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IBM 000-062 Exam -

Free 000-062 Sample Questions:

1. Which feature of the IBM p5 servers enables customers to be confident that data within two distinct partitions on the server will be isolated?
A. POWER Hypervisor
B. Virtual LAN
C. POWER5 processor
D. Redundant Power and Cooling
Answer: A

2. A customer has a two-way p5-520 that will be running three shared processor Micro-Partitions consuming 60 percent of system resources.
Immediately prior to shipment, the customer discovered they need to run a fourth server that requires AIX 5L V5.2. Which of the following will satisfy this requirement?
A. Change to a 4-way p5-550
B. Use Capacity on Demand
C. Configure a fourth logical partition
D. Add memory to the configuration
Answer: A

3. A client partition has the rootvg disks mapped from two separate VIO servers. They are using AIX mirroring to provide redundancy on rootvg.
One of the VIO servers was taken down for maintenance and is now back on-line. The client partitions now show Physical Partition Marked Stale in the errpt.
Which of the following will most likely resolve the problem?
A. Run cfgmgr to re-scan the devices.
B. Run mkvdev on the VIO server to re-create the devices and re-mirror rootvg.
C. Run varyonvg rootvg to refresh the volume group.
D. Run syncvg on the rootvg to synchronize rootvg.
Answer: C

4. Which of the following is an advantage of using virtualization to consolidate servers?
A. Reduced power and space requirements
B. Saves money on software costs
C. Maintenance is easier because there is only one server
D. Fewer instances of the operating system to maintain
Answer: A

5. A small organization is purchasing a POWER5 to consolidate four applications.
Currently, each application has two Host Bus Adapters (HBA) connected to an Enterprise Storage Server (ESS). The customer is concerned about the cost of purchasing eight new HBAs.
Which feature of virtualization will be most beneficial to this organization?
A. Virtual Ethernet
B. Micro-Partitioning
C. Virtual I/O Server
D. Capped and uncapped partitions
Answer: C

6. A customer wants to build two Dynamic Logical Partitions (DLPAR) on a p5-520. They have a requirement for communication between the two DLPARs.
Which feature of virtualization will satisfy this requirement?
B. Virtual Ethernet
C. Virtual I/O Server Support
D. Capped and Uncapped Partitions
Answer: B

7. A customer wants to change the resource allocation for their AIX 5L V5.3 micro LPAR system. What is the smallest processor allocation than can be moved between partitions?
A. A full processor
B. 1% of a processor
C. 10% of a processor
D. 25% of a processor
Answer: B

8. A customer has four pSeries servers in their data center and wants to deploy multiple Micro-Partitions.
Which of the following data center servers can be used for this purpose?
A. p5-520 running Virtual I/O Server
B. p690 running AIX 5L V5.3
C. p5-510 running AIX 5L V5.2
D. p5-520 running two dedicated processor partitions
Answer: A

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