.Refer the customer to the IBM Oracle Competency Center for an onsite demonstration.
Answer: B

13.A customer has issued a request for proposal for 32 Opteron­based servers. They requested detailed information on the core chipset used in the proposed servers. In which of the following resources would the xSeries Sales Specialist find this type of information?
A.xREF Sheet on the IBM eServer 326
B.Marketing brief on IBM eServer 326
C.The spreadsheet configurator (xSCA)
D.Configurations and Options Guide (COG or Paper Configurator)
Answer: A

14.A customer is looking for a solution to run Oracle RAC and has approached an xSeries Sales Specialist to see if IBM can provide a solution. Which of the following is the best resource for the Sales Specialist to ensure that IBM proposes a solution that meets the customer's needs?
A.IBM Oracle RAC Sizing and Planning Questionnaire
B.IBM xSeries and Intellistation Sales Configuration Aid
C.IBM Business Consulting Services
D.Local Oracle sales rep
Answer: A

15.An xSeries Sales Specialist visited a customer who runs a small office environment and wants
a replacement file server. The customer is looking for a server that will run RAID­5 to protect their data, and the capability for an internal tape drive to backup their data. Which of the following IBM eServer xSeries configurations will best suit this environment?
A.IBM eServer xSeries 206, 2GB RAM, 3 x 36GB Hard drives
B.IBM eServer xSeries 226 2­way, 2GB RAM, ServeRAID 6i+, 2 x 36GB Hard drives
C.IBM eServer xSeries 236 2­way, 2GB RAM, ServeRAID 7k, 4 x 36GB Hard drives
D.IBM eServer xSeries 346 2­way, 2GB RAM, ServeRAID 7k, 3 x 36GB Hard drives
Answer: C

16.An IBM Business Partner has invested a significant amount of time selling an IBM eServer xSeries solution to a customer. The Business Partner provided the customer with a final proposal, and the customer is close to making a decision. However, the Business Partner has just found out that the customer also contacted to try to receive a better price. Which TWO of the following are the most appropriate actions?
A.Ask IBM sales management to escalate to get to disengage from the opportunity.
B.Seek special bid approval so that the pricing can be lowered.
C.Disengage from the opportunity because would have priority.
D.Find out who the representative is and have them tell the customer that they are not allowed to provide a quote.
E.Remind the customer of the effort invested and value provided by the Business Partner, along with the benefits of having local support.
Answer: A, E

17.An industrial sector customer has requested a fully loaded BladeCenter and an IBM TotalStorage DS4300 Storage Server. How many rack units will be utilized by this configuration?
Answer: B

18.A financial services industry customer has called an xSeries Sales Specialist because they would like to see an IBM­supported Oracle 9i RAC solution. The Sales Specialist wants to propose a Linux IBM eServer xSeries 460 with an IBM TotalStorage DS4000 solution. The customer also wants to purchase Legato backup software from the same vendor. Aside from the IBM Oracle and Linux teams, which additional resource should the Sales Specialist invite to be part of this solution?
A.IBM Business Partner
B.IBM Client Executive
C.IBM Distributor
D.Red Hat or SuSE Representative
Answer: A

19.In an IBM eServer xSeries 460 8­way configuration with 32GB of memory, what is the maximum number of DIMM slots that can remain empty for future expansion?
Answer: C

20.A customer is selecting a 4­processor 64­bit server. They will require scalability beyond 4­way
in the future. They are also very price sensitive. HP is their current vendor for 32­bit servers, and the customer is considering them for the 64­bit opportunity. Which of the following features of the IBM eServer xSeries 460 should the Sales Specialist highlight?
A.Ability to use AMD processors
B.Simple swap SATA HDDs
C.Systems Management
D."Pay­as­you­grow" Scalability
Answer: D

21.A customer has asked the xSeries Sales Specialist for a proposal that meets the following requirements: Rack mounted server Dual Processors 4GB of Memory Five Internal Hard Drives with RAID 5 support Redundant Power Supplies Which of the following solutions best meets these requirements?
A.IBM eServer xSeries 346 with ServerRAID 7k
B.IBM eServer xSeries 336 with ServerRAID 6m
C.IBM eServer xSeries 336 with ServerRAID 6i+
D.IBM eServer xSeries 306 with ServerRAID 6i+
Answer: A

22.With which TWO of the following commercial distributors of Linux has IBM built a key alliance
to support customers using Linux operating systems?
C.Red Hat
Answer: B, C

23.A customer currently runs several 8­way Microsoft Windows 2000 servers, each of which runs a variety of different applications. The customer regularly encounters the problem of certain applications consuming too much of a server's resource, which affects other applications running on these servers. The customer has approached the xSeries Sales Specialist to see if IBM can provide a solution that will allow dynamic resource allocation to control these runaway processes. Which of the following solutions should the Sales Specialist recommend?
A.IBM Director
B.ARMTech Active Resource Management
C.SteelEye LifeKeeper
D.Remote Deployment Manager
Answer: B

24.A potential customer is considering the purchase of 28 1U Dell servers. However, the customer would consider a cost­effective alternative to 1U servers. Which of the following is the best strategy for the IBM Sales Specialist?
A.Propose a server consolidation study and 16­way x460 servers with VMware.
B.Propose that the customer consider the unique advantages of a BladeCenter solution.
C.Go to the IBM Special Bid pricer to obtain a lower price for the IBM xSeries servers.
D.Propose a warranty upgrade for the xSeries servers to provide a service package superior to the competition.
Answer: B

25.Which of the following is true when comparing the IBM eServer BladeCenter to HP's Blade offering?
A.IBM blade servers support RAID­5.
B.IBM BladeCenter has external power supplies.
C.IBM blades have standard hot­swap SCSI drives.
D.IBM BladeCenter offers Intel and RISC processor blades.
Answer: D

26.A customer tells the xSeries Sales Specialist that they heard that Intel is now producing OEM versions of the IBM BladeCenter for other vendors. How is IBM differentiating itself from the Intel Enterprise Blade Server family?
A.IBM has a dense 7U chassis.
B.IBM has a 4­way Blade (HS40) available.
C.IBM has a 64­bit extension chipset for the Intel Blade.
D.IBM ships every BladeCenter with IBM Director as standard.
Answer: D

27.A telecommunications customer is considering new servers for their datacenter. Physical space is limited. Which of the following servers would be most appropriate to recommend?
B.BladeCenter T
Answer: B

28.A customer is planning to install a new server for an SQL database under Microsoft Windows. Which of the following solutions will offer the customer the best transaction performance and provide the ability to scale beyond four processors?
A.IBM eServer xSeries 260
B.IBM eServer xSeries 336
C.IBM eServer xSeries 366
D.IBM eServer xSeries 460
Answer: D

29.A customer currently runs HP servers with Microsoft Windows 2003 and Remote Insight Lights Out Edition II cards, which feature Virtual Media so that administrators do not need to be physically present at the servers. The customer would like to buy the IBM eServer xSeries 346. Which of the following recommendations should the IBM Sales Specialist make to support the purchase of the 346?
A.Use IBM RSA II cards.
B.Use Citrix Metaframe XP.
C.Use IBM Remote Deployment Manager.
D.Use Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Services.
Answer: A

30.A budget­constrained customer who is reducing their technical staff has requested an Intel server proposal from various vendors. Which of the following is most relevant to this proposal?
A.On Demand
B.Grid Computing
C.Systems Management
D.Scale up versus scale out
Answer: C

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