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IBM 000-017 Exam -

Free 000-017 Sample Questions:

1.A customer wants to ensure that any data sent to the Tivoli process automation engine's Integration Framework for retrieval of financial data into the Tivoli process automation engine cansurvive restarts and failures. Which statement is true?
A.A JMS messaging engine must be configured with a persistent data store.
B.The customer must have the persist data option set for the Integration Framework adapter.
C.It can be configured by setting a property inside the Tivoli process automation engine after installation.
D.The messages are stored local to the adapter and will survive failures without any additional configuration.
Answer: A

2.What is the correct method to initiate an invocation channel? action class
B.Java system protocols invocation message
D.a Java Message Service (JMS) queue connection
Answer: A

3.Where are the conditions for the Conditional user interface functionality defined? the System Properties application the Application Designer application the Database Configuration application the Conditional user interface application
Answer: B

4.Which tasks can the user perform from the Scheduling Status tab on Run Reports on the Report
Administration application?
A.preview a report; generate a report
B.edit a report schedule; preview a report
C.view a report schedule; generate a report
D.view a report schedule; edit a report schedule
Answer: D

5.At which level are Drilldown options set?
C.Item Set
Answer: D

6.The building block of the Integration Framework enables applications to perform the following functions: publish and query application data; add, update, and delete application data; and import and export application data. What is this building block?
A.web services
B.object structure
C.extended Java objects
D.Java message queuing
Answer: B

7.When the agent saves the service request ticket, the system launches into a Service Request Workflow process and evaluates the data on the record. If the agent has not entered asset, location, or configuration item data, the system displays a dialog box with the following options: Close ticket - informational call Close ticket - unauthorized caller Close ticket - misdirected call Take no action If an asset, location, or configuration item is specified on the record, the system displays a dialog box with the following options: Take Ownership of ticket Assign Ownership of ticket Create Work Order Take no action on this ticket Which three Nodes are used in this part of the workflow process? (Choose three.)
F.Manual Input
Answer: D, E, F

8.Which two types of Migration packages can be defined?
A.Push, Pull
B.Ad hoc, Defined
C.Snapshot, Change
D.Dedicated, Run Time
Answer: C

9.A client has two plants that share a raw material preprocessing facility. Which structures would best fit this situation?
A.two organizations; two sites, each with a preprocessor and a plant; multiple systems
B.single organization; two sites, each having a preprocessor and a plant; one geographical system
C.single organization; single site; one primary geographical system; two functional processing systems
D.two organizations, each with a single site and duplicate preprocessor locations; two functional systems
Answer: C

10.Which two types of condition can be created using the Conditional Expression Manager? (Choose two.)
Answer: A, D

11.A customer wants to set up Start Centers to display to users a list or lists of their assignments
for work orders, activities and tasks. In which two applications is a query created so that it can be added to the Result Set portlet? (Choose two.)
B.Work View
C.Service Request
D.Activities and Tasks
E.Work Order Tracking
Answer: D, E

12.Which statement is true when discussing users?
A.A labor record requires a user record.
B.A person record requires a user record.
C.A user record requires a person record.
D.A person record requires a labor record.
Answer: C

13.Which data element is required to be defined and activated to facilitate polling of the system when updating a Start Center's KPI portlet?
B.Cron Task
Answer: B

14.What is the correct syntax for including the work order number in the subject line of a communication template?
A.Work Order :WONUM
B.Work Order WONUM
C.Work Order [WONUM]
Answer: A

15.What is defined in the User application?
A.user name, password and primary assets
B.user name, user ID, primary time zone and work type
C.user name, password, default language and default insert site
D.user name, password, default storeroom and ability to access inactive sites
Answer: C

16.Which data element is required to create a new site?
A.Site ID
B.Site contact
C.Bill to contact
D.Ship to contact
Answer: A

17.How many Security Groups can a User belong to?
D.Essentially unlimited, based on the customers requirements
Answer: D

18.A Customer wants to set up Start Centers to display to all users a list of their assignments for activities and tasks. Which application and applicable actions will meet this requirement?
A.create a Public query in the Activities and Tasks application and associate it with the Start Center Result Set portlet
B.create a Default query in the Activities and Tasks application and associate it with the Start Center Result Set portlet
C.create a workflow process for the Activities and Tasks application and associate it with the Start Center Result Set portlet
D.create a workflow process for the Activities and Tasks application and associate it with the Start Center Inbox/Assignment portlet
Answer: A

19.The system administrator has configured Application Server security between Tivoli process automation engine and IBM Tivoli Directory Server. Where should the synchronization be scheduled to run?
A.Cron Tasks
B.Custom Code
C.IT Infrastructure
D.LDAP Integration
Answer: A

20.When updating a Start Center's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which data element is required to facilitate polling of the system?
C.Cron Task
D.Conditional Expression
Answer: C

21.Which application is used to create additional work types for each work order class?
C.Security Groups
D.Database Configuration
Answer: B

22.Which factor is considered when creating a location system?
A.All system locations share the same GL.
B.All system locations are related functionally.
C.All system locations must be real places or spaces.
D.All system locations are subsets of the primary hierarchies.
Answer: B

23.A customer needs to migrate data from their legacy system into Tivoli process automation engine. What should be used for this data loading exercise?
B.Migration Manager
C.Maximo Data Loader
D.Integration Framework
Answer: D

24.What are the required data elements to create a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?
A.Select, Target, Caution At, Alert At
B.Select, Where, Target, Caution At, Alert At
C.Calculation Type, Select, Target, Caution At, Alert At
D.Calculation Type, Select, Where, Target, Caution At, Alert At
Answer: C

25.How many Security Groups can be defined?
C.No limit
D.As restricted by license
Answer: C

26.Which property must be specified in
Answer: A

27.Which two tasks can a user perform from Report Administration? (Choose two.) a report
B.modify a report
C.compile a report
D.schedule a report
E.create a new report
Answer: A, D

28.Which database configuration element is used to validate an attribute's values?
D.Attribute Type
Answer: B

29.What is the batch size in the Migration Manager application?
A.the number of records that will be bundled across business objects into a single package
B.the number of resources that will be bundled into the Package Manager release of a package
C.the number of records that the system retrieves at one time from the root object in each object structure in the migration group
D.a multiple capacity unit of measure used by the Migration Manager to estimate the size of a package used by the Package Manager
Answer: C

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