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List of HDSA Certification Exams
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HDI Qualified Help Desk Senior Analyst (HDSA)
HDI Qualified Help Desk Senior Analyst (HDSA)

HDI Help Desk Senior Analyst (HDSA)

HDI's HDSA Certification and its accompanying training program are designed for experienced IT support professionals who are - or expect to become - team leaders or supervisors. HDI Help Desk Senior Analyst Certification ensures its recipients have an in-depth understanding of the technologies, processes, and key factors that optimize support center performance; the knowledge to consult on performance enhancements; and skills necessary to market the help desk as a strategic cost-prevention center.

The Cheat-test HDI HDSA training program contains all the information necessary to successfully pass the HDI HDSA Certification exam, including:

-- How to develop a business strategy
-- Creation of mission and vision statements
-- Customer relationship management skills
-- Development and implementation of service level agreements
-- Development of standard operating procedures
-- Determining ROI based on calculated costs and projected value
-- How to market a help desk as a strategic business cost-prevention center
-- Techniques to help determine staffing levels, hire new staff, and retain staff
-- Skills to evaluate performance levels
-- How to reward high performance and correct undesirable behaviors
-- Leadership skills
-- Best practices for utilizing cross-functional teams
-- How to identify the technologies to build help desk infrastructure
-- Preparation for potential technology disasters
-- Managing constant change and implementing process improvements

Cheat-test can assist you with your certification pursuits no matter which HDI track you choose.  When it comes to your career, trust only the leader in the IT certification industry, Cheat-test.

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