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IBM 000-010 Exam -

Free 000-010 Sample Questions:

1. In which phases are most requirements discovered and defined?
A. Initiating and Planning
B. Initiating and Execution
C. Planning and Execution
D. Initiating and Monitoring/Controlling
Answer: A

2. Click the Exhibit button.
Based upon the scenario in the exhibit, which statement best matches the customer's Goals in relation to IT and Enterprise Asset Management?

A. Golden Bank needs baseline historical data for comparison purposes.
B. Golden Bank will convert our business processes to an ITIL framework.
C. Golden Bank will be recognized as the best international consumer bank.
D. Golden Bank has total commitment to providing their customers increasingly better service.
Answer: B

3. Despite low resource CPU utilization, many organizations suffer application outages and service degradation when the demand on the critical infrastructure components is overwhelming.
Which Tivoli product provides a formal way to gather data, and analyze, model and approve utilization management activities?
A. IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager
B. IBM Tivoli Capacity Process Manager
C. IBM Tivoli Business Systems Manager
D. IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database
Answer: B

4. Which Maximo application is used to generate an emergency type work order after the meter-based Oil Analysis indicates a problem with the turbine?
A. Quick Reporting
B. Service Request
C. Condition Monitoring
D. Meter-based Work Order

5. Which condition should be met in order for Maximo to generate a work order from a Preventative Maintenance (PM) based on an asset?
A. PM status is ACTIVE and Item status is ACTIVE.
B. PM status is COMPLETE and Asset status is READY.
C. PM status is ACTIVE and Asset status is OPERATING.
D. PM status is APPROVED and Item status is APPROVED.

6. A company's Change Advisory Board approves a change that requires the upgrade of a particular software within the infrastructure.
Now that the Change Management process is at an end, which process needs to be engaged to ensure that the change is executed?
A. Release Management
B. Problem Management
C. IT Continuity Management
D. Configuration Management

7. A customer CIO invites a solution advisor to discuss IT Service Management in general and how it might help the IT group work more effectively and efficiently.
What should the solution advisor do in the first meeting with the CIO?
A. ask the CIO about the company's history, competition and market value
B. ask the CIO about his background, education and professional experience
C. ask the CIO about the number of employees, number of locations and the most recent major project the company has done
D. ask the CIO about the technical environment including networking, hardware, software and security, so that the customers?technical environment has been evaluated

8. A company just hired a new CIO to lead the IT group and enable them to refocus on the services IT provides to the business. The CIO wants to assess their current IT capabilities, but does not have any funding for consultation.
Which IBM free tool can the CIO use?
A. Return on Investment Tool
B. Tivoli Unified Process Tool
C. IT Service Management Assessment Tool
D. Assessment Tool for On-Demand Business

9. When discussing IT Service Management with CIOs, frequently the topic of using capability maturity modules to assess an organization's process, technologies/tools, organization and information comes up. Typically the use of a derivative of the IT Service Capability Maturity Model with maturity phases such as Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed and Optimizing is used during the assessment.
What is the value of conducting this assessment for an organization?
A. It identifies key personnel and the information needed for all IT process to be optimized.
B. It identifies the specific ITIL process that needs to be improved on and what tools and technologies are needed to accomplish that.
C. It identifies what tools and technologies need to be implemented in order to move an organization from one maturity phase to the next.
D. It identifies which maturity phase an organization is in, which maturity phase the organization needs to target, as well as how to get there.

10. A Canadian manufacturing company is in the process of assessing the upgrade of Maximo 4.1.1 to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM). One of the major concerns is the handling of an existing custom interface developed for sending Purchase Orders created in Maximo to Oracle Financials.
Which solution preserves this functionality in the new version?
A. a custom interface for IMAM
B. IBM Integration Framework for Oracle Financials
C. PeopleSoft, because IMAM has a built-in interface for PeopleSoft
D. IBM Upgrade Utility, which automatically upgrades the existing interface to work with IMAM

11. A company located in five cities in Canada uses Maximo 4.1.1 to manage their maintenance requirements. Each city is defined as a location in the Location Hierarchy. There are five clones of work order tracking applications, one for each city. The clones have the exact same screen. There are five supervisors, one for each city. Supervisors can only create work orders for the equipment in their cities. However, they are allowed to view the work orders created for the other four cities using the work order tracking clone application. The company now plans to upgrade to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM).
Which statement is true about the preservation of clone applications functionality?
A. IBM Upgrade Utility automatically brings the clone applications from Maximo 4.1.1 to IMAM.
B. Once the upgrade to IMAM is completed successfully, Application Designer creates the work order tracking clones.
C. The company should define each city as a separate Site, eliminate work order tracking clone applications, and use Security.
D. Service Request replaces the five clones, as it can be used to create different tickets for different requirements, based on the city.

