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IBM 000-025 Exam -

Free 000-025 Sample Questions:

1. A customer requires a large file server backup in the least time possible by using a storage area network (SAN) environment. Which component should be installed on the file server in order to achieve this?
A. Tivoli Management Console
B. Integrated Solution Console
C. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager SAN-Free
D. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Storage Area Network
Answer: D

2. With DB2 there are additional Archive Log possibilities. The Archive log space is used for recovery. Which process is started to clear this Archive Log area?
A. full copy Archlog
B. full database backup
C. no process must be started
D. duplicate copy of the Active Log
Answer: B

3. Which three logs does the recovery log consist of? (Choose three.)
A. Active log
B. Activity log
C. Archive log
D. Active log failover
E. Archive log mirror
F. Archive failover log
Answer: A, C, F

4. When a SnapMirror to Tape feature is used on an N-Series appliance, which type of backup is performed?
A. Image
B. Differential
C. Incremental
D. Progressive
Answer: A

5. When configuring a storage pool for the SnapLock feature, which value should the option Reclamationtype be set to?
A. 10
B. 100
C. No Value
D. SnapLock
Answer: D

6. In the client option file, which option is changed in order to connect to an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server?
A. TCPSport
B. HTTPSport
C. TCPClientaddress
D. TCPServeraddress
Answer: D

7. What are locally deleted Active Directory objects called?
A. casket objects
B. purged objects
C. graveyard objects
D. tombstone objects
Answer: D

8. Which command is issued for disabling automatic expiration process?
A. set retryperiod 0
B. setopt expinterval 0
C. setopt idletimeout 0
D. set summaryretention 0
Answer: B

9. Which command sets the activity log size to 30 MB?
A. set actlog 30
B. set actl size=30
C. set actlog 30 meg
D. set actlog 30 mgmtstyle=size
Answer: D

10. The Administration Center can be used for error checking. Which panel is reviewed for a global overview?
A. Tivoli Monitor
B. Health Monitor
C. Server Connection
D. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Health Center
Answer: B

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