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IBM 000-060 Exam -

Free 000-060 Sample Questions:

1.An NEDC project is in the final planning stages. Several different teams will be working simultaneously, with critical junctions and timing issues. In order to manage workload with the IBM Virtualization Engine, a customer must have which of the following installed?
A.Virtualization Engine (VE) Console
B.EWLM with appropriate Domain Manager software
Answer: B

2.A growing customer is planning to upgrade their z990 to a z10. This requires cable planning to accommodate the connector differences. Which of the following resources should the NEDC Sales Leader recommend to perform this task?
A.IBM Systems Architect
B.IBM Customer Engineer
C.Customer Systems Programmer
D.Customer Hardware Planner
Answer: B

3.An international construction company is in the implementation phase of there NEDC project. The implementation team leader meets with you to discuss personality conflicts with one of the key customer departments. Which of the following actions are important for the NEDC sales leader?
A.Meet with the customer executive sponsor, describe the situation and inform the sponsor the department is placing the NEDC project at risk.
B.Meet privately with the customer department lead to understand the situation.
C.The issue now belongs to the implementation team, they must handle the problem.
D.Review the implementation plan, modify the plan to minimize the impact of the uncooperative department
Answer: B

4.Infrastructure problems can inhibit a customer ability to innovate. Infrastructure problems can inhibit a customer? ability to innovate. What infrastructure problems can be addressed by consolidation and virtualization?
A.Server storage sprawl
B.Security breeches
C.Inefficient applications
D.High system utilization
Answer: A

5.A customer data is growing rapidly, increasing required backup time. Which of the following addresses the situation?
A.Higher capacity tape drives
B.Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
C.Assessment with data architect to identify root cause and solutions
D.NEDC Assessment Workshop
Answer: C

6.An Account Executive is preparing for an initial meeting with a high level customer executive who is impressed with System z technology. The customer executive is very interested in better security and hardening the IT infrastructure. The Account Executive asks for assistance in preparing for this meeting. Which of the following is the best method for the NEDC Sales Leader to assist?
A.Create a z10 sales presentation for the Account Executive
B.Provide z10 success stories
C.Attend the meeting for the Account Executive
D.Join the meeting via teleconference at a prescheduled time
Answer: B

7.Virtualization is available on all IBM server platforms. Which of the following correctly matches the IBM server platform and the method of virtualization?
A.z10 and VMware
B.iDataPlex and LPAR
C.POWER6 with AIX and Micropartitioning
D.BladeCenter and z/VM
Answer: B

8.It is important for the NEDC Sales Leader to identify energy efficiency opportunities in a variety
of customer environments. Which of the following indicates a lack of anenergy efficiency stratetgy?
A.Fewer than 50% of servers virtualized
B.Tracking only Power Utilization metric
C.Tracking only Data Center Index Efficiency
D.No energy measurements in place
Answer: D

9.An NEDC prospect is also considering HP. Which of the following compare the two vendors?
A.Both vendors offer solutions to most business problems
B.All IBM services and products are superior to HP in every instance
C.HP is not a reliable vendor because they really are Compaq with only a few of HP original products
D.HP newest product are based on technology from the old Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Answer: D

10.An NEDC Virtualization prospect is considering consolidation of three 2084 processors from multiple data centers onto a single z10. Which of the following should the NEDC Sales Lead engage first to ensure a smooth transition to the newer processor?
A.SWG Systems Architect
B.Techline Specialist
D.System z Technical Specialist
Answer: D

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