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IBM 000-061 Exam -

Free 000-061 Sample Questions:

1.A manufacturing customer is not concerned about system failure, they believe their 2 week manufacturing cycle allows for recovery. You wish to identify an opportunity for business resilience. Which of the following is the impact of system failure?
A.Automated recovery capabilities
B.Redundant servers
C.Quality of Service
D.Resource utilization
Answer: C

2.Identifying each customer recovery and budget requirements is an important first step in a Business Resilience (BR) engagement. A customer determines they have anRTO of 2-6 hours. Which of the following addresses this BR requirement?
A.Continuous availability, end to end automation
B.Rapid data recovery
C.Tape based backup and restore
D.Real time data and server replication
Answer: B

3.A fundamental driver for the efficiency of any server is the level of utilization that is achieved. What are the typical current utilization levels for various processor types and what should be done to increase this utilization?
A.Mainframe 80%
B.Unix >50%
C.X86 >10%
D.Mainframe 100% F.Unix >40%
E.X86 >10% H.
F.Mainframe >80% J.Unix 15-25% K.X86 <10%
G.Mainframe >80% N.Unix >50%
H.X86 >20%
I.Application provisioning
Answer: C

4.Estimating resources can be the most difficult task in the performance-planning process. What are the components that the NEDC Technical Leader should be primarilyinterested in?
A.CPU time, disk access rate, LAN traffic, amount of real memory
B.Disk access rate, number of simultaneous users, number of concurrent batch jobs
C.Paging rate, CPU time, networking bandwidth
D.CPU clock speed, operating system type and communication I/O
Answer: A

5.A large manufacturing customer datacenter has reached its physical limits.AWhich of the following is the key element in the Active Energy Strategy green agenda?
A.IT Management solution to monitor IT Assets
B.Facility monitoring into single portal
C.Smart management of IT devices, cooling systems and virtualization of infrastructure
D.A full chargeback suite for usage and accounting
Answer: C

6.One important factor in developing any BR strategy is to determine the customer Recovery Point Objective.Which of the following defines a business RPO?
A.RPO indicates how much data the business can hafford to recreate (or lose)
B.RPO denotes the time interval between an outage and when the remote servers are available
C.RPO is the length of elapsed time that the business has agreed they can afford to be without their systems and critical business applications
D.RPO is the distance between the product data centers and the recovery site
Answer: A

7.A prospect is confused with the multiple pillars (BR, EE, VC, and II) within the NEDC strategy. They are interested in virtualization and consolidation, but are concerned that too many pillars will result in a compromise and a poor solution. Which of the following is an effective response?
A.The pillars are interrelated and should be implemented together for maximum benefit
B.NEDC Innovation Workshop will help them identify which pillars are most critical and create a roadmap for implementation of one or more pillars
C.NEDC pillars should be implemented one at a time like most applications, combining them as goals makes implementation very difficult
D.Select the most urgent with the highest ROI. Once a successful track record is established other pillars should be implemented
Answer: D

8.Following successful implementation of a NEDC project, the customer is concerned all of the objectives were not achieved. Which of the following would provide a check point for the project objectives for comparison?
A.NEDC Innovation Workshop
B.Scorpion study
C.Technical and Delivery Assessment
D.Team Solution Design
Answer: A

9.An IBM Solution Assurance Review (SAR) is conducted to facilitate which of the following?
A.Expectations and assignment of responsibilities for a project
B.Confirms appropriate IBM hardware configuration
C.Ensure proper stakeholder support within an organization
D.Qualifies the Business Partner for Special Bid Pricing
Answer: A

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