12. A company located in five cities in Canada uses Maximo 4.1.1 to manage their maintenance requirements. The company is planning to upgrade to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM) and must preserve their 150 SQR reports.
What is the most cost-effective recommendation a solution advisor can make?
A. develop SQR Reports in BIRT Reports
B. convert SQR Reports to Crystal Reports
C. develop SQR Reports in Actuate Reports
D. use IBM Upgrade Utility to automatically upgrade the reports to IMAM SQR Reports

13. A customer uses out-of-the-box Maximo 4.1.1 for its fleet maintenance. Sophisticated workflows exist for each type of work order (CM, PM, EM) for the maintenance of vehicles, which are set up as equipment. The customer is concerned about how these workflows will be impacted during the upcoming upgrade to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM). Which statement is true about this customer's workflows?
A. The IBM Upgrade Utility is used and the communication templates are modified.
B. Workflows will have to be developed from scratch using IMAM Workflow Designer.
C. Once the upgrade to IMAM is completed successfully, IMAM Workflow Manager imports workflows into IMAM.
D. Since the current implementation is out-of-the-box, IBM Upgrade Utility automatically migrates the workflows to IMAM.

14. An aviation company uses Maximo 4.1.1 to maintain its equipment. The Cities in which the company is located are currently represented as Locations in Maximo, and the equipment frequently moves from one city to another. As part of the upgrade process, the Cities will be changed from Locations to Sites in Maximo. What is the impact on the Preventative Maintenance (PM) of an Asset if it is moved from one City (Site) to another City (Site)?
A. When the Assets are moved using the action Move/Modify Assets, the PM also moves to the new Site.
B. Once the Asset move is complete, PM can be duplicated and the Site changed to reflect the destination Site.
C. Once the Asset move is complete, PM becomes INACTIVE at the original Site, and a new PM has to be created at the destination Site.
D. Once the Asset move is complete, PM can be imported from the source Site to the Destination Site using the xml import feature in Application Designer.

15. An aviation company uses Maximo to maintain its equipment. In the current environment, Maintenance Centers (MCs) are set up as Locations within the same Location Hierarchy. Therefore, each work order has a unique WONUM that is easy to track. It is a concern that once MCs are set up as different Sites under the same Organization, there will be work orders having the same WONUM at different sites. Which two statements are true about creating a unique WONUM for each work order? (Choose two.)
A. WONUM can be set up to be unique at the Organization Level.
B. WONUM remains unique at the Site level, so tracking will not be an issue.
C. Restrictions in Security Group can be used to ensure a unique WONUM at the Organization level.
D. WONUM can be made unique by adding SITE as the prefix using Auto Number Set Up for Site Level.
E. Unique Index on Work Order table does not allow WONUM to be duplicated regardless of how the Auto Number Set Up is configured.

16. What is the supported and recommended upgrade path from version 4.1.1 of Maximo to version 7.1?
A. Maximo V4.1.1 is upgraded to v6.2.1 directly, and then V6.2.1 is upgraded to V7.1.
B. No upgrade path is available. The old version must be uninstalled, and the latest version re-installed.
C. Maximo 4.1.1 is upgraded to V7.1 directly, using the special migration utility that was created for this purpose.
D. Maximo Version 4.1.1 is upgraded to V5.1. Upon starting, V5.1 is automatically upgraded to V5.2, and then V5.2 is upgraded to V6.2.1. Finally, V6.2.1 is upgraded to 7.1.

17. What is the proper term to use when referring to a particular server in the IT infrastructure, in a service management context?
A. Item
B. Asset
C. Resource
D. Configuration Item

18. In which IBM Tivoli Application Dependency and Discovery Manager component can you configure where sensors run, property values to be used by OS and sessions layers, and the access control entries that must be used?
A. Access List
B. Discovery Profiles
C. Application Templates
D. Custom Server Templates
Answer: B

19. What differentiates the IT Service Management platform from its competitors?
A. PinkVerify certification at the highest level
B. end-to-end service management solution that expands beyond IT
C. IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) viewer launch capability from within the Service Desk Tool
D. integration with a wide variety of third-party configuration item discovery products into the current version of the CCMDB

20. A prospect uses a competing solution and frequently refers to the term Wizard?when discussing topics such as moving an asset or re-associating it with a new user. Which function within the IT Service Management platform serves the same purpose?
A. Job Plan
B. Workflow
C. Response Plan
D. Ticket Template

